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BJ & Jamie - NO Mega Millions winner last night! (12/11)

Dec 11, 2013|

Jamie said she knew no one would win.


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LS 105 now I can't believe meals you forgot to get Mega Millions tickets now you know last. Watch the number -- because I I have this half hour. I know you've been hitting every jackpot from here to Vegas I have superpowers. I knew. I knew I wasn't gonna hit. Well you're right about that nobody won the jackpot last night I had that I had an innate feeling. She knows is there a month and a bad for a guest at eight. And a special feeling -- intuition. And in an eight IA and -- and I thought. I don't know what I had anyway I still wasn't hitting it. So he just had the -- -- -- -- just like nobody's gonna win tonight don't waste your money only to the next yeah and now that's what. All what he called me and say on the beach don't buy any tickets are you wasting your money I just -- discrimination and nobody's going to win Mega Millions because you know what I like to have world domination with money impala but the but the and I went to see is out to win every jackpot the world. His -- squalor. His son's. Bed and early Gordon Willis and his words well nobody allowing it wins any goes to 400 million dollars from Friday night that is gonna do a little bit business. -- -- -- -- You -- like you've got it why you just waiting for the right moment to pounce on it is gonna help around Christmas time into. I think he'll have to look -- duo mood the F. In fact okay this is the absolute truth yesterday Jamie were sitting in a meeting in the boss's office. And she's been hitting jackpots mean she she went black -- just nailed one item with biggest I've ever seen the end of the person and I know OK so hills that was. Away let me just say it's weird they wanna give the -- and absolutely were given to me that I'm so. Who homered -- damaged -- around. Plus you know driving a pickup truck he needed to compare that much cash. When he heard that they actually -- for you and cash yeah 08 and and how nonchalantly aren't like no big deal OK here's X amount of thousands of dollars. But but you win now would you win one in Vegas he what do they want their toe problem lies business over the last four weeks herself so we're sitting in the office history to a GM. -- don't worry. And when -- when this Mega Millions is weak mural millionaires -- only economic milieu there's just people this remark yeah. Yeah it's like -- warrants as a nobody asked is -- guys in the room. It because Clinton is like really. And I'm like -- -- -- the camera to some people dismiss an -- I think there's enough witnesses in here that are good. Joe Millionaire -- you can -- -- million now and he knew a million U million and then they're less than that. Add another hundred is no I dozens blows through that. That -- yeah. We're back for more quickly I know he's -- another -- one more the next thing I know it's like play happened I hit a million dollars would -- do with it. I -- money you could handle the Mega Millions you couldn't I couldn't. UK would kill me in six months so you would die I would die in six months I would have to put together by my game plan for who gets what after I'm gone because I'd be -- I just -- And he couldn't connect you weird thought I had yesterday when I was driving home after we had that discussion Abbas office was and this is not good to say because it -- what happened back. I wouldn't want to win it I was driving home yesterday and I was thing about everything was that I wouldn't want it. You wouldn't want 400 million dollars I really wouldn't want it. I'm not kidding it's too much money well I was driving home when I was thinking like what would I do do well in -- by big house or some then. Well but you still have all the issues they have. Without them you know with the money without the money. Life is still the same would you -- -- number if the thing you be bored and there was movie anything and I didn't even have any gold. Yes and I think I would not in my -- -- goals -- my -- -- suspended I would ruin it. I beast man that we ask that weird. No it's not because I can't -- you're saying basically what I'm saying. The best thing could happen to me is not to win it. 'cause it would -- what he would kill you if you can -- Larry synod slurs Italians I'd be in the trouble I'd be doing things you should be tailoring our Bianca and I and we all kinds -- credit going out there that would be it would be ugly it would get -- hookers and even -- I feel like I'd be like a fifty year old Justin Bieber and me out and -- Overhead try and he had tried just before you know what -- get you know -- the TJ tried to speak a monkey through Germany. I don't -- yeah would have. -- get another -- yeah. He had died at the police at my house every night you -- to have ended you know get people out there for smoke didn't do all kinds of crap yeah. It's I don't need I don't need to -- you're right yeah I can see where. It would ruin some people's lives. I just don't think and I know I mean I was we have doesn't go I don't think god bless his little buddy did little. You know I mean -- trauma he's been really don't traveling -- happy to listen you're happy I am happy. No we would be happier I don't. I don't think you would because that's how good I can't travel because my son is in school and it's all about keeping your kids after eight. Attended school agencies happy where -- is -- and beyond picking them up and a Lear jet contain anywhere Lawrence JK and there whenever yay mom you and I blue blue. But look at it and million. Yeah yeah. You know I. Know money can't buy wrapping it -- all of sports million dollars making my you know a little -- His -- bum you you couldn't go traveled because I have a seven year old and I. I wouldn't take you know they screw up his wife goodbye to them -- well. Ordinary. English yeah. He's -- may -- wouldn't be socialized. I don't know an. -- to. Everytime I see Oprah on TV she seems pretty damn mad and -- she does I think that she's obesity are happy. Do you think she's -- because she's not happy. I don't think she I think she's obese because she can afford pasta yeah. Do you every night in in Italy. Listen -- little story I'm Italian most of okay well. You know a long long time -- make a lot of money being a long long time ago. Wednesday they. They had hair makeup and all of this doesn't and then they had wardrobe forming and I did that TV show that -- talk or whatever and and then then that limo pulled me up at my house know when they -- they dropped me up and until done right may get hair everything. And then sit down my couch and I realize. She has nothing to do. My friend drawn out with the boys fans do not I'm sitting there are in full garment. And it was so lonely and at. And did I remember Oprah saying you have no idea how lonely instead have been some times when I just sit there and I look at money doesn't I haven't at all. A million children. Yeah you're not gonna be. Able to then how I'm gonna he -- -- this. Is the good -- Tear your yeah. He admitted. Good days billions that America is and what I need to take out loans for some essentially as -- Well listen her -- yeah. And a lot of pain go now that. We didn't I -- I'm going to be playing Friday I'm gonna try to really Hannity was because I have a credit card so I have credit card debt yeah so I happened. -- -- And then again maybe needed just hit hard times it's really hard times you. What winning jackpot to overpower it's -- -- that you know me I don't but I expensive crap. I'm not a shopper I don't I don't know you -- simple I did okay and so when you're driving in 2002 because. Clinton is selling throughout the dry no 150000 dollar brand new spanking new I don't live -- -- you don't get you know so let's get we'll let you know. -- -- yet or you don't play Friday night. We feel. Colorful what do you tell our audience will there be a winner on the horizons and then I. Recriminations and you've been on I'm looking Cheney's been on the -- -- bloom. -- week. He made me. I can channel it happens in a may -- Friday show it's unclear right let's go around it. Wake up with BJ and 530 to ten -- -- -- -- --