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BJ & Jamie - A woman throws her husband from a Cliff. (12/13)

Dec 13, 2013|

They were married 8 days before she pushed him to his death...


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-- This is a crazy story. Is crazy you know I remember when the story first broke in now both the girl has so we needed. Guilty to set to second degree murder I think it is. I would even when it first came out I kind of believed -- because how do you get married to somebody and after eight days so she says that they were hiking any slipped. They just got married eight days before we go is this is the honeymoon right yeah I believe so there on the -- in Glacier National Park okay. That I can. You know on nice romantic like I believed that he he went -- for that group of friends and they slipped. Okay until the investigators started looking into it yeah so they go down to the bottom of this cliff. At at the part. In the end up finding his body well what happens is she is leading them like OK this was the area in which he got lost he would offer some friends and I don't know area. -- -- -- -- He is the so she -- will not accidentally but she believes them to the body which makes it look suspicious well and she had no emotion. No emotion is to lose a lot of -- -- -- she didn't you know most of the McKinney you either can't look. Or you faulted the -- you know anybody that she had no emotion out there there's right here's a couple of things -- through the red flags for the story this is the reason you're -- home mood like -- what you marry somebody would be in tip that you go to go to honeymoon. The push for so they find the body which she has no motion. Did they -- shoes which are way -- it belongs with a long way away. Like like a football field -- no way that she's -- come come off the default Sosa and threw the shoes over the cliff do after he went over. Is -- for Tom. Did they find a blindfold. Next to his body so. Atop the cliff played a little blindfold. Any. Singer had a -- did she -- would ever put a blindfold on on the edge of the cliff and. I trust Lisa a lot. They're not sure you trust Cokie Cokie but I -- that your employer and they -- now. It put on his blindfold on this and this class while and his not to believe the view do you think she -- and I was trying to figure out what. She was until I I don't know I don't I don't get the blindfolded they've never really explained it. She -- yesterday. And I always wondered how this is now and play out you know people are saying she had no motion isn't up yet that is run by Edmonton. That she pleaded guilty yesterday to pushing him off. And -- And even I don't get OK it's so you were talking earlier about the -- the guy that -- off the oxygen. -- Ian king opposed to the woman who is seeking to cut it they say they took his -- knife and cut the hosts but apparently he had taken and a million dollar insurance policy under some like that. It's a huge YouTube you just marry this person -- -- your -- moved -- -- the same thing I mean I'm sure this person probably add a life insurance so. But I'm back to that original question that you ask. How do you. Data person getting gauge of the person you marry the person and you go out he moaned with the intent that that person's not coming back. Let me ask you this do you have to be notified that somebody to get life insurance policy out on you. I am assured varies from state to state could be I think to know that against you and I should be like notified if our significant others. Or they notified to again as I don't know I guess anybody would wanna be notified. I don't know how that works either I've never tried to take out something on somebody else not know myself yes nor have I yeah I know that I think -- big is this an. If you take them I mean that's. You should watch that I've watched I've watched it now I will say this I've watched crime shows I now watch a lot of them which is a full two months but did you watch a lot of crime shows and I've seen where people have had life insurance policies taken out on them and did not not know. That's end up dead -- Is -- way to look ourselves safely if they took place. Oh does get an apparent show you an insurance guy in do you know anything about it. -- Is -- if you don't have to tell somebody. Are there any insurance people listening to our show right -- you. Better not mean I wonder if like I'm asking -- -- -- a hundred million dollar policy on new. And and I have to tell you in the name is meant for. That doesn't sound right. And they're free -- bike seat at his man Brooks is something happens to be looking Jennifer. Every okay. Entries of -- and I guess that taste sweet as solid cramps if you. Think it is colorblind people detect it drinks for the -- -- sweetener but getting a bit scared -- just -- to back -- but if it's awfully sweet if you're worth a million bucks to me. Yeah. I don't know how that works I don't know if you can actually take something out of somebody in the did not know about it aren't thinking that CC net before it and. He says it is. It's quite obvious that none of us have actually tried that. We don't know the answer to it. I write this I just feel like just -- much of the crimes just I feel like the you don't have details of money. I I I can take a million dollars out I knew I agree with you and you -- elevator sometimes doesn't come all the way up -- and I can just -- -- after an. Forget trying to get 400 million dollars on that mega whatever I get a million dollars staring right at me. Holy. What's the couldn't hit the garage of the dye they'd be affected but yeah of course they deep. What's up -- do you know the answer. Well I mean I don't know it definitively that I have an intellect and current -- aren't Lauren. -- a they're different think you're an owner of a policy anarchy. The actual tile holders so. I know that you can get a policy on somebody else but most likely they. To -- or so if they haven't fine art. I mean that would be. Aren't going to be a partner. -- expect the chance. Aren't you a distinct. If you have to start over -- I can do is you pay attention -- and the nice. Hey BJ is that right yeah. That's typically assign you an angry and I'm what do I know I don't read the Bible Brent at. Oh sure wouldn't -- any sign here in Virginia they're probably yeah exact. I. So basically wanted to it is -- people are going upstairs actually export Jimmy can't because I have to do is not a person some security number and I can't really compare signatures on a document like -- saw -- -- or you're going here's a security number. And you're signing -- -- the odd that they're actually repair our signature. Right -- here's a loophole because I booked -- just a life insurance for myself how do you get by that hurdle of where you have to take physical exam. Because you have to do -- life insurance. Do a lot of these cases the law at least people are actually younger wealthy people to get popped up. And if that -- On the whole. And it didn't think they're doing their yearly physical anyways you can actually use that yearly physical. And the nation and because you'll like. That's all right you you know what he'll never pass and a bit because my health. Yeah yeah that badly in the magazine -- in -- down -- about it at the end it may Libya. You have policies on people. Yeah. And I am not an expert but I -- insurance policy on my child and him on my heart and my heart of the -- -- You know about that about. Why aren't supposed to help harbor funeral expenses inexpensive acted up so good you know I can continue to -- You know. You know and -- a lot employer opera life insurance and you have to get the booklet that limits on out so. You know that might be like a hundred -- And yeah we -- we get insurance what we're trying to figure that is do we have to notify the person I think -- -- -- You. -- you know on the terror replied yeah. Even my life is -- major people living and I am I haven't. -- Smartphone. Yeah I Libya then he let it get out of here you're wake up with Vijay and -- We didn't Corning's -- thirty Dejan -- 10 I.