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BJ & Jamie - My strange addictions talk. (12/16)

Dec 16, 2013|

My strange addictions has been picked up for another season and we discuss out favorite episodes.


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PG and Jamie. Jamie you are gonna be happy to know your favorite TV show -- be resigning for another season really out of every count. -- -- well I'm sure they are too but no that's not what I'm talking about. It's my strange. Addictions. OK yeah. That it -- is strong. Most of your favorite German -- isn't. Feeling sometimes it just so the DA. Well are you least happy it's back. What -- -- -- yet because it's it's mentality and I just kills time community does not some of the beat -- TV some of the weird stuff because I'm never seem to show some of the weird stuff that you save. Well I saw a downwind lady she can't stop in her couch. As one of my favorite -- she'd love. Feeding her out she yeah yeah -- citizens stuffing isn't it that's she's leading she's like cutting the moose yeah cushions opened she loves phone. There's nothing like phone while that's very true that's crazy idea -- somehow -- -- diet -- salt and pepper on your phone. Food yummy you know. Like like we -- ground staying there wasn't wasn't there one about some guy was some. Blow pool -- how that's my boyfriend's favorite when the -- a big guy over zealous aides he would love with his Kool Toyota. Any any married didn't he loved it and then one day -- pop to the end and he was suicidal. He still had hit my guess the way it's turned over in the corner and it's. Until -- got an able to wait I'm excited to patch it they would -- back. He -- to a kind of animal we talking only Olerud it was all good and it was a dollar full adulthood as it looked -- it was dolphins. Plus imagine getting you know I'd blow it up and take it to the table to eat dinner with -- -- everything you need to get out -- -- know what he was he was. Good and they can Monday and with his golf and in it. Is splattered in the pocket so. Now I have this weird little dinosaur you looking thing. Members like you really think little -- -- but he's moved on. Well. Now from the blow up yeah uncle don't want it you went from a dolphins to -- a little flavor is in the clippers in the corner and his hopes is that. Someday they'll develop technology that can bring him back like cryogenics EUS alone places -- -- I'm not Tim Walton Disney. Tell -- Disney. That doesn't sound such you know my history tradition to me mentioned. This kind of normal that lady lyzard gingerbread -- ginger so much -- gingerbread everything that's right that's the newest went yeah and Scioscia says that they analysts a gingerbread doll and she goes everywhere with that at all. As well it's the gingerbread they missed. -- -- -- ginger ginger how. After the good governor dean at -- -- this. Did your -- a gingerbread. Yeah they go everywhere against -- easy to remember Ted so what are we have fun he had -- are aliens okay upcoming season of the TV show my strange addiction nearly -- the first one includes a 31 year old woman who's addicted to dressing up as a pony and galloping around in a field. Like I just can't wrap -- -- -- easy boy easy for her and me. She's no opponent this. One of those -- thinks John I you're the expert on that -- sounds like it says she's got a little -- outfit looked a little plus you Tony they eat and she. Yeah I'm just too damn lazy to -- The Mormon grazer a bit -- pony grazing in the field he galloped right. Then following that's going to be a 32 year old New York man who has spent a 150000. Dollars or 120. Cosmetic surgeries. He calls himself a living ball. I've seen that guy you yeah yeah I have seen that guy Booth doesn't look that he's trying to look like can. From bar being gay all he is dad he's sat in his waist is like this big is still little I've never heard of the and that his eyebrows lifted in and yeah he's -- they say he's had biceps. Implants like only 25 virtually sixers some. He's down 32 of can be started though he started knee surgeries when he was like 24 yeah helix didn't see it -- to begin. These and triceps implants latest implants in the end brow lifts. Five nose jobs -- job. He yeah. I don't need you. A little weird I believe people can get addicted to plastic surgery. There's nothing weird that it does but it doesn't know it yes and no because. People tell me that I've I've read things where people say it's a lot like tattoos -- get addicted to tattoos I don't believe and act you don't I don't think he'd get a date daily -- That's news I do is it easy to get addicted stances I think guns I think that it is easy to get addicted settings because of the feeling of getting them creates kind of rush and -- get this. Euphoric feeling when it's. On what I'm done and now. -- -- there's nothing but tears -- any arguing with Cheney as some of lies just a little was done and should I regret it -- -- I wish I'd never dawn. -- And the people do land and you know it people get addicted to go into you know get new leaned on him all the time yeah the only thing I get addicted to -- is the -- it is like. In a -- again that sick you know be like right there and feel like that's it oh my god -- are still there. Get kind of the victim was my -- -- I attempt and Mair. I just I like I know there's some still. So you're addicted to keep digging yet that is what I call belong to Pia is they take a little pain in daylight and postal looking you're looking for some guy. Yeah we are looking and then their all and seen the Bolivian goal for the first time. He is weird to me is neat let's look at what's your addiction when Republicans clips of them. Might seem tame compared to the -- until right you really don't try to get this but here's a woman who's obsessed with eating this is the third episode. Eating. Or chewing on dirty smelly diapers. It's true though she isn't sets to yes -- coming on and smelling the dirty diapers so she loves the smell. If she -- terms of diet think a lot. Just giving you what they're gonna do -- the your favorite shelters have kids status even though I wish you get face. I don't know and then the final episode would be episode number -- a man who loves to put leeches on his body to suck out his blood. That's supposed to be healthy kind of -- I heard that it is quite some time. And medicine they do use it for like disinfecting we're Ruder went there I've heard that they have like Sarah leeches they're -- just knew I. Think I've heard that too in some corny rank countries I think -- through Nepal -- like today -- -- And just -- and I can say Singapore really here so I let anything hit it. We think police showed their present. Only Florida at. -- at Florida though -- old people look at that particular style each is there will be. Hey Brian. Yeah yeah you know one. -- -- -- -- But there -- recall in this tournament. OK Erik -- eager to see merit certainly -- our. -- -- Which ones Bryant -- your English well. Your -- Yeah yeah. Jamie you're the expert I'm just watching this happen did you see I know -- you're relating how much in the south and I just a setback fortunate what happened -- -- -- Whenever you're leading -- Oh. And that is strange it is cheap drinks -- -- -- treasures and her. She and her family goes about it she comes -- -- little -- Charles you. OJ CC NN come to Jesus when their parents about a patent. -- hung up on. Well I feel like the supreme calls now this concludes today's edition MIT changed my strange decisions -- to you know what I invest -- Kind of -- us and very well hope you enjoy the upcoming season she looked up and don't feel terrible but aren't brought it up. -- -- -- Get more MPG and Jamie --