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BJ & Jamie - Avalanche danger. (1/8)

Jan 8, 2014|

The grandson of the founder of Vail Mountain dies in avalanche.


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Yeah and Jamie. While we're looking at some of these images from an avalanche yesterday. That avalanche was really really crazy well now let's say they didn't have that country gear and so yes they are reporting they didn't have any avalanche beacons or anything like that now today they're saying they did. They're giving out some on the numbers in and the numbers being how the size of this avalanche because yesterday they -- subject acute large. But to assure when they're saying what hundreds of yards wide and ten feet deeper something. Yes about 200 or so several hundred yards wide and over ten feet deep and if you see the pictures it just wiped out the whole side of that mountain. Here's the problem I will first -- and -- -- yeah this isn't that a tip tip things the first it was bad co founders and grandson who passed away. Which is just bizarre to me. Number two is. Sean is making us about him. Me well because now his son just started snowboarding this season alone and now he's -- and then you know nervous Nellie and I holed out. Yeah national and I know it's going to be -- it's really. Recently your son is not gonna go back country and not right now but some -- he will. I'll just tell him to stay on the on them you know London on the right -- of slump the group -- so when -- takes your back to the lodge. And well this is why I'm not sure if he should continue to do this this is dangerous yeah. People who say I'll never fly again because of a plane crash it can't do it you gotta keep living life -- -- I don't know. Well what you have to do is no like right now it's really bad time for it's like a huge avalanche season right now yeah you just don't go back country skiing. Yeah yeah. Analysts are temperatures mean we're getting stoned and a warm up to 6070 degrees and you're gonna get that audience gonna happen. Well plus they should some -- -- mountain thing where it's -- over the mountains and come. Some kind of you know eighth inning and now and again as you said -- did they are reporting -- -- group. That was a part of the semblance in the ambulance. Did have the right equipment they -- they had everything that they're supposed to have. It doesn't matter when you hit -- something that massive. -- ten feet deep hundreds of yards wide. He says the way and the pressure of all that's no I don't know I can that's. I'll wait they had to go -- on one event that people. And he does one of his buddies out did you see that yeah -- -- -- oh my gosh it's amazing the guys that it is -- -- head above the snow. And he -- them out and -- a week off right to her unbelievable but it wouldn't -- it's on his left. Stuff happens I mean just stuff like you've got -- of them -- yeah yeah yeah you know I lived in order for fifteen years and after hurricane he would move out of Florida. You just rebuilt but I would say this because of that little girl that. Her console since -- the game -- -- -- I'm not getting my friends too -- for us now I never had -- you know. Number that little girl I know her she got like sometime in the water and bacteria than Jack I don't know that so that it's actor bring my -- it was scheduled. And I really I canceled -- Simon Kennedy and they have a critique of yes you aren't. I -- -- why do people guitar and -- you know because they snore Internet and he has a whole list big debris that have. -- kid by storm by some government councils and Iran taken but isn't it weird just because that one thing I. Screen. I'm with you on that you're right I think I don't see casinos are necessary -- surgery known and you're acting you're acting just like -- as I godly summit have yet to hear your view are acting just like John because. Millions of people had the -- taken out in the perfectly fine grind this one little girl something went wrong. The you know you can't say that nobody should ever have the council's -- out. I am. I'm not eaten steak and he needs them to get out -- I don't doubt it note. I'm not doing it to you scared and not doing it. I'm really not what the story died down for awhile and I OK I didn't get it done maybe in -- -- just like Clinton is a vaccinations I'll let the doctor give that Tillman a bulk. And light -- and do it. Ever you know -- performance in London isn't there a story out here about some lady that that the flu shot and yeah. Yeah right yeah did the English and she had never taken what I've never taken a flu shot because I just don't. I don't really believe it. An article that's weird it's really weird but I just I've never had the flu and uncle would but I'm just never had a solution IE legal. The panic and think about you. And I saw -- -- we'll know a that I can think you'd be looking at that the that it was a fair you know I didn't I didn't finish -- sentence he -- -- I'm driving in the mountains at an -- little puddles on the ground I know. Now and you even more and I can't stand it. Look out I mean -- it's -- that's my biggest. Year Apple's I'm a a phobia and I these are all considered phobias with rivalry would you like you wanna sell all your kids snowboarding stuff now you have -- -- phobia and rightly ranked you've got to console -- beat him. Johnson vulnerable kids who -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Death athletes' drive -- you don't put it in our heads like a ten -- and we're really angry you name really slow. I don't know I think those counsell saved me -- hot it -- obviously unbelievable that they put up there. -- -- something -- -- -- you do build it's really about is I just stare up as were diamond. And I look at those huge boulders hang in there and I'm like wow. That that -- adds a little precarious you know what I do you this is really stupid are you donated a -- to sunroof. Figured it's gonna say don't say yeah we have big resolve that doubt that you mention this because. That we won't come to. -- -- -- If I seem like the little pebbles on the ground like the little probably a Mike on at the precursor to big one that's gonna come down. I'm so freaked out -- do you do this and I told the London. I still and a I think we all -- at the goal in the bay and and we get a huge blow Spider-Man. And click on those -- father and a great. -- He lost some we do -- thanking -- will make it like it will be important to -- spotter Mae and though I got a sponge Bob. My dad and -- Same right now -- -- -- Spiderman. I don't know -- bond that's what yeah yeah it's a canal from my son when we come home Bob UPS and that that's who borrow it. When the. -- -- It would the last two days reminds of -- would steal global Spiderman well for healing minute there and give them a little higher. I give Macy's parade. Here and as our. With me I got I got us 24 inch right there -- look at that might twin bridges have been you're going to see a 24 spot look at. Because people weren't enough by tabloid trash is -- and we should play distance Rodman -- wanna do that Rodman is whack. I'd like he's statement of the morning and it's true she's right rate these easy way to do you view this and then he sings. Of community known. This is weird thing -- It's next. Wake up with fleas and -- weekday mornings I thirty minutes and our sport I think.