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BJ & Jamie - Your cat hates you. (12/18)

Dec 18, 2013|

A new study says that your cat hates you and doesn't care if you live or die.


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-- -- And Jamie. There's a study that's -- that I agree with 110%. -- he says their full of crap. I can't judge I don't -- since we're just an -- of the cap yes recent wasn't -- -- -- bottom rung Atlantic accent like this but okay. Yes that's about it. What exactly how do they were -- that the outcome of the study like hit it in the big boards because at the big words. They say that. You can't take -- are you can't owner in do you believe your cat. Doesn't like -- it's hates. Hates and basically what they did is say this this veterinarian and these veterinarian behavioral. Medicine and professor. It. He can -- Don't care if you delivered I -- They can care less about you whereas dogs have a similar -- to children. They love -- -- children of -- I agree with this 110%. We have to cast their release is cast. And she will tell you all day long the -- -- -- I personally think those cats don't care. They don't care. They do care his -- don't have the -- local. That's really means -- toward other you know toward her owners is probably. As a member Clifford like the -- -- -- that simply inform. 43 dollars and when they -- eaten by the coyotes and he -- Himalayan okay. Three dollars a month still you're still -- and yet he's really it's been years ago he was a all. Just symbol of blue point any hate -- enough to me. Enough and he didn't do. I offered them -- don't love their owners of Intel amendments. Why isn't recommended. To me that he did you got to treat your pocket I don't I never came treatment pocket. And what is when I hit the two outs. They jumped up I mean any parent like you know platinum and can act every. Room in the sand berm perm because -- warrant. And it's like. We've got a cap that would that sleeps on top of the bench because you still wore the cat gets all your body because you're warm and that's the only reason. They -- -- strip it's Himalayan has more hair than golf under. But it's or it gets your mold everybody. And I don't -- a little humble enough to. If you have a gambling and everything and yeah yeah. They do there's a big third on the ground off to Italy and. Yeah they would prefer it would be a big day is like dog I didn't -- -- 30322 house if your -- don't you believe this I swear I TTX computer column. Think him some of the election confidently and we have to clean up pay holly. Yet can't take yet. I totally don't agree with you need to and I'm. I have -- -- and -- Follow me around like little puppy god saying yeah. I expert I might eat meat. My heart and not much they don't leave it alone and it that they -- Totally agree with you can tell you Clifford me love me out and -- you mean. I would treat giver excellent it was Obama around for three. He just got -- because exactly crazy people he have meal time he just had a big bowl of food that I set out. -- Some people do jail time which is that just cracks me but. Yeah back. -- just don't know though the food just sits on the counter it yep we can accidentally as a mile dogs have mealtime. They have to cut because you get before you separated. You can't just leave it out. It anyway anyway tracked back to the cats. I agree with you -- then they showed his research study and that and and then that lady laughed and then the cats are eleven on the other people in and they didn't care and its own. Exactly. Exactly can't. We -- we have to look at him -- -- -- go -- if one of my kids come over whatever the -- up today and where is that we would go up to me and Lisa. It but if a stranger comes over the -- will go up to them. Well -- -- well why are you different. The idea my big -- -- that right now actually I am in copper at that and my husband is still in Teaneck. And every about really I go back problem and -- track are. All over me as a student I walk in the door as you. -- look at the right and I'm not that. Let me give -- a little -- holly and I mean because. I had Clifford floor in ten years in Los Angeles and he was indoor outdoor cat there was no problems at all and I moved to cholera I don't. Aimed he was here about who I -- too much entity is completely slaughtered by coyote. Yeah Mike I care about what it's. Like art right now Indy. It was great college that's a beautiful Christmas story you just told them coyote in mauling your cat with Clifford Christmas. Dozen in the -- don't care they don't care who do care the only shot. -- -- Would you say about the sort of study. We -- do you mean my at their word and -- glory. But we have thirty cat. And wanna -- hate the content girl she only -- men. And whenever we bring our boyfriend around it all over an -- or whenever we -- -- -- family over here. -- used all over them and so that's completely neglect all of us. She loves them and see -- loves -- silly jokes and then them not gonna do because Alec young child you know you're underage yeah. Another -- and I -- newbie. And she trying to keep everybody else. -- Accidents and Sherry and eight. You can and can't alone for weeks and I don't care you know really the people that let their cats -- counter tops. Because there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I can't believe that evil and market countertop. Kitchen tables and made bar food and Brent. -- -- -- Yeah which held by mark absolutely pay me -- the chair. And go to a lot smarter -- you'll sit out the door and it -- -- all of -- you. But it. There should not care violent or bad ideas and beat him in the morning. Brett heavies in the guy that's like the dog whispered he's the -- -- again partly out and called it an all those rain. And -- evil. There may. Answer me what the legal right or wrong I mean negative like a -- and just go crazy -- do. Actually I think it's as we got a cat once from that underwent a -- London England not enough form that would send a bad accident. And we got one. And I think he had led the baby apologies we are -- -- and that we couldn't happen. Was waiting for. It is -- it it was gonna eat. And kind of trapped it -- -- -- there. How happy I. Am ex husband. And ended with the doors closes on our. It's just a -- T. -- -- -- -- -- Wake up with PGA and GE. Weekday -- -- thirty -- Dallas 10 I think.