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BJ & Jamie - Preschooler suspended for kissing. (12/11)

Dec 11, 2013|

A preschooler was suspended for kissing a female classmate on the hand. It was the second time he has done it.


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-- -- -- -- There's a story they came out they actually it was some more urbane and information like surveyed think they came out last week and I sit here would Jeannie and I said no there's no billion -- There's such crap they get this information then yesterday you got the story of the kids getting expelled from preschool. This is so ridiculous -- story this little six year old boy he's in kindergarten I think -- -- any case the little girl and they can do now because it's the second time he kissed her it's the second offense yes he's a career criminal they wanna put it on his permanent record and sexual harassment. He's six years all of them. I remember -- Presley. And another girl chased -- down Teresa they chased me down when I was in kindergarten and they pull my pants down. Loans to have the best the industry and -- the past they did I shoot a prosecution team and yet. Because that's what happened this -- being kicked out of preschool. Aides did getting suspend parliament suspended it yeah it's ended up right here in Colorado time. Any game can end they won a label him as a sexual harasser in is permanent brand Kurds. Think so Craig how morrow and six years old -- know what he's doing well see you cannot be a sexual predator he's got a sexual predators. Kids. Six the mom really isn't the mom millions helping the case I have to say he wanted to -- I saw her club -- is they. Some is gonna get her some -- time to work. Then drew didn't mind get to the girl what are. The kiss where we're. Don't know yeah did you don't do that you can't say enough. Adding that he was asking for it if it does it's basically say and that's the wrong thing inside she needs then get estimated speak out and I have. Here's what came out last week in GB seagate you'd be surprised BJ and and I was shocked but the word was from the study was. That more preschoolers. Are expelled from school. The middle and high schoolers come. -- -- It's just an out of control I mean this little boy is sexy -- this little girl he's done before he was warned. So they're saying because he was roaring -- didn't follow policy. I guess that's fine. But to be suspended. And they want to put it in their record it. It's crazy it's crazy and now I know what two months ago another little boy was suspended because he made his fingers. Look like it done right -- I remember that yeah. Still -- a couple of those actually I know you're saying that more little kids are being suspended then within this. Middle school with a nice post -- be true. Way -- I think it that there are new. The middle school and high schools are troublemakers and little kids say they don't need to do we think there's no way that number can be higher -- I think it is hire only because. When you're in middle school you Biden he's very learned you can't make your fingers into a -- right C don't do it. But when -- since then you do it only three just taking schools parents do you believe this 30322 -- 3032225423. Our kids that are preschoolers little brats. And they're being expelled more so than middle and high score is not the question the question is yeah. Little -- that's the -- is the question is. In his now is 200 -- but you know I mean fit the tuna because these sexually or recommend that little girl. These really -- -- It's 30322. -- 3032225423. Do you have a preschooler or did your kids when they were in preschool can expel. I've never heard this before I had no idea that the little kids like this got expelled from school. Eight no idea you -- told me. Does that when he was in first grade -- mom had a really bad time that's what happened -- -- missing then she leaned over and. I thought about a billion. All you've got a kid out of school. He admitted that he. Didn't move. If you're right people don't -- Exactly the -- isn't it but they can they do it so can. You know certainly don't think because they don't know this little kid he innocently trying to kiss this girl he's having. But little hormone bingo -- -- -- got it doesn't just. You know -- balances hormones kicking -- -- -- -- he's a preschooler he's a -- if it doesn't say GM. Yeah do you say you're a school teacher this can't be true preschoolers. Well not so much creation bill -- your picture and treat -- but I am expecting greater than there -- greater perhaps all that stuff and it feels horrible. They didn't know what they're doing you know a lot of their parents actually are hunters then. It's just really interest inning and but when it happened you know you know you might -- -- they don't wanna do. And then you know they try to Donahue and trying to you know pull the trigger like they're shooting the key circuit -- disrespectful. It's like get -- my clock. You keep adding Klaas for doing their fingers like. Like that's. Well you know you're making it sound so NS and like you know they're playing a little travel expert opinion they've coached you know they're looking at you and they're upset and there you know. It's not like they're smiling about it they're looking at you and poignant -- going to. Saying you know it's after that well they don't dedicate -- I don't think -- -- get expelled. The huge debt definitely -- you know washed and cannot -- a program because it's -- -- behavior. -- trust okay well he's since second and that's you know India and I deploy you know I wasn't thinking hey every month. Since second -- seven years old and he doesn't really meaning. Can shoot it well okay what can resolve our relentless less pretty it's. Into your court okay -- as a parent I wireless a little ralphie did something you really upset you. And -- you said that you don't want -- -- you go to your room right now and your manager man and he looks -- you turn as the round goes. Panel this fingers when he shot you. What you