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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's spelling challenge #14 (12/12)

Dec 12, 2013|

Still no money but so close!


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Yeah. -- -- CEO WE. I CIO. Okay. Now Cobb CE OW. DI GI bill. Today you know. -- -- 87 years witness can be seen. -- -- I'm ready I'm ready extra on this Christmas money here I know yet. We know how -- we give you money for every word did you get right DP get it wrong hat do you go back to zero. Analysts and it does so I'm gonna show you that this is the excellent. I've got put that. Atlas team. -- this is these are words from is selling. I think that. Lonely. And lonely lonely. It's a good word and is that every second grade word -- And images that went -- don't pay five dollars did you and our program today. Lowly nobody crazy room lonely movie. LO ND ELY. Yeah. And a boy Shaw he's -- and -- a buzzer. Then it's a very good five dollars extra -- I feel sorry OK okay right Krajicek today yeah lieutenant. A voted the memory and memory memory. At least this can be ten dollars -- right memory. And EM -- are why I -- Nancy on -- -- yeah. You have to practice. Yeah. I heard and heard stories yeah. That she gets up the dictionary now and hasn't. Yes in you look for certain words on lining you're trying to dispel better and I noticed it in in some your postings here in studio yeah you're doing better you are. This really help you learn to add that this the player for dear. Is the speakers -- not -- -- on the gears up there know this does the year. Pretty -- pretty good thing to learn pretty soon. I figured it was time really didn't learn the jury. Is out there needs. Engineers wanted to use its current ten dollars you get to -- top. CH OC OLETE. Isn't. Enough to get to that -- You're doing it with a lot of confidence and honesty it's. Not like -- that he's writing down three different -- who meet your phone announcement from some months now why did he have a list because he. It isn't that what he's cheating you're right you know it's -- him more. Let's get what. Tim and I don't -- of the -- she gave it something like fifteen dollars and. Fifteen dollars Johnson -- the -- Yet -- Felon can be tricky. SED argue they are life. One convinced he can your phone is that give me your phone. Is don't look through some going on in the middle of the local economy got -- white and blue dog -- -- and an important -- aren't just sitting over here. He's in London. And yeah. -- -- don't blitzer today hey I'm not let me throw. It's easy to gross me out to spelling be for children and a lot of people playing in the car. He did take a picture -- -- dog he's repeat. That's been talked about it. -- circulating. Circulating. It's a second great word. Yeah. No I mean really this. Cirque -- leading. Circulating. Fifteen dollars right now he -- -- insert. Two months marketing stance and assigns an anonymous. You lost -- let's give these. Meanings. Did you mean it's did you write no I did not write Dennis he didn't like Dennis who did okay. So I definitely is like political IC URT I. And am just to IR and. And yet how he's the sea island yes in there and try to get trillion just just now with CIR drives C I argued C. The answer and Syracuse. CU LA TI. Think in -- yeah. Sometimes they expect to zero -- back to zero -- and you blow it. And snapped an zero circulating. CIR CU CL AT ING I can now. I can't I hadn't played incentives so that you know who -- -- certain -- -- leading. See them. Some that I know you know how to spell OK nothing. That the USS ET ED. Well I don't know. -- get it. It is today even -- -- tiara and. And in her. God it's not okay. T in the need to look at them in the. Little. ET. TE. -- -- -- Christmas when you can -- why didn't wow I. -- -- Okay. And you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. To these. I think that would be Buffett. That's a good attitude. -- Much more than two component of the party. You don't itself seriously yet we said absorb -- Exorbitant then that's contain BS ORE. I NT and -- He into an -- and TV. Ads or inked. And that it at home -- so -- to -- it or hate it it's a really fanning. -- -- -- -- -- and a couple. Well this is -- this you started all of can really strong and since since the -- turtles aren't aren't. It's really slowed down. OK I guess the -- Wednesday. I'm sorry that city's human rights and every week when he writes on our shows can Monday Tuesday Wednesday WE DE NE NST a Y yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I need to that would five dollars a rapids are bucks manipulative Christians cash is the only -- You can't -- the box of candy -- so -- I looked up the yeah acrylic and who. Who knew who while you can -- what you do what I've just couldn't do this. And you. He's not going to get a little I think that on your paint job will go. Look at the bottom of your thing in your head ten dollars if you can get this would look at a bottle Anthony in your head is. Eight. -- The eighty CE. RYLIC. Yeah. -- -- -- -- at their house. Just say see I clearly think that it's me I'm shocked that it. Yes they have a lot of pain. They -- wow ten dollar where dries there's diverse and while I huh. Addiction is just the opposite so that ten dollars here. Since three boxes of candy canes and need. Wow I would have never thought you got that would. Coming what you -- -- discover more he's a couple more yet you -- -- -- -- -- at ten dollar -- fifteen dollars. OK here's TC gift 2535 bucks for Christmas Day. Academy. And so I mean AC AD. EMY. For -- five dollars. And -- -- written down he's an a plus the -- Nice while this is awesome. 25 dollars on that you have to 25 dollar region is thirteen times easily won once one time. She walked away with how much the -- genealogy and an -- and really how. She would make this last words and -- be done. Should be given 35 bucks yes OK I don't have a problem I liked when he went to money yeah like MM it's all about winning you can and it's my. -- connect -- to be the last word it's him that's you walk away with 35 dollars and Christmas okay. And I know I listen to some people that there is a dollar from this work. Does it seem like a lot to -- is it. It's a lot you need to think following on Flickr. And a lunch. Actually yeah that didn't think that Chinese foods too expensive -- goes and gets turned and looked at least I say every time it's -- once once plants. -- -- -- -- Terrorist cell. Easy that's easy. 35 don't like don't -- The carousel. 35 dollars mean CA RR. I. CA RKS and. And any news. And. So this news. And if you end. Yeah we are. -- signals on the media. Yeah. I'm glad you've played the home version NCAA. Our own you and CL. Yeah. It this makes sense. Just what comes. Once they hit zero. So we'll see -- play. Bell EOW. He IE CIO. And I didn't. Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 10 I --