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BJ & Jamie - Broncos Homecoming game-Person of the year named. (12/11)

Dec 11, 2013|

Thursday night is the Broncos Homecoming game and BJ and Jamie thought that Sean was an idiot! Pope Francis named Person of the Year by Time magazine.


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PG. Jamie yeah. Stay as we signed him. BJ and I would. Like to apologize CU for talking behind your back like nothing you never know how much couldn T name -- -- idiot I think it was huge moron. And definitely is here I knew what I. He's tied game that you know. Lindsay -- hi how -- I -- the term out what's he smoking yeah today yeah I'm so sorry I tell you why. I thought you're into that booze -- in the office that I'm Dara where I apologize girl's day -- sign. The way we talked about you behind your back. And then you ended up being right is is beyond embarrassing mess we're sorry -- I looked up. Well you -- forgiven and -- else so John comes in and says. So I can't wait for the Broncos homecoming game. And in Beijing and I select is against the Broncos -- -- game. He hit it in any left in -- -- common -- since we're like -- they. Mean homecoming today in the NFL high school and college kid who's probably going to be expected. Yeah queens gone they were making fun of it more on what he's smoking but blood it turns -- he's. Right tomorrow right yeah as. Now let's see here. Joining. Just like college and high -- a -- -- around the country this year NFL teams will have a homecoming game. The NFL plunging into another -- hello coming platform to showcase the accomplishments of its former players and celebrate the fans. -- I had no idea homecoming they designated the week's 1415 and sixteen is an ongoing weeks. And legends and hall of famers will return to their old -- teams' stadiums. A gasoline to be honored and we connect with the teammates advanced. I know on on Monday -- scheme Chicago. Was at home India retired Mike did because number do you guys. So maybe that was part of their homecoming festivities. Well and on Thursday -- tomorrow night yea we get done and done now when -- And Gary Zimmerman. Austin. -- been on an announcement. The end. And doesn't say no decision as specific commercial how much he's blinking. Yeah holy Toledo hadn't known I know the commercial. Deliberately in mind boggling bundling blinking that's that's designed that you're maybe no diamond drill. Move and felt I had -- that I don't know. Did you ever hear that yes it's alleged that. Yeah yeah then that there are certain mannerisms that you do as you speak yeah that that indicate earmark Ben and Jerry's not. I men and couple times he was fantastic to me but it just -- he's just pulled -- commercial change -- the link on behalf of the so we. Coming we honor him at some kind of threat hole maybe Janet -- the clean power to -- the margin is all I'm sure they'll be. -- campaigned and -- company. I think it is Janet. The back of the car with the with the thing you know convertible driving around with a horse dry right way think what about a dance afterwards Alia the amazing homecoming dance at the gym yet in the gymnasium business model. But since the days and you and I want to dance now live now John -- truth John it. John and Janet -- not to -- just for the game guess in -- I'm because they were relieved that the homecoming king and queen in there in their day yes so they have to do the same thing so that when they go to the dancing to torque. EO -- for his party where you are here awarded. Tomorrow's homecoming times have changed and now the kids are targeted companies this is. Today coming out. Coming today coming from the Bronx he got his fake -- language guide to Mandela but memorial preempt that Obama -- -- -- don't -- season the attack that. -- You got the president with two other world leaders sitting their doing sell these smiling and a and a memorial service appearing. That's -- and I -- crazy he's quite the president. Yeah and president of although lately guys -- I mean what we do every Mac let's take yourself each. Okay. So wrong and -- so many levels. And I can't -- a sad. And a new survey by real simple magazine -- huge fan magazine. That real simple magazine yeah I really like them I mean it's feeling like Christina filling -- one left on the plan that well did -- -- -- I like that magazine to okay there's only two left and -- them like revealed attempted to present women would rather go without sex and give up Smartphone -- -- the and since then but I believe that -- Texas -- think it's. Just a similar. I'm -- -- NASCAR thanks to them that one -- camera in the can yeah you said yesterday you never done and I didn't sit seat and I talked about the icy relations. Well that was the act that you just brought up. They would rather give up relations then. There's Smartphone than blanking. Should it. And them we will try and I am I do better we really are people act which tries so I don't see as an issue for new pizza there is cute. And then they better not stir up. -- purpose -- to -- it -- get instantaneous to admit and it still Panetta be on the phones look at. They must be married. Family -- I think picked up or -- the other for seven years. -- polls show a short. For the homecoming for example -- -- I think that and that was our. Same battle Francis is the most. Most amazing man on the planet to according to time magazine. The most interesting man on the planet and it was influential or whenever doesn't -- The Pope kind of get that every year by default. We have -- you put somebody you know above the pulp and yes that's a good coming wins every year I don't think he does. I don't I think he wins most years I think when he knew he went I think is more than most other world leaders and stuff like that. I think the Pope is one repeatedly. And time magazine yet. So where do you this patent. If this LA times they act like you have knowledge they don't. Yeah I don't know what -- don't know. I don't know how many times. If you're accusing him many times the Pope is one time magazine's. Person of the -- -- and -- yet make this is this little instead Miley Cyrus was -- yeah. Yeah. It is yes the Pope has to be Braude beat out Miley Cyrus. That's an accomplishment eleven times the Pope is more on. No no eleven times though the person of the year wasn't really a person with a -- yeah. One time it was a computer in 1980 if you -- it it. When it was middle America in 1969 Tibetan -- It was on an endangered earth in 1980 Wimbledon this doesn't count an American fighting man 1950. American scientists in 1960 our concerns with the baby boomers or inherit terse -- 1966. American women 1975. That's OK Sean. Peacemakers 93 this is. Good samaritans -- five. And then protesters two doesn't can find out how many times the Pope is one place I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I met you and I was never an ideal world yes you to control the information -- Think they're welcome to your world you breakthrough appreciation. No no hope on that list. -- I didn't yeah can you look at the poll I yeah. I'm Kerry us an investment and wanna be right I just under current IE doesn't want to be -- furious it's. He's just curious shine there's a -- Something to do Pope but aren't there right there. And that's to think that but that -- and OK so yeah until yeah hey there's 394. Pope John -- -- three. Three out of all the years. The cheers for. I was counting this year I -- There provides -- the he during the rain delays the entry to remind me. I mean it's not the all time highlight he says that three is meant. Hardly anybody else. Paula Jones but the. Wake up with Vijay and -- Weekday mornings at 530 to ten Dallas 105.