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BJ & Jamie - Christmas Kaputz! (12/12)

Dec 12, 2013|

Jamie is in a new place this year she is in a blended family for the first time and both her and her boyfriend have tried to do fun Christmas activities with the kids each individually and both of them have had a disaster and she thinks Christmas is going down the drain.


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-- -- -- Now let's check back with Shawn be Shawn. Can get a countdown to Christmas. Can we get another one place alluded -- it's only twelve days sixteen hours 58 minutes and 53 seconds that's an -- I'm excited and can't things are going bad with Jamie and Christmas. It's telling me but it's everybody I mean my point was -- you haven't these. You have these hopes these dreams these -- yet these these ideas of how Christmas is gonna go right perfect Christmas the Christmas yeah. Whether it be you decorating the tree together with the family or whatever Christmas cookies. All step fitness you build -- yeah I mean I think -- It's just a little bit different too because you're going through a whole different experience this yourself and you've never been through before new life to the blending of family staff that's so well to let the NSA could put our heads of the conflict yeah that's that's the part that just. -- so let me just -- Apatow. Let's a year yesterday before Adam I had all his kids and my -- So we made cookies and everything is hungry and the Dickens imply I was perfect Christmas is going and I felt like some. Yes -- at stake. Exactly how I want -- done and kids were on some within -- day comes back and and certain they had seen him for four hours -- -- they want is attention even -- and they -- crazy and mixing and others in their hands and although it. -- Kids -- DIC but the -- But the -- six dollar icing that you added to stop duped in the hands and then then there's a seventeen year old arguing with a seven year old. Is your old argument is getting -- does a seven year old gets on a seventeen year old nerves. And attempting gets on it -- nerves so you're blaming him for showing up. And us not let us now just all of a sudden when Iraq than they didn't yesterday. My son was -- at this house because we add to that meeting trying to. My guess yesterday my son last night was a nightmare. Just arguing about everything. So dad didn't go away and go out there as -- yet they could have their tree -- but that was arguing about everything. What is going on the worst Christmas. Buildup never. All of the key and you know. Have -- matching outfits that's never gonna happen but you know just so sorry you don't carols around the around the neighborhood. So so far with your planning and the little you know the making of the cookies and they're going to his house to not Christmas wrapping coming up your -- to. I'm not going well dog and a 303 Tony to -- 32225423. Christmas that went. Bad Christmas good putts and perhaps. And I know this happens in a lot of homes. Perhaps -- put up the ornaments. And husband did it all wrong maybe hung two and three. You know -- embrace. It and sometimes you guys do wrong and it just -- Yet -- is higher price when you start decorating around. We had a tree we put the tree in this was like we would -- bought this treatment cost me like a 140 dollars I mean this was like this eight foot real treat. This is important which it's higher there because you have the trichet happier. So we by dissing you put it up and put a ball to think the night before Christmas the damned tree falls over. Literally halls across the floor. Even break stuff that's under the tree and everything. And and -- destroy us. We hear where they're asleep and we hear this church she it was like something out of a movie. I had the whole tree had fallen. Over just. Crushing stuff that the couple. It was awful lot like an archery or my tree against his -- And I wondered -- -- I think I want a divorce these kids along. Then he reminded me or not uniting the Internet and -- now. Welcome K big businesses really combining to just tough it's tough it's really interesting. Disbursed. Will give them possible into that thing right when you know go over the top with my kid. Yes I go to the top of my kid that I have to go over the top with kids -- think the I don't know I don't. Yeah I don't need to do that either because you have been I ask you always school over the top of your child because he is only child bride and now you've got the other kids you know you can't have one kid opening up some in this really. And the other ones. You know compared to that left is just kind of. And aren't as you know that's my fear when he gives his driver's license -- you know the kids that like nice used cars or -- and in my tonight I'm Ferrari. That the people I don't know he's gonna have a Ferrari you might have did a few more jackpots and added I think you know we got to get -- I don't know I would yeah. He just get a -- -- the only kids yeah. Yeah trailed 32 wanna do wells -- 3222543. Do you have a Christmas that went bad maybe you should have to relatives being lost blended family whatever couple. I'll tell you what happens a lot attach him. Is that you get that little box and the tree and using it's going to be an engagement ring. And then you open it up next. It's a gift certificate he would have to cold because. Can I don't agree I am a little advice that I don't put anything under the tree that resembles an engagement ring if you're not going to. Asked again as it will destroy her. Every single week so crack. Because she's open at all excited and -- -- -- at the grocery chain I think most guys well maybe not all but I think a lot of guys realize that. That the content to you don't put anything that resembles that little box. Nothing can we image is gonna tell you we plugged in the tree and only the top and the bottom line up. That please let trees yeah. Did you read it fixed yeah at least what's. Number one poll at number two people yeah that's what my trees -- that we but the polls in their own. In a position yet and that's the only thing is -- one plug goes out they'll go. There is still true and I and I know a lot of cases -- Now it's just. I'm gonna blame myself I have so many expectations for Christmas. I like how great it should be and Christmas music. Nobody even Carol. I think Caroline anymore and I. I don't know much my experiences anytime you -- the kids in and out -- blended family but just bringing kids in in general there's something going to go wrong. Their kids. You know they're gonna have their best days are good odds are good days the most are going to be bad days. It's this does is we can't. It does work out that way Jamie doesn't normally. I want to address all the single parent and I know but I can't think. They gave Atlanta I think the kids even stand up with the the follow up to Christmas -- ready for it to be Christmas Day. They you know they decorated the tree in the trains running around the track Christmas presents are wrapped they're ready for Christmas Day. They don't into the Christmas train right. Okay so I got that really expensive Christmas tree in the end -- -- the tree -- -- -- jazz. They took a Lego man in front and racquet. And consume. And he's -- We're not put -- -- the train is like and crashing it. You. -- -- them -- high eighty and is in the Christmas. What's your Christmas components. I. Don't think and. Shouldn't you shouldn't use the first -- -- -- ball you can't deny you student. I -- it where Aaron and it got me and my great great. It Derrek -- and ethnic act. Is how -- Yeah -- That plane. A little weird -- at. Now it is going to be -- to get a new one for Christmas. Wake up with each game and see us weekday mornings I was thirty -- palace where I.