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BJ & Jamie - Strange things at Mandela's funeral. (12/11)

Dec 11, 2013|

More than just a Presidential selfie happened at Mandela's memorial service.


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PG. Jamie yeah. This Nelson Mandela memorial that happened yesterday just keeps getting me -- -- -- -- -- Awesome I'm so still all around here but first we know. That they took -- -- Obama and the prime minister and Britain and somebody else another brand predator nor does sell -- lapping the city and a memorial is basically a funeral right it's Nelson Mandela -- -- memorial million. President -- you see particular so beat and it's all over FaceBook Diebler and I really respect blah blah blah OK so that's first thing. Number two the president shakes hands with that Fidel Castro's brother Raoul and how. Oh yeah. Please. You know lead -- the biggest fan of the president the United States and I think when some may extend their hands and no matter who we is yet I mean that really wasn't his fault well. If there's any place that you could actually come to gather in shaking hands and smiled when you don't have to have a conversation just how are you Bob good to see -- block is the funeral. A funeral like this that's where you could you knowing you don't have to there's no big deal you're not doing secret meetings and no reason to get upset when somebody says there in the end he shaped or anywhere -- anyway. Give me a jerk pretty -- they put him all he did a thing where you pitching and that many take your hair day. I need me pullback of and then mass death so he. Some -- -- so he shakes hands with roe rules now what do you tell them about what that I have with the securities. Well and there's a report that the security guard because it was raining yesterday I guess and -- in South Africa. And security is supposed to be at an all time high because you have the world leaders here that are there to give these speeches. Well they can't team at the peak of this thing of the memorial and you squad car eat a hamburger. -- you tell your hamburger prizes he's been Boras agent he didn't want to get out there because his cheeseburger we get soggy. So now they got this guy -- cars more people. On his drink and eat a hamburger and Fries and price in Canada and actually unemployment and it any worse then the Topper -- conference. They're reporting today it with the millions like England Melinda you guys this. So you know how like. Wind oh that jolt whenever you know he's up on the podium firfer and I hadn't church still exist in most major speeches these days. They always have been an interpreter Simon and I am sorry son sign language person he did for example like watch watch me. I know since I'm only going to fire away my son's cousin and a -- so I -- -- and her. Doesn't really translate -- great I personally disillusioned -- yes. Thank them. Oh what does that mean OK so these -- a near the mouth is. Is shaping up I say drinking a beer drunk drunk girl girlfriend. Friend with the fifth pick and that's what you know pay the price. -- girlfriend -- girlfriend OK yeah because I know nothing about it so. Well I just know that aren't at least to -- who is in my son's cousin she -- just with their hands I mean it's just completely fluent in the etiquette. It's magical -- she can speak their hands them this guy is like directing abandonment Disney and the way he is doing it his hands since. It's like this and they said he was making crap up. So the guy onstage at the Nelson Mandela -- you'll see the video everywhere this morning the -- on stage doing the actual sign language. He doesn't even though -- I'm -- we know is making it up it's fake it looks like he's directing the -- the way he's doing it. So fake and interpreter. Design language person on stage with world leaders. And you -- race well and then trying to figure out. I guess there's like you know Tony different languages so they're like is this south African yes I'm signing now is an American dining no. So they the world gas association went through all the different ways you can sign in different you know dialects. It's -- fun. Looks like he's bringing in a 747. On the runway cleared the way he's doing his hands and like -- would vote most bizarre points currently. City -- yet. Exit bonus at the rose yeah I'd be OK you going to -- emergency go this way and that's the way the guys doing it but I. No sign language so I would've caught on but this morning the report is that it's all fake. And what's really funny he's still a lot of the Britney Spears heart apart with the. You know what she did that video card and then get a lot of this just tumbling and his fingers to like he'll stick figure here and there in cases even if it's weird. It's funny to me. I don't know how these people and no matter what it is real -- -- is nothing beyond them. Yeah I mean. I think I think -- When a teacher embezzled you know like three million dollars from the school system it. Or this guy's like fake sounding like -- -- nobody Americana you're ever going to be on you've -- You look at the idea to put this guy on stage when Barack Obama. And other world leaders speaking. Doing sign language to interpret -- and -- speech. Okay that. And her and how did he convince people he knew send language and you're at a memorial of of probably one of the greatest person needs to double our era. Riot is considered worldwide. And you're doing this it's it's it's a dog -- I'll hold it. Really -- our. Is doing cell. You