do have a fall down. No that was not the answer. That's like that's like the -- say that the little girl wanted to. JP that's not the answer the -- you play in this because now you're gonna go to the school he's gonna do that to jam it. It's our ask what he's saying I am at a -- wrong answer a -- again seeing. A huge that it. And America are so Cheryl says her son nothing did the same thing Cheryl. -- -- Animal keepers last year he -- in the classroom and he was just. Clinton had different students a -- -- a gun but not making any kind of anointed. And that teacher put up a big head about it and packet from the principle but the -- -- the principle of making its six year old little boy. You know we'll talk again about it whoa you know let it now that that -- -- the -- not feel safe but. It's not like he's trying issued people. Really my son comes home and says it's like on the playground kids are doing that with her fingers and I'm still not too I'm like dude go to. You know my thing right you go to military school -- It's like but mama all do whenever I hung your knowledge and that's it. The dinner talent then the teacher goes W data -- for the day and having dividend and they know -- -- the -- and he's getting our. Jessica Jessica the word is that more preschoolers can expelled from school the middle and high scores combined. Yeah I actually. -- every ball. And I think they're being anti -- it got hot they did their big enough that I. Went a little leg up front I felt act out play. You can say they -- hurt -- unexplained and -- friend pick and pretend friend. Trenton and middle -- Kurland a note and Joba and the security guy that parents say you're in trouble in your belt loop. Break it up by you know it isn't gonna do that and tell you have a teacher one I want let. So I guess I don't understand your point now the I'm lost. What I tell me how could send them home more confident. It's unfortunate I don't want you let it be her quiet white teacher and and -- -- -- you can't be off the law. Keep -- gonna keep up like you can't Amy and your son is lying and that he and you didn't play pretend. Back here that's not there's no big -- I thought that exceed that and who does not like they're it. So you're saying it. If you -- of the monster so -- known as she died about what you're saying that instead the instant because they don't really know what they're doing it instead of that's the reason you send them home you're seeing them home because -- trouble for the classes disrupted from the class. Today didn't -- -- -- -- prayer college students and their class and is. Why do you look at her typing they need a 25 -- One for one right insemination and kids homes sold it screws up the entire classroom at that one kid that evil you know that evil went all. And then class do all I didn't know actually yeah actually one of my kids was a kid he would be -- All yeah yeah -- any problems within -- yeah and the Mets put the youngest one in New Jersey yet. He seems so really safe and well. You know when he got around his little rowdy friends who was evil they talk even -- things -- known in their house -- Nina and these like. Laden I guess it was concrete places at the school really dirty words on home cooked. I have to go over helping pay cobra the dirty words. Pray that it was all about -- Smith well let -- they called her bad means. Or does it feel bad for her country Taylor yeah. I see she's I don't think I heard had to treat Welker about a year and a half our college. And deletions and it out or. It during that time it's it's like a troubled army and shared interest -- -- -- I got being it employs. And you try Callahan. Three or four year old. -- someone in charge that's not their parentage. And. Get eight or not collect any they're going to be like that you usually you're not I'm on the and you're like well we'll leave mommy here but your mom Portland -- -- -- -- and she can't come all the time. -- we we have the can come home. -- nice -- binders you're crazy here's a crazy little three year olds. The one that by age new tigers -- they have but yes you get a phone call it moves your son or your daughter got the budget cycle biter. I assume that. -- year old girl and I think it'd give me biting people patent -- -- who might get my assistant trainer. He -- and you cannot see where this is oh my god he got it out at. It and not you hired an all right guy. I know I know you. I love it -- -- an artist now yes isn't easy graffiti artists that he's doing the same -- in New York right now honey no he's. I think -- Murray our last call with thank you very glad. I can't have my nephew yesterday get suspended from preschool for a week -- wearing a Spiderman shirt. All that scared the other children. Weren't there had to be more to it. I'm I'm gonna actually had to go pick -- -- at the -- of community -- can't sit there with the current law pocket jury like Lao T shirt depict a little more violent than they would appreciate you re all. You need to go home write letters to the didn't inmate should be keynote are -- -- is not a pack. So he was going and going and went terribly though he was going up in their faces a may ninth at. -- -- After a -- -- -- it's sort of like confrontation. What was happening she does know we have three little girl come up to what. And talent that they didn't like Fisher because it scared that. Warehouse in for a week he's -- Good -- go home insurance. Yeah I would like shock I brought assured he'd just thinking that was going to be the collision. But no definitely not the pollution this week. Only count how big you know what Ashley you don't know what this little nephew viewers has a track record is something else the seeds here. And they're really murdered. There's suddenly gone it's just -- Sheridan doesn't sound right does not at all. I'm still worried that my son is going to be suspended because all he says all the time is. Not like six months. Body there. Funny that it. It's so hard about. Wake up with PGA and -- Weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 105.