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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Creepy Joe Biden-Baby North's eyes. (12/17)

Dec 17, 2013|

A picture of Joe Biden being very close to a staffer, and did Kim wax baby North's eye brows?


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Jamie. And Dubai and big budget Biden I think he's just a party clown. -- he's a party clown he's a guy that you wanna invite Tea Party because he said drunken uncle. Let's cut the the White House Christmas party with bilingual pennant honesty in Vegas -- and net of cash bar. Yes that they. -- charts for president for drink they do rise to that they have the credit card machines right there at Boeing Australia that your credit card yup. Well Joseph Biden was seen groping a chick. -- and it's caught on tape he's like Goosen right these -- -- from behind during a picture -- -- and GO. Joe's -- -- the picture. And I didn't get a chance it does that dishing out is -- another moment. You know when you look at the picture no it doesn't look like she's noticing even though it's just feet away a few feet away she's not really like. You see the picture there you see the girl he's squeezing her waist. It's one I was I think it looks like in my personal life he'd tried to Cutler and she put his hands down. Yes it's just hold his hands -- Oh no. No don't do so I'll look at it big smile on his face like come on come on let's go. Felix hammered it and in the wider than me she looks like the -- when there. As they look hammered he looks camera. So does she though it stays like -- didn't. The girl that he's choosing she's looks a little hammered -- Let -- -- -- at the White House Christmas party and head and should it come off or anything goes that that made you had to drink. Today says it now Biden didn't know how to from a car service the whole thing. Anyways so that's gone viral so you'll see that later today. Sportsman as leaders on this Sports Illustrated. And -- have a. How about that he's -- dig. These red red they would play at Armstrong I think Lance arm move. That was any medium sportsmen there wasn't okay well off the Aaron again oh well. You know what you're gonna make a bad decision when you're putting somebody on the cover every single year you've got to make a bad choice when -- Love the picture. A -- yeah I haven't seen it. It's an infection excuse me is not stills does not jacked up. You know if layered he looks a little goofy. And most is pictures like and as well -- it isn't photograph. You don't just exceptionally. And the biggest story of the morning dad decided to study that is everybody saying that -- card as -- and has well. Yes -- Baby -- eyebrows then maybe three months ago had a unit -- going -- now the babies what six land sold and that and now the baby has perfectly shaped eyebrows I mean perfect. It's quite obvious what's happened she's she not only -- that she's touched him up to was more eyeliner is -- Photoshop I don't think so. Let's put ocean while I don't we don't know we don't nobody wants him pictured -- I pop -- it was something she is something she sent out. So I doubt she knows how to Photoshop. Was she as people will be -- doesn't know how Kim Kardashian certainly doesn't know how you don't think she's going to be able now around maybe Bruce. There's got photos of people. There's that sense of lacks the baby is about six it'll take a look at the pictures on our FaceBook page gives you comment what do you think that. You know what you should part of something EO last hour that it's it's really rings true I mean what's the difference between that and it at -- painful yes but. There ear rings I mean babies hearings -- six months old. Right what a difference. And that the third it's right or to Deborah and all the shots you do it. So I don't know I think it's not for me that -- march you know because we do some pretty crazy things to kids. Am an important I think it's just aren't ready there's a band -- the issue. Her baby he's not perfect enough for society and she has to fix fix. The baby so we won't judge the baby I have seen few babies and he thinks. Listen to as a lazy and I tell you I like that I know I'm talking about babies babies have some ugly babies before. That. We helped me. -- not present at the -- things. The point is this baby is good enough and -- it already has dead I -- I'll just follow hysteria could have. I consider defined in you know passion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here's -- limping. Her. I don't care I -- that intelligence. Wake up with Vijay and JC. Weekday mornings I just thirty Dejan -- 10 I.