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BJ & Jamie - Multivitamins are fake. (12/17)

Dec 17, 2013|

Reports are that multivitamins do nothing for you.


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Jamie. Pretty amazing isn't your baffled let's. No you just told you shock in August from what I should. I'm I'm not really yeah happy about this is just like what this feels like the day at Kandahar that flagged down. I'm done flipped her -- was actually eleven. Just another scam you're exactly right this is he gets along the same lines I'm glad you brought that up because that's exactly yet what was the other thing too there was something that you're getting a dozen but really you're getting eleven wasn't short on. -- I know I think is the Orioles were not double stuffed. That's right -- -- -- little one point. No they aren't are not double not double stuff they don't I would say you're getting one point like 75 I -- -- completely dull little. Now matters of years to do what. Released yesterday I guess the I don't know -- members in charge of health vitamins. They're saying that multi vitamins. Have absolutely no benefit what so ever to to human beings. I heard it's I was because I reacted to it. So it's. Sort of the -- OK okay yeah. It related to anybody knows more about -- we do you can call us he can chime in on this 30321 -- What really need to do to 5423. So what you read it was -- -- yeah. -- short pulled up the article -- where's the article has shown. I found it here on CBS news CBS news that's breaking news what's that like. The headline is multi vitamin researchers say case is closed after studies find no health benefits. Heard vitamin. From behind multivitamins. Multi vitamin DN SG QB -- -- -- right arm and take have been taking a multivitamin with continue to preach here. OK so alone. My shirt has those syllables still not. You sure they're worth nothing -- let me ask you this this is what it -- because I took them -- vitamin. With full. It because it prevents birth defects. -- don't know and the fact that Martin and always told you to take a look at what it. I don't know this because again I'm not an expert OK but I gonna drink a lot of course I'm gonna make some things up here OK art so I think that if you take like the B twelve or deal making a -- major Omega -- is that the fish oils and stuff like that. I think there might be some benefits a somewhere along the lines I think they're just talking about peace and eat fish oil thing came out that it. There is a member to the strains of issuance nothing -- into some. Want to jump to -- can you believe this this is probably one of the biggest stadiums. In our lifetime if you think about it. How long have we been taken multi vitamins since the what 50s40s. As. -- pulled out. Yesterday what did you all. That extra virgin olive oil so they said that yeah. -- saw that you did yesterday it's fake. Alan I guess consumer reports that a thing and they -- -- bunch extra virgin olive oil and all the products on the universe. Only like one was real extra virgin -- -- and the rest it didn't have a hidden trans fat. And every olive oil that has bought because normally when it comes although I'll. I like the ones with the Italian names because I think that's a real real into that burden lead the yearly -- -- this I'd buy that stuff. It and turns out that it's. -- -- -- Not only that but the reason why you drink column will not drinking and added is because he doesn't have a trans that's exactly what they're doing is putting vegetable oil in there because it's not -- what about -- -- don't loaded nobody else just as you're really drinking. And we are being scammed every day -- -- at some of the biggest scams of all times and I actually worked with a guy about twenty years ago in Florida and he said that his dad was a doctor and he said he told me at that point subdued. This whole multi vitamin thing is the biggest game of the world don't ever take it they mean -- And they do nothing and he said -- twenty years ago because his dad's was a doctor I imagine. And that's -- very -- -- that activity when they said that it has all those inside -- that it didn't. It to come back -- mainly -- -- -- we just a bunch of suckers Hoffa record. You know I say a few years ago are -- a while back when I first got like get used a vitamin came out. And they like eighty box -- that's pure fruit and vegetable I asked my doctor. Pediatrician about that about vitamin and they were like not not -- And I was like really an -- person and every year ago and I'm like. My kids are taking vitamins should they be not necessary as long as they're eating fruit and vegetables and drinking milk it's not -- Mary. Yeah I guess because they. Yeah yeah. Did did you have to much appear out -- way and eat an apartment at all out -- I felt. -- field you know crappy your something I'll say like -- via a vitamin any trying to stick it -- -- me like. It you lot really expensive -- I gave it let me just say this if you are pregnant you still need to drink a lot of or just to get. Folic acid. Are you need that but you -- that Soledad the item and until that prenatal -- Prenatal vitamin BM so ask your doctor about that because I mean at. To me the prenatal vitamin was amazing -- my fingernails grow name. So so this story here that -- kind of eating and maybe you know Megan -- but this story here we're talking about like the one days invite him select. It went on and off like this pharmacist and that they're loaded with so much care that it does that there's nothing to it. Who would've thought to stone still vitamins artist. Am PT nice. Egypt denies any port of cocoa crispy isn't it ball -- does look moments part of balanced breakfast at all. Kind to. -- he begins to happen. It's chocolate and an -- sooner the sugar mill -- yeah bound recommends. We are just don't put just soccer's -- sells anything in Israel did you know that the vitamin companies have to pay back a lot of money to the public. Yeah they really should I mean it when when it's absolutely does. Nothing that the problem is debt. If you really read it says -- war a few of flight cases where in all it was absorbed and and and it's absorbed so they don't they don't only because. It kinda did were attacked again it god it didn't work he did you read the very end of that British Marion and I can't. They did -- and small a small benefit cancer risk reduction but only in -- and -- the multi room. Today little disclaimer our skin covered duress I'm just looking at the top fourteen false advertising scandals that cost of brands millions via. TV it was like on eighteen in the Curtis and Alison. You're too pleasant I'll get it went away and they just basically went away overnight didn't. They came on the scene and splash and don't. Splash probably -- -- forward but you -- -- yeah. Tony. Air NATO are -- you don't when you don't. And it all right let's talk about what. -- game any guy that night. I -- I. Predict there are able. There were good from the little that little incident on juveniles and not -- out of -- would get -- -- there. I'm New Zealand and yeah I think about it and I. It. I don't want them achieving in May that that bad guy and they're talking about olive oil. And they said that if it's a real. Any degree and -- -- you all great. But it's -- you will. It. -- advance fat trans fat and that or did she mean I saw yesterday said when it comes to olive oil that you see on the grocery should shelves. Ninety something percent I think it was 90%. States. -- hate to know. Why -- doctor you have. Given job. Is -- Gordon. Like within the well yeah. He really. Is Tony welcome by gets tomorrow night at seven. Annual -- during since I'm gonna see you tomorrow. -- -- -- We'll just take you don't have behind you and I would I think he's been. Ups aren't. Wake up with each game and see us weekday mornings -- thirty -- palace where I.