got the security guard eighty hamburger in his car at the peak and he got a -- -- only -- -- on stage that near where did you get this -- -- was back. -- thanks Beasley was a signer. Well you know that's what happened that then we're gonna possibly on staging use like all I know what I know what I can do it I can do and I'm I can do this. I don't know I just think. It's no team even fathom what just happened -- if it ever report this morning is some guys play. There's no no news. Association gave out -- -- it's not any kind of dialect we know enough that they watched his hands and said I don't know what the hell is gonna say. I have no clue what he's doing do you think this is listings -- event that they just slipped through -- they would notice. You know -- mean an -- to there is that great how. -- not think that people would notice that that I mean that's so common to have that person on stage what I know -- with my son's cousin she just -- is close captioned she doesn't really read the sign language. She just -- -- -- that closed captioning made -- I'm -- closed -- Men need may mean if you hernia if you're not the past few years you you do have the close caption on -- not really watching this guy but. But -- never in the history of the world but I know while there's ever been a freak Simon sports it's. Lawyer why -- memorial. -- Yeah we hear the million things I remember there's been story than a doctors didn't England med school and play like their doctor. Like just promoting this big concert for tomorrow night in the fray doesn't show up -- it's a cover band. This like we -- big you know a Houdini on yet. We were just talk about this last night and somebody that knows that knows somebody. She was totally do she was dating the guy Andy said he was hedge fund manager like a thirty million dollar hedge fund but he's a danger. The trip with a completely due to pick you could think when he doesn't have a car but if it if he's got a hedge fund manager here when you have to drive lemon drop among places. Right if he's probably not wearing a suit I think which most the only hedge funds -- guys going through all this is gonna assume it's amazing how people can do but the people. Ike is this one though thanks. This one takes the -- -- got to admit. -- -- we're sitting here watching this -- video we got a -- jet itself if he really does. But no I think every agency is reporting this guy is fake and -- it's not South Africa big -- now and there's twenty other languages available it's none of that currently in the. How high -- -- and you know. I'm I'm I'm glad I -- up against three guys I'm from Africa have been a period but now. Need them and yet I don't know I did what I thought. I diet I know that. We have a guy who eating into Britain on TV. Eight South Africa. And I didn't it wasn't home at all sleep it eat light somebody -- -- -- quiet out -- -- there. But. The intent. -- -- -- -- That's my I'm. You could have seen the video of the guy. I needed should end at night I had the justice. And to act able. Pointed out. We're just a speech just a just as somebody campaigning what they're broke he'd be funny and blah blah -- this is Nelson Mandela's memorial. Yeah. Yeah yeah south Africans have a sense of humor. And that out of America Sunday but the point -- that. I'm judge yeah probably better that they believe there. I'm -- like this state that album. I'm ready I'm glad that Americans -- -- out -- -- Eric -- and does his you don't eating everything in our group -- am proud. That -- -- that the bush -- the B yeah. And I'm going to go right now everything is OK I don't think other countries that -- and then it is amazing that Americans it would issue a bit. Good for you no kidding any thanks for the thanks with an alliance. I mean yes the country yeah that's really cool yeah that's really police feel that -- now you came here just to go to school. My bad. At convenient. Many many years dumb move when I think anti bullying or Africa I will -- here. And I've been going back whomever it then and it's not it is now. I I think I would and I think we Osama stereotyping in her head because a -- his mom is south African Union the pasty is why did he never seen I go home. I know a lot of white people who. I'm -- in the -- feel like what I know him would -- me your mother south Africans aware and better like she is like all of my you know. So tasty I must commit that at Carolina thank you for calling. Every day and thank you for those kind words from. All right even even guarding finds it funny I how. South Africans they are such youngsters now America crazy. Both fake it this way on stage here adjacent it. I see things that you're right. And all let's face -- ever been done well okay wait. No I'm gonna -- that those zinc and all the stakes than ever been done in the history that is pretty amazing that it's a big thing in mind what I need to. I think -- As I look back it's the two guys in the new. And that ABC reporter saying how much the flooding has got of the flooding was going on three and then that guy walks right I am an ankle deep water remember -- They did that make sure they can now. I do -- soon enough. Well oh well I don't know that was on the world stage like -- -- -- I was pretty bill Mears to look pretty -- sit there really could do yeah. The flood area and tried to get through it that a guy just walk through for tangle may. Like karaoke feel the live shot -- -- didn't tell us that the. Wake up with PGA and -- weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 105.