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BJ & Jamie - Products that lie! (1/8)

Jan 8, 2014|

There are some products out right now that are in some trouble for misleading consumers.


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Yeah and Jamie. You part of a year's civil lawsuit wants. Yeah you get a check for like the dollar. 89 cents and wells yeah wasn't that he actually get paid back here in one of these. It is I think like visa and charged me overseas fees. So there's a whole class action and you need to allow all this paperwork and you find -- visa card out of room and you send it and I think the 89 tenth by. I've never fooled lose one but I've received. Information via email -- fill this out you're part of a class action lawsuit yet knowing that I'm gonna get back -- may be a dollar for my work sucks that. That's what these people are gonna get back to this sprinkle stuff to get sued so you know what's funny is -- -- -- spot to scrap. Needed yeah so have you ever seen that commercial cents a you shake -- understood yeah I've seen the commercials yeah that's why they know what's called sensible it's called sense that any shaken on -- -- your food and then they. They show these hot girls like. She's all bloated and she's extra stuff on her salad and I remember Jim and I just remember the name she should -- honor our heads. Of sludge like ice -- Yet it says you -- to eat any differently now on the of the claim was you sprinkle the saw and you'll lose weight right. Even on -- should turn buttons so you can put it on brownies and ice cream whatever you're gonna lose what the now they didn't suit well Lawson and Ellington -- bad that. FTC has told them that they have to pay to actually six point five million dollars. Which is pennies compared to what they made right. And my happy -- I get so they have to pay back down 26 million dollars in product but many three and 64 million dollars. Work out. -- -- -- 64 million dollars. It works out because it put the money and some former counsel -- in either in the Cayman Islands of the commuters somewhere like that. And they've taken the money in their out of the country but now. And that little bit of money that the got to pay back that got plenty and they're gonna pay -- -- in their out and they don't get prosecuted. Well hey here's sad that other thing is it's there's el -- contain I don't know weapons is which claim that it skin cream would help users lose backed. And aids CG diet direct for making a human hormone used to lose -- wait. Though is also they're not and this -- beautiful shape cream and about -- you know we eat are as as a society. We look at this whole week plus thing is that there is magic pill. I'll tell her how well pretty sure there's not one PO -- -- worked for a while I ha ha ha I. There are things taking curb your appetite and you eat less OK -- give you that but there's no magic -- Well this is what it says I guess this -- shaping delight stuff which but it sounds tasty. I. That the solution to lotion at sesno trim one point three inches in just four weeks Anderson to be -- that -- yet they. And there is the claim they're over nothing in there there what's the biggest ski and -- when it comes to like him -- -- -- done a weight loss thing. Think the biggest and visit my daughter who achieved what you've done. I think they'll all those my sister bought that I am home I guess it's this cruel and this facial cream and it was like. I had a 500 dollars now. It was what was it called it was a big -- for a while other celebrities and it was called what they mean it was what was that -- and does -- -- a cream for your face. I can listen -- soon. Yeah an anti aging yet was it like by prescription anything he went to a retail store bought it and it's like 500 dollars for an hour. It was a special cream and other celebrities are using it -- to Lexington avenue came after 500 dollars and using it re creation. And -- might -- -- 19100 dollars look at that yet that's what she -- on my goodness fresh. Look at our job. In that crazy but it's a 2100 dollar value. But it's on sale -- -- -- getting -- right now that you -- let the banks -- yet that. Holy See how this into what's funny is she by about five years ago. But she can't is it because it's so expensive to just sits out like that -- dammit. -- And the New York -- How how some people see it like a status thing right -- I know is that much. She bucks an -- -- passed crazy 19100 dollars for facial create imagined seeing how people get sucked into this golf 19100 dollars for some. Cold cream. She had that crap at the. -- not to -- back to this stuff you sprinkle on your food and know who saw that commercial but in the game 30 yeah you almost. Who saw that commercial and actually thought. But if you sprinkle Michelle bond college. Sprinkle -- -- fudge you're gonna lose that way I go. The -- I -- I was in the hotel and I had some room service and I was watching an infomercial and is one girl's golf. You know and then then they should the after after just sprinkle in that stuff on her. That's like -- -- -- -- does some of that on my toast right now this wouldn't count. So you'll ordered I ordered -- thank you do. Kids get sucked into -- yeah do you believe all the millions of people dead I don't I'm very skeptical on this stuff do you I -- me I don't know warned him. Push a lot of diet stuff you know I I just don't do it. And -- that's because you don't a lot of times I just didn't even need to exercise. You'll lose that's that's the bottom of the do you think the term magic something and -- amazing -- -- works. As you know what I have been drinking lately we all want to think there is something out -- even meet skeptical as I am I still wanna believe there's something out there as you know I've been doing for the new year. What an injury can limit water. That works and -- shirt yes because it's horrible I drink lemon water for probably eight. 28 days. I -- played Israel like a cycle. Like appearing well I'm. Yeah I was just kind of isolated and wanted to just you know go with the water to see it would really work -- the -- to do a -- time you're isolated for tornadoes on the spot at. -- -- So guess what guys I have whispered I would that lemon water I did end and I used at that any meal but I had what ever. And I lost thirty pounds. I think you lost thirty pounds because they got out of the Nelson your diet. Lemon water help could -- I believe that it's extra calories from some of the Nelson your diet then again there's blood in the water did that. Results for me so what is what I've but he doesn't work it works because I've read the whole thing about how it's like anti accident that claimed that is systems -- All these women that put it -- big things from target you know with a little novel. And that put it with water and drink -- I gained a pound. Us -- He's big and you've lost weight and -- anyway yourself right. And I did I gain weight water weight. And then the other thing that's going on in on the Internet they also know that they're saying be careful is these bleach facials. Uneasiness I have no idea what this is so Stanford university for whatever reason. They put bleach on mice. These -- and. Whenever I had no money should you have oxygen line -- they really don't know all the -- stand the poked I want to lean -- and in many years that's not gonna -- There's doubling the. If you she was garner and I know it was an experience. -- -- nothing -- those buys him a rough. Anyway you -- or -- a lab so they put bleach on these mice and again I don't know why but they found that it would. I don't know how they know does that swear to god this what they said this game Purdue University great school. That the mice look younger. I see where -- How does some mouse look younger. Isn't that really gets rid of some of its wrinkle here -- -- it. I'm Mal I don't know that the younger so therefore it's you should bleach your face I don't as I was saying it test predict -- -- But they've really balanced looked younger. The ballots that it has anti aging qualities this Clorox Bleach didn't really but they -- It's -- university big diluted it with -- and you know water and it was just perfect mix -- point 003. Clorox the water. But people are happening Clorox on their face women aren't. And Bernard of the genie is out of oh yeah. Should the -- when younger because of burned Valero the barrels a. -- blood they didn't even bleach bully -- and -- we know she heard the word. -- your face -- problem is that Stanford came out saying that right now than these these limited trials and that. -- is showing him. Anti aging properties that it really is showing some anti aging -- -- the people are doing it wrong and the ending up in the year -- author and a via repaired as the study looks terrible -- now it's a -- that SharePoint -- -- five bleach to water. But people are yet in the earth that can you still buy the stuff that you shake -- the food. Since I doubt -- right let's see we still -- in presidents as a send a statement we continue to receive positive feedback from our customers and remain committed to developing products and help our number one priority is actually is only get that. -- I guess they are -- And yeah I'll go to Hollywood you've been sued then it's a fraud and still on the market new -- darts. -- think about this crap we put a lot of hard millions of frivolous crap on -- Point him. Wake up with Vijay and G. Weekday mornings I was thirty -- Dallas 10 I.