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BJ & Jamie - The perfect pitch pill. (1/8)

Jan 8, 2014|

Researchers have found a pill that can help adults learn perfect pitch. Jamie says no way!


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Yeah and Jamie. -- got something here but and you don't believe. Business. Intelligence -- -- cleared he did seem to be warming and I'm just some elect. But still the same period and that is severe -- story. Behind the bullet provoked a hoax is highly likely that things that you buy into -- -- -- -- but the at at at at the. Who thinks that I buy into flu like cents a Indiana's that they need to shake on your food on your on your -- ever used it on my clutch. In short gives it uses so -- really don't work he falls -- crap Sean Paul for -- he walks junior with a picture of a lady with the cents up on her co owned. She's got what isn't sure ergo she's she's -- and waffle cone and a half ago yeah up. I so now you till later there's a new pill to make leasing. -- yeah about this I see this show a majority. And its researchers say quite well is give me I need it. Who it is. It. -- -- The university of cal Berkeley now. Does that in Atlanta dozens and dozens and -- researchers -- can go ahead it says that. And I can relate to this because I can't really carry -- when it comes to sing and I'm here or there -- -- yes I've often all we we don't. Harvard university and -- if I could smoke -- right here short just down the Sean yeah. Our university -- cola hand CH professor of molecular and cellular biology Harvard University. Believes they are -- out. Pitched all right here's the way it works. He's working on a journal. Is Howard Garrett he's just tell us about pitch. John. Humility. I think she's right at the vehicle offered claiming that the drug gives humans the ability to learn dot pitch op. University GB white. Loop a ball to take your booms and are there working on a pill that if you can't saying. That this thing trigger something in your brain that puts you on the right page in you've got the perfect pitch in canal saint. And Jimmy doesn't buy into. Here's what he's saying is stop okay here's what he's. -- yeah there's a time in your life when you're. A child -- you can learn perfect pitch. Yes they get out you know like -- those kids learn Spanish on a crap move. So there's a time so he says that he's an insistence preliminary but he says that there's a drug that gives humans the ability to learn perfect pitch. Long after that little window that you have his child. -- cat eyes it's a mood stabilizer more commonly used to treat epilepsy and it returns to brains. Classrooms today were low too that he to a juvenile state. I didn't realize that there was a window of when your child. That you actually can learn just about anything there is because your brain is ready to absorb it -- yeah and then you're there. Trial yet allowing -- learned skills that should be too old for. You've heard you've heard the term you can't teach an old dog new tricks -- Okay -- there are saying that there is time of your life when your -- that you can learn anything languages. Music you can learn anything in your brain will. Here to -- when is that because I think I'm out the window. Yeah I think we are. I mean I think you and I both thrill and heaping amount and that's why I'm saying there's a pill now that you and I think we could be a duet. Lol. Where. Were you when I was kid we kid like -- singing group we take this. -- -- -- -- Is -- really horrible and sunny and share in the audience can all of you be more days didn't have a night. Katie John G easy -- -- is not Katy Perry and John they just didn't. TD -- and Larry you are shape again and you'll be the -- bad. I don't be generated. She's right and I can see your -- -- battle of the journal Rihanna and Eminem. Rihanna and Eminem great I'm going to be me. On the. Is that going anywhere it forget it right the point is that. -- -- That we can do anything short of a about DNA and get you a perfect pitch OK and if I have to snort this crap you -- for. You have been restored to a man of the mainland this -- -- It landed on the right -- -- share a benefit yeah I can find the pitch but you know I'll start of songs because of the zeile singled. Some things at home let's give missiles. You are seeing are -- -- you -- I had a lot forget for the -- -- -- blade like what jingle bells and Google them or Z here's my profit at the let me tell you my problem when it comes to music okay. I can't remember lyrics. -- -- I remember songs I don't I can't tell you is it that I know in one full song -- down that I. I don't know who won one full song not -- -- Wilson. What was when you just did I hear the -- -- -- Become renowned tracks. I mean scenes -- incidents. Don't know when though what the words -- and I'm stuck in prison. And Gandhi's worldly -- back and three. The eldest wilted in Galveston I don't have to have. One but I don't I don't see if she ever written words. It let me. Warren he's been saying. Only boom. Nancy can I am not -- and the debt deal. -- by the film needs some pretty amazing know what's amazing about it and again I said this. Whoa I didn't realize there was a window -- you have a small child right now how old because I mean mine's seven we did it look that up that I missed the window I don't know I don't know we need to look it up on what. So when you're. There is it window when he did can learn anything today. That's what they say you know what he's learned never never you miss it. It really learned what do you after Hitler added just a -- As an Indian foreign life what. He got a new outlets for couples when he was in that window when your 44 and dressing publish -- -- or popular -- -- Wake up with BJ and each weekday mornings at 530 Dejan Dallas 10 I.