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BJ & Jamie - Christmas Brag letters

Dec 17, 2013|

We all know that couple that send the "oh what a wonderful year we had" Brag letter.


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Jamie. In the problem is some parents just -- creative enough. It they just can't explain things the way that it should be explained to a small child to get the whole thing about health on the shelf actually isn't. My my friend Dan. They're -- or -- some some every year. And that is the anxiety that the -- flies away on on Christmas -- And it's been ruining their Christmas so their daughters traumatized traumatized and she can't take it ruined the entire Christmas Christmas morning. Because -- taken off. She Christ in Christmas began as. Well as take enough okay so how old is she. Heat and grenades like -- issues classes she thinks that she's six. So now they're thinking the best way to handle this he used to come up with something. The deal doesn't come back we'll -- something to it because I guess as soon as -- float. This little girls are getting anxiety I mean just anxiety of we count down because she didn't look at the the at a calendar as a count them for Christmas she looked at as well and ballot would leave it right. So it was just ruining the entire. The entire Christmas things now. Some of the debt and elf is hasn't arrived yet and it's -- late. And too little Christmas could be the tone up because that they have that -- the big debt because they. They they wanted to go to may be another fairly -- it is L started the exodus started what he shows up your house it's not all just -- in just a Merry Christmas right. I know it gives them anxiety. Is so what are they telling her the reason that the health hasn't made it back. This year they they haven't really said anything as she keeps looking for for the -- and that they're all just waiting because they don't know where the thing is certain. So it got a couple ideas so they think that well here's what they think they might go OK you don't you're OK until their inning. They think that maybe the Al flew to another -- -- that needed that little Kingston she. She's gonna feel abandoned at that point TV you get our 30322. -- 32225423. If you were in this situation what would you tell your child. It's the -- has decided that they happen to skip that house. Tell me she she doesn't know where you is an act and the feeling thinks he went to another another home -- because she's a really good girl is what they they told and -- helpless and need it. 3032225423. What excuse do you have. If you -- in the situation it's tough situation he got a little girl. Trying to excuse what happened at your house with the U. There's no excuses him right but -- no excuses sorry about that. That's right servant that yes I would use that it's a long way between -- and the North Pole and anything can happen and he got hit my car. Of the health did not. Okay kids I'll never I have my -- I. The of them -- and -- a bunch of old Celtic I'm sure some have accidents OK how about if he got his third DUI eastern five did in the county -- The office early Sunday at a high. So -- what 06 year old if he's not showed up like I can look at it is that she's a good Lugar RL doesn't need -- It's it's still watch and tells her apartment in yet there are plenty of mean kids out there rights and that the price is he stabbed and kids -- -- -- needed all look in he's got a great idea AME. -- money is so what do we do here. They are broke and -- Religion and I want should've realized won't eat hot. Where will we don't need to get some -- -- and in an age that we. Yeah. Yeah and I don't want a role in that certain things in our conversation. Paper so it's nice to talk about it so really any what you're saying is you need to pick up the phone call the North Pole. Also -- have have him to right right no go ahead. Though so they need to talk and let -- know how -- -- now. LO EC. And -- You -- how an -- while cream against. I don't that's true but that's what happened. Could -- -- -- -- we don't know I don't think there's a deal here I think that the -- sales was meeting that the north ball. Did he did help create. Or it can and is that that's exactly what happened that -- a -- you lie or may run. How can I used to come -- -- a quick into the point there was no letters and as the other like that Jesus and I know him by car. Since every single he didn't like target -- it would hurt. They Judah. -- and what's up. And I think. It's got a new idea. -- -- certainly got a new job making tolerated. He gets pushed him so I got a promotion get a promotion. That he's like that he went about 141516. And. I am thirteen actually. He's telling -- -- -- may anyway so you can help me out with this as you know you're in the know my son asked me the other day why by the Elvis always in the sitting position. Why the Els is always in the sitting position. He's always sitting down because there's a lot more comfortable -- that she's sitting down and then you can see marked. I was gonna go with the arthritis -- the and these are there are no trade came up. All right that you. I get all the answers. I was content -- to. Because you -- have some of the watch the Eagles. Like nesting and all that -- there is a website where we watched him last year into isn't a workshop. Pretty much play for seven exit for an eye goes to bed in many haven't cocktails and we'll watch him get out of here we watch them all all the time last year you watching. -- in his workshop. Haven't talked is well yeah I am and the appointment of that scene is joining us on the web I think it was -- time. And that mrs. Claus to bring him another one -- release plan that looked a little later in the Lipton whiskey -- -- -- she's. She is okay and it's really cold and you put your name and there like your kid's name and yeah and he's watching the live. Like actually bored you know and he'll talk to you. So that's cool they see as she's definitely -- -- neatly that -- now it's too many hiccups -- that trend around the there are out -- and now -- But I'm Bruno a rerouted July. -- August he had. Greg shut down out what was -- in. On. We are so close. I. That's -- answer is -- getting the -- haven't finished your shopping only has seven days seventeen hours seven minutes and sixteen seconds to get it done. I just got a text from your wife and she says that lately and I guess you know I tell us lately you've been watching some kind of live stream of the reindeer. Sun. On world yet Santa's reindeer -- It's reindeer camp not Tonto what what do they do out there they're crazy -- preparing -- eating ready for their peak flight. It's like listening -- 1 morning. -- to send their content Irish on argue seriously Sydor and what's these reindeer I keep up the door. It's a staged event is every time to kill him. Man that's true we. Think are being warned heard it was really boring. She -- long and it's hard line. That's the -- skis. But but but this is great because you can put your name in and that it will scroll in the back there along the barn it has a scrolling and you put your name. And really get on board with my thought to -- Anderson is locked in right now. Aniston is a lot and. You know cool stuff that's his. Company that's the game and he. Usually -- I. Wake up with PGA and see us weekday mornings at 530 did and the Dallas -- I.