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BJ & Jamie - The doggie door bandit! (12/10)

Dec 10, 2013|

Someone was breaking into homes in Highlands Ranch through the doggie doors.. It was not Jamie!


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-- -- -- good question to answer before play this little clip here than. Are you just few nights ago where your arms range. Few nights ago and just story broke and just -- Do little investigation. Yeah panacea welcome back to late last weeks -- -- -- she -- when you and -- entrenched. Is this a doggie -- store and his attorney that postal replacement suspected. Tort. Act. We ran into one of the twelve homes if you do through don't endorse. Him. -- This week it was all of our basement. Posting page and give me -- suspected. -- 212. Broken into and through to you to vote she's been caught -- we had -- did you feel -- -- new. After I am incidents like this isn't really amazing. Broke into my boyfriend's house the dog here and I see this issue should. He also realize he had a Psycho. And he stayed with her for a long time all Moses -- multiple looks like you know that you could just keep. I'm here -- like a hole in it think back you know it's the joke about -- didn't. Think that people leave these doggie doors and so Ingrid Mattson of wood into the line to -- so much. That if you looked at the doggy door and you looked at my body he -- at there's no way that girl. Bigger -- -- -- that doggie door but you teach you how do you do you -- Networks. And -- just like TV yet when you measure. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah her you can yeah just we widen things out seeing how good enough you're going in Jackson's secret. Nobody but yourself up for Greece yourself a bit. You say slide through easier to what you need to do is where -- and that doesn't McCain hanging or grass or anything like -- -- I -- with an ice and the spandex the last minute to make degrees your hips a little bit. And then squeeze through diagonally. And him to just say if you know appeared curb nations like I. You might take that little skin off the sides of your -- on accident and it's worth that that is worth that doesn't -- -- -- and you're like. -- -- -- And -- his stuff on the ball back. Indeed the decision could that's what you get in there you can just you go to work on everything now that I. I recommended if you have any suspicion. Has. You know and I know I'm creeped into the act and not yet. To that the people if you don't feel good about your relationship and you feel like I do over and over and over. Just find the proof because they are so good and I and the national song that would make the right wasn't me. It it -- a million times and I mean this. Man tell me. Drains you and makes you crazy when somebody's -- team like he let lied to me it makes you very easy. Because you know we love them and he says he loves you and then you're like. -- must mean he's OK it's not just me he's fine line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is he saw the light phenomenon happening and as mother books from. Tammy and I am I -- and not gone with the wind of famine -- you know the tour and car. -- Truth what I suspected. The president can't. We ran into one of the twelve homes and broken into through doggie doors security issue. -- -- -- -- Made she'd call. Me. Crazy he thinks I'm just -- ignore me it's yeah. -- -- But but Jamie. We look at it when we see where you went through a doggy door and we think you're crazy. I was going crazy he's the only crazy -- pointed them to grow through the door to you right now I went through trash. Eyewitness News I would do everything to find out the truth. And she found. Just like the -- any. For randomly giving him it'd be a little Mark Martin -- Martin if it got you look at a song mean. Or if -- secretive about a message or whatever just. East cheat notes ET. Also -- is trash can't the big here the day after his birthday is -- -- cards from two. Hello -- president did and that's indicative. -- -- And -- incident -- just go ahead of all the trash into tube. In your card go home and sort. It just before I did my garage possible. I get to go into the house do to get proof you go through the doggy dog is in -- -- on security issue. I'm here for. The people so they will thank me Sunday going to find the truth I found -- used in disciple and look at this. I thought it Euro -- glory and this is so funny to. This way that you found at the -- mean what did what have you had. Through -- due to find out somebody that was a no no no and and he had to do something. I'd never been in that situation real so that's really hard to me I can't answer because I've never been in a situation -- never -- just suspected something suspected suspected for a period of time. Keep asking questions. In literally just -- who lied to your face over and over over over again I've never been in that situation. This guy I had the same kind of car. Influences at specific kind of car -- -- and so I went over his that we were dating. I tip my spare car -- which had the same emblem as it is spent Turkey and switched -- the cards he's. The home for a Meyer I. And so I went to his office. Is it Beverly Hills -- -- a little cramp and so and I told the ballet had the key and is like them is even odds and then often. To the driver little Spain to the and then after one of tracking devices on. I sure peaking interest and can develop a little tracking device on -- all the stuff from girl's. As. Lindsey Graham -- What are very Smart guy was it. Ever be as part of my -- -- I was made him to stay open to the Monday it's more bats I mean look at that -- -- they -- you know of those screws things on -- -- -- but he's dating Jamie why he should know better to -- that great PI you should -- yeah. I would never think to look under the floor mats and car. Ever. Or you're gonna go home and search and we'll look at. It's genius. It even. He experienced side I expected dot endorsed Pete has been -- Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings at 530 deeds and our sport I.