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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Broncos win - Golden globes. (1/14)

Jan 13, 2014|

We talk the Broncos win and Jamie re-caps the Golden Globes.


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-- and Jamie. Yeah. I lead a charge Harrison if anybody says anything -- mean about my boyfriend Eric Decker. How old doctor you had -- -- Decker trips on grass you know it was his packer. No it was grass member Eric Decker yeah I remember. It's not his colleges got the way you brush your track time. -- -- -- -- Cost just a touchdown didn't cost us anything and when the game. Just eke out a little nervous because he had the ball he gets little pixie dust and what's he breaks into the open. It is just something kicks in and he just doesn't put his head down and runs for an evening looks -- -- do it again -- for The Three Stooges. We've -- -- -- and I'm gonna outrun these people doesn't matter as plants in the independent -- some grass. Install is tripod that's the second time that's happened to human tripod and it's Norway -- Just turn it just can't play. -- Me. -- so after the run game there was the Golden Globe awards. By the way just to fund platform to overhaul the Golden -- statues each cost 800 dollars to make at all. He -- that exciting things -- that you. 800 bucks each I'm also there was some really odd moments because Golden Globes are -- a situation where. The celebrities can all sit around big tables round tables and drink a lot. And they happen to do the act. On windows -- Spiegel is is Jack and the set. Very very very -- speeds it's it's two minutes and -- sings I'm relatively little Smith did -- get an idea because she in my opinion was. Lake city is on something unique -- hammered I don't know what it -- it was just very dot. Because the weather and sloppy it was just bizarre OK so here it is. In the name. A massive shake down companies this good news. You nominated me about five times I think this anyway. Anyway so you get the boy it was that the whole time. We know what it is she's she's our Gary Decker. Just freezes. Breaks into the open freezes now she's people but Eric Decker a professional. Actress Suzanne Wright -- his professional. Actually same thing same thing froze. It's -- priest she throws it says some of those little slippery there. And so slippery. The kicker Denise points out Ed Ed cleats. Our guys weren't slipping around. Warm won't -- -- them my buddy -- no that was not a slip haven't seen the wind you try to run at all. I can run without tripping over my -- you can tell they can't run without getting a heart attack he can't run. I can run to your boobs get painful right that they -- -- at my feet I break into the open final trip on grass. Okay -- star athlete -- trips on grass. I can he can still run. Because so and what's so -- it's sad jealous of Eric -- at nine. They now. Oh my gently in more remote looks. She's a professional athlete you guys are so jealous of them and I didn't do is there BM down there honestly I don't know what would Mancini he sees nothing good that -- We can't run. Trips congress. Cost us this this this is what they say it like this is what's wrong with society really is is it's very funny because. Women look at the mayor and we terror cells apart. We look at everything we my -- I'm too fat -- -- -- and is it LA new look in the mirror and they all think -- -- exactly. They've really doing this they really do mean Eric Decker is not that fantastic they really think in their heads they're just -- great -- him. It's bizarre to me how life works with the guys you know I I don't get it with him. And what wouldn't see the my dad is -- -- -- 75. My dad thinks he's. The hottest man on the play and it's all an easy it's a woman that Mike has 20030 down the list of -- I have for. What about the -- but -- the parked him the Bob highlight -- meant to have her share could lose that wind comes bugs that are TD just vision he drank. Playing in Yemen that's what I did is. Heard that we see your -- is -- I don't. Wouldn't. We should put your picture pretty hot myself a shot with -- -- -- -- Eric -- and say who would you rather well I eat and kept my head on today if I don't I'm a -- today -- ready maybe tomorrow okay. Then with the a look at our kids put the pictures and just put it like that we haven't stopped. And who would you rather well more overweight of those if I'd rather do definitely a half of them go to compliments of different Decker left -- the hot. He's not that's why I'm saying the dead that -- diabetes I'd be -- and an online survey. In the who'd you rather than who you -- with. Them well yeah yeah yeah. That I'm -- I'm -- What the objection I don't know what it'll all be worried dressed like you when -- I'm not going gloves Dietrich. Is very silly because cleared today so we'd review is a very big hole. These studies that globes -- go to Jack you know and it's like this -- -- its 740 Gerke yeah -- can and you know those are you ready Lou is going around big time. The -- yeah. It really is so -- civilians at got a flow now. Got a -- and now I'm freezing. -- It went out and get -- the city's frees -- up -- price and made those sits. -- -- I wish they would -- legalize that crap. The -- that is really no argument I think around Harare now a hopefully we've got something for you -- yeah yeah we ask -- about -- -- doing to society the FBI that's right. Anyway so the -- they were really funny they said this funny line about George Clooney -- live for you now under the George Clooney then. I'll play every now here is -- George Clooney. Is nominated for a spell. Okay. Sorry how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman donates. I get that. Yeah this is -- body there alana -- a pen and is anyway so those are just some of the things they missed on the Golden Globes. You know people alone hammered there's a sewage -- for the Golden Globes but and so people are locked into sewage -- The big thing on Twitter at home. I net on an inch to -- the two big huge things. Specific Twitter where. Should Jennifer Lawrence where this kind of plain white dress with two. Like black ribbons around it was fine it was an amazing assigned. But people thought I was really blame him moving so people started dressing their cats and dogs like Jennifer Lawrence last night. Taking pictures and tweeting it yeah. You see that yeah. Yeah and the -- it says ask a cat where's Jennifer Lawrence is Golden Globes -- it in -- Twitter photo. Then then in a while and then there's dog. He has the best song gone viral. -- -- -- So did my -- -- why should people and a display was. -- in the Don -- To -- time and -- -- do we in the fabric and made the address address your dog up and you know and then and then. The Golden Globes are given an iron and then tweeted out gas. Until lunch time. Lots of time. And -- yes and that was all that happened with that when I was out of Canada's looking and it laughing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jennifer Lawrence troops wouldn't black singer and it's adorable. Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings -- dirty -- and tell us 10 I think.