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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- There is a Velveeta shortage-and a cold polar bear. (1/8)

Jan 8, 2014|

There is a nation shortage on Velveeta cheese and no one knows why? The Chicago Zoo put the polar bear inside due to the cold?


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Yeah and Jamie. This is so sad. Not a bad news today so -- Oh it's meant. To see them really really tragic. Sad story. The avalanche. -- is -- No it is a shortage of belida teens. At its. Rocked our world. I know where -- -- today. I'm not even kidding. I'm going to kings and here's a whole shortage a bella -- cheese and the warning us it's an 86 year old processed cheese product not even cheese. It's delicious it is delicious. As it's commonly melted into Mac and cheese grilled cheese damages and pass girls. It's a 500 million dollar plus brand for Kraft it's my best hundred million dollars best grilled cheese on the market. The million dollars in take off -- -- -- down. And there's a shortage and in 1931 the American Medical Association actually gave its seal of approval. For what it that it was notorious 1931 of 1931 book I. Well they're saying why the shortage. They don't know why. There's no explained the reason from Kraft Kraft says look we don't know why so here's what what some Flutie is saying. Does Doug Davis said -- I think it's good seasonal let's not season. And that's not -- is used more than ever onto crumbled Sunday see that's what I read I I read that it was because of the football cease. It says it is possible let consumers may not be able to find some innovative products on store shelves. Over the next couple of weeks. Because they think that a popular cooking show. Web site or magazine recently posted a recipe. Calling for bella -- as an ingredient. And that's what's caused the shortage they were prepared for Bloomberg prepared for somebody marketed forum and it now than got a shortage -- -- Susan good and good and I'm headed to distort that. Hopefully there some on the shelves. It's just dozen rookies not love it it's and -- I don't care -- product I don't care a product. Didn't care. You melt it's the death of little Rotella there man and he got a broken out. Rotella as the little stuff that included -- -- -- -- to recent recipe this cleaning this stuff all the shall wait -- -- -- not it's -- to meet niceties as -- Susan bachelor's peppers. And it is already combined didn't seem like these Jihad -- you to death and you put it into a saucepan and plan. Guys getting so excited causes geez I don't react. There's a shortage and we're scared. To probably go now we just says that entered. So they sell together and so then yeah blocks of cheese. No -- -- sell it together it's it's just. That's the recipe. That has been out there for the past few months that everybody's using and Super Bowl Sunday or play outside they -- whatever. Now what I use it you take your years cheese in the came in -- that's a thought she's with. We take cheese whiz he dumped that campaign and win the big and that our big can and that that salsa. In any of -- melted together and then that way to little more red then yellow book there's and it's a delicious mix because it's a little more spicy than cheesy. From. What I -- -- -- I -- Easley is out you're not okay I got left I tried this also the recipes -- -- yeah that's that's sent Sean you rutelli. I am envisioning this. Dennett that you easy put on the crackers out there like you squeeze in a down -- No he's he's McCain yeah yeah. Guys in the barn kids your age I got yet he did the lid off Mike Cuellar and there are a Betancourt in an inning to chin up and -- with your salsa. Your recipe is from 1971. Installation you know why this is the new -- this is why this movie does fly off the shelves Rotella some secret which should make bowl. My matter mine mine goes on the -- -- is there's a rumored she's our little more red are bringing into our minds a little more -- off. Well it's good to going to be off. I'm telling you might go beat a recipe is better than yours -- -- -- get off for a -- dip off. How can that listen if I'm bothered to do it and then you forget to bring yours and really pissed off they'll call me Metrocall you. Texting. And. Dizzy were due to -- off. -- -- -- Into that -- a dead ball. They had to pull off kids. But let's Mandy lacked the -- she wants Iraq -- cheese -- world with. What is -- read my angle -- Yeah I'd like to thank you danced at a admitting what you like. Let's hit it deer tick -- -- Jimmy. I had that great three shot then you -- their totality that LB. Yeah. And tell the -- says he's crack -- I can I can see your recipe would work. Dias is slice up so yeah you kind of chop it up its ground. That. It. She's actually gotten little sausage links and I think she'd be as both. I think there's a renewed. -- it. In the -- and demanded motel is the answer isn't he he he absolutely -- that the -- just she's she's not just didn't lose a few world and -- -- yeah. -- -- Argue that since the club. I really get -- -- -- the talk about -- -- six minutes. They -- is that relatable to my. Yeah. Okay thanks for -- are you loving world that backpack. And that's awesome right there. Eight point five million people watched his season premiere of the bachelor. Pretty good it is not bad not bad eight million although 26 million people watched the BCS national championship game. 46 million people watching college game. Did you see the the Packers in the 49ers numbers 48. Million. Think when you say Packers as -- I don't know why it always pops in my head like some of the weird I'm not. I don't mean like I just say they -- always debt like I have this correct thing -- -- -- -- lynch get pops up obviously greenback. Thank you -- they -- Like trigger words here you know I mean. What's yours. Is when. Do you -- but yeah. I. -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- and I like always I always like. Went to raise his Packers I would hope yeah and hers she's the highway until. Or even though it's easy yes it's weird you're into my head should I not tell. This conflict of the instantly OK I had so I think if that isn't weird. Let's see here she -- though Lincoln park zoo has moved. They're polar bear in due course to get -- -- -- -- a whole -- -- The remote but it took a bear. Is weird and. Okay what. Is so weird I just read that. As. And Chicago and they have moved their loan polar bear indoors because the freezing day and even the jacket but that's the wrong in this. Is wrong I -- exclusive. At all at all I know I'm sorry -- Wake up with Vijay and. Weekday mornings I was thirty -- Dallas 10 and.