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BJ & Jamie - Christmas Bonus trick on Sean. (12/16)

Dec 16, 2013|

Bj and Jamie trick Sean into thinking they both got a Christmas bonus on Friday. They did not!!!


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PG. Jamie. Holidays can be really stressful. I'm telling ya do nothing I have got shopping to do and I can families start arguing and then they'll. Yeah my son coming in and I've got to have a sit down damn hard to hard stringing good anymore you well let me take them to legislators look at -- a closer whenever and I -- I -- a night because everybody really had a great time but that. The bus like skeet with a gold Ceci great gift yet though. There was -- days it was a great gift and it all goes and -- like it that the stars align for over the weekend because Friday we got a Ajax yeah. And we had no idea that we gonna get the hundred dollar bonus because all the company's -- Mac that's amazing and whatnot and so at each other hard checks he had a hundred dollars. More widgets like I tell our Christmas party was a bonus. And no -- in you know in the past here at the radio station -- they've really not given bonuses and I don't know why you would think in this day and age. The most people are cutting back why our stepped forward I don't know. I I knew where I think our company because I was really shocked and on and -- can't take -- one platinum awards for complete and we got Christmas trees. Like -- iron give it was a Christmas trees certificate. They even was on December 20. He did. And millions of -- because all the lumps and -- sold them made their money right so right and so the bottom and Harry only listen but. The -- yeah. It is Christmas trees are -- -- on the money. Yeah okay. Thanks a lot yeah. So -- people. -- and get a gift is that but you know what I. I'm with you I was shocked on Friday to see that our company is -- everybody in the building a hundred bucks -- the celery sticks and then the rain -- -- our -- For the Christmas party well it was last year but the but the the only decent people complaints. I -- announced that it was just it was. Don't think common is as anybody else getting Christmas bonuses this year. 30322 how's -- getting a big bonus so companies who knew about them really really really Chad's really beach actually I don't. This summer like with the results. And then then you had to go and grab your box in ninety and update them to -- -- winner meg not sure on India who worked for another company that's given a bonus like when he got on Friday. One time. Long long long long time ago when I was like twenty years old -- first sign shop. Yeah and they gave us all like a Turkey but Turkey he's got to Turkey well here's guessing a lot of people do when they get cash around. I -- -- team and when they get cash bonuses and I'm Dylan let the cat and the bad but a lot of partners don't tell their significant other they got -- cash bonus so they did he did he has. Did you tell what did you tell Lisa home you rightly -- You know it's all free money and supposed to do you look at. I mean it doesn't really matter but -- -- you know it's kind of a lot of people just hide it as I guess secret. And I can tell reaction money. So I -- you down there. That's true I think a lot of people did you did -- did you tell your wife that you got an extra or do you keep for yourself. No and I'll just goes in the bank she knows when I get yeah did she -- No. -- -- -- -- she's out. I don't think so -- we knew I'm not sure that I noticed it so ha ha ha I -- less I didn't I didn't -- my. You get I don't I don't know lol I don't I'm still thinks local. To your attention look there's -- you can get one. Wedeman is that -- this is awkward to India that if we got one and he did this that's not cool but I mean it may be other people there any -- -- but I feel bad. And whom they say counting you. It had been able check your -- and done nine hasn't. We want. Let's talk to micro question want to let -- he's Palestinians insist pays an illusion that this practice upon him maybe it was something that was in -- delegate a -- I. You look at that I don't -- looking -- you look at collecting it. They Mike. You hit the corner and bonus. My computer or smaller company. I hit my spot decided to. Give up. But -- up 4% of Carter's salary bonus. I'll tell them. The person -- -- -- but but but but but but today -- -- hospital for presents a big paycheck. I -- 4% of your annual salary itself. It made our Christmas separate -- And control. And -- company where where he worked. I work or I keep up to me here in Denver this area. And those nineteen people have all the money now live really I can I ask that you you're lucky. -- we must -- shine. I'm. -- -- -- look and I didn't see anything on the it says Chris is as xmas bonus trillion dollars in -- I don't have that. And this is of course there's really awkward. Let's start to see our report welcomes miss is. Think some pollution problem on yeah. Serious phones really I. Yeah yeah. Hey here's your phones to static we can't tell you I don't know maybe we should just -- conversation. Are you sure show on and it could get more time because. Clean it up on the commuter I promise I will look I was told that everybody. But this was the first year Brooklyn more times it's -- I Ellis on -- -- just -- Second OK okay. Looking happy stuff. I'm sure -- somewhere. And. It's there somewhere. All right so that doesn't I know it's not on there. Nowhere to be found. Fans. When you had to do here -- did go idyllic. And -- the end wing -- when they -- 000 you guys aren't cool. -- What I don't get your check I don't look away -- to -- serious. -- -- -- -- -- It's. Yeah. Wake up with BJ and G. Weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 10 I.