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BJ & Jamie - Canadian Elvis, and it Friday the 13th. (12/13)

Dec 13, 2013|

There is a kid in Canada that sounds just like Elvis. Today is Friday the 13th.


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-- Jamie yeah. This latest Canadian kid burglar what Canadian kid he was I don't know what's gonna. Well you you saw the video yesterday he's that the kid that does does the open songs -- isn't right. -- -- Sick like tool sixteen. To sixteen and -- I should -- to guru 141516. Wager that thing you do 161814. You just brought the story you hear how what are you get to go Boavista is sixteen Q lower than sixty days sixteen are -- -- -- -- -- said that in time he's on a radio station in Canada. I don't know what we have the DJ on here but she's in French. But they do listen to the sixteen year old kid who's Qatar in the studio. To -- that was he is smiling. He had to stand. With -- on blue Christmas. Yeah. Okay. There is well. -- sixteen. Boom. That's let me -- Yeah. He's well. Well. You. Yeah. And involved. Assign in new then that's. That's so weird yeah a little bit yeah a little over a whatsoever and. Pretty amazing how do you. Sixteen. And this is that you are playing -- I was listening to Elvis earlier today that is really really good. -- -- -- -- It's like I don't know there's there's an example I know I uses a -- it's like center out what was her name. Back. Black. Now. No Luke where they come from what she asked Rebecca black and planted any. Known about it now you're not in my head in the those. It was Rebecca Griffin. And she was the national armed twirling champion champion. In the state Illinois if she didn't know that -- remember that I'm Rebecca Griffith and she is the national. State champion and a baton twirling and she kids were like three of them -- sometimes they're empire sometimes not. The what do you do. Pretty well. In that dog and pony shows pretty much in the we're pretty much been about high school. -- -- -- eat what he did appear at a where this kid takes the only show veterans and hope -- -- room and he -- some find some acted they used to keep using them. Basically if -- can't do that -- the casinos and well you have to wait a few years and went to get it. It's amazing. It's an amazing challenge that. Ruth what are we anti what do you do when you do with it. Harnesses did have a look at my -- We wish you the rest have a good luck. To be TJ yeah. -- There's got to be something to just -- for thirteen. When he made a -- why I think that I. Always try and they're here today since they're 2.2. Vision. Yeah yeah. Appointment to an hour's sleep. Is not my fault you know -- What I remember that it was Friday at their kids because oh DP told me this morning that the if you let that yesterday. I noticed this morning. What happened. Help me. When he got home at 2 AM it's already Friday the thirteenth at the time we get to your driveway. That's maybe why I figured out I -- and a so here's the weird part so DP says to me hey did you know it's Friday the thirteenth and right when he says that that door. -- on the bedroom shot. Like slammed it just -- Him at. His -- he said it was -- thirteenth and he can buy that crap. I don't buy that crap. -- something to others here's why I say I think there's something to it is because too many things in the world. Have skipped the number thirteen for a reason because he think it's bad luck. And if -- ever thought that for example airlines. They get rid of the thirteen throw by the flying today. We do some thirteen -- so there okay but here's the difference in my plane ticket of Frontline today says -- thirteenth. There's certain buildings and at that don't have -- thirteenth floor today. Like right here we don't have a thirteen for his client is of course we only have eleven -- look what we'll look for I don't know whether flying today. I would US airlines is as ready -- there. I would fly today. You -- I don't think apply for now Hank is to -- All that's right. Interning this change yeah he's flying today is and he's going to a link and now. And in like Hank Aaron. Decided that dreaded thirteen business thing and -- shortened. If you look up up up why yeah Friday the thirteenth his yeah. Us. Can't Google anything well he'll have about Monday. The deficit the ethnic. But at the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Google's often and so we're not making this up I mean does he not theory in the region looking. Google -- and. -- -- But it can be looking for this kid didn't we're gonna put party Zorn I -- just second but it's just like jog he ends up on stuff. You can -- -- keep you look up this blink blink like in -- -- -- gardening stop it he's looking in the headlight tempers. Isn't dangerous yeah but it. Every week just because we -- job is kind of funny with the. Will say to you pulpit Kanye West video when you pull up he's got a video is a moment -- show. I think somewhere. Cuba as we know we got southwest air ride that -- it's like sure what words are you putting it to pull the stuff off. Yeah yeah. I think -- to finding things. I was a lot of reason it may take recent times. I I know I from what I've got here in this first sentences according to four florist for that there is a well written evidence for a Friday the thirteenth superstitions before the nineteenth century. The earliest known document -- seen it in England it carried. In 1816. Parents so I will I'll continue to -- OK there are well theories that I don't know them yet here I I saw this earlier this morning on what -- Back a bit but that several theories but he doesn't know me yet. He's unified yet I told you about Monday he'll -- life and especially so they're saying that the Mega Millions will not be one tonight. Because it's Friday the thirteenth nobody's gonna win that kind of money and the stakes he -- is what my numbers in the spread. It eat you gonna -- thirteen were you. Go at that -- -- When you're just trying to -- Friday the thirteenth just trying to spit in its face thirteen is -- and -- But spit in the face of Friday the thirteenth that's what you're trying to do thirteen isn't much for. It's I think yeah I think the regular numbers are one to 75 and if I'm right in the and I think. You pick six total five and then one -- a hundred million dollars. Tonight yeah it could be -- nobody can win -- I'll pick a thirteen feel nobody's gonna win it's Friday the thirteenth. Do you really excited thirteen. -- -- that easy to use today I'm going to be a little cautious. You. Out logically we're gonna drive up the -- I'll be in little extra careful I don't one of those boulders the fall pot meet. -- you make me think about that you know like at the and that one of those big rocks from all that mountain you know they would have to say that discipline that it could have been so much got to be careful Allstate love blamed for it gets you into the white might be right. Because of the off. -- is that this is when the start happening is when it's warm. And then at the -- start to slide -- in all seriousness. I would not to do anything because arrive for what I'm very accident pro. Right I would not do anything risky. That's out of the norm today because it's Friday the thirteenth CS -- by its actions we I'm sorry. I don't know it's. I had a little bit of the pyramid it's not a lie it's more or via UPS for us for our floor -- -- more. Cold War Portland or form he's always been very. My -- and I couldn't look more. I'm -- big brisket. 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