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BJ & Jamie - Dr. Oz's anti-aging secrets. (1/14)

Jan 13, 2014|

Dr. Oz has his tricks for staying young.


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-- -- And Jamie. They show on. Which you work on their bodies. And as you're working on some audio there on the screen when he doing what you do with. Which working on jumping you ending like this to have it's best of select audio from today for him -- best of audio from the show this morning I'm home. Oh okay. Bartlett is what really well cadet and a few ma'am but I am Friday Lee said saying let's nation that we AM. Get some -- audio ads from the show we really went on that I Monday do you remember. I do you remember. The doctors. Now Elizabeth and I don't remember. I I sort of remember. I said no matter what make sure you get this audio from Monday as NCAA does this huge huge slated talk about it and we had all that is that to do on Fridays we weren't gonna be on the watch it. -- shortened -- -- -- sad reminder shall want to remind us make sure you remind us because this is like ground breaking information. And we won it on our show first. Granted I'm going to be at the end they academy so I'm not going to be wanted to watch is all right some emails yes I'll get a -- -- I'll get all the audio. And we can -- man Monday and then I made a joke and I said he never members are not gonna do that's. On yeah I asked I didn't remember that India UA correct. Doctor honest I was as a whole remember that the whole body -- aging -- when he fourteen plume team secrets. The secret to not aging ever. Ever ever you can look like you're thirty until you're eighty yet. Now an eight was to have all the secrets on Friday do -- -- -- that I do removed and so and I say things like. -- he will remember and he kind of you know -- It's like I'm right -- ha. On how unfortunately titles in his icu and and as my old wolf when Atlanta as well. My fault and we've looked it up we look leave the league attitude you got to got to we got you covered we expect cachaca. What will produce our own so here we go here we go these are the secret guys. Like I'm still -- very. I knew Vijay and listening it's -- should not listening but this is my -- nothing illegal. Now the mom and done it -- them. And it's -- what does cookie that it kids found out the arts and yeah. It's affecting everything these these days in Colorado and we look at Eric Decker can even run across -- -- about -- it's because pot. Because what they say even he filed in the week. -- all yeah on Twitter yesterday they sit up radio with Eric Decker tripping on we'd. For me and it's not just -- him look like he's like in the quarter like I -- One over the cuckoo's nest. We knew this was gonna happen -- legalize the stuff wrong. We knew it was gonna affect everybody. TC also. -- -- a story on. Friday after it was that the state of bumps Kansas says that they're -- usage I use is way up in Kansas. And it's all because of Colorado. And you know it's funny the colorful. -- read by Missouri and yesterday a plane landed on the wrong airport. You know why. We need we need. We did granite rock it was southwest like the linger around around. Clinton you donated at the wrong airport a -- how do you do that but we need to read the agreement but I also this and I've been through -- they deserve wheat. In the net and that's anyway let's. Our doctor I thought yeah this is -- show that -- -- told you about on Friday this is it the right this is that the holy Grail. And I'm now reading it and after reading it I'm so impressed with this if you want to stop wrinkles and aging. -- urged to -- Well that one is just so easy to do that one way to -- this twenty here in the third this is our first of all vitamin. BRE beat 30 I'm sorry vitamin obese three -- -- -- Doctor Ross says it's Botox in a bottle if you use it regularly ranked. So rarely get to beat her. I need to get out of -- you know that's the thing about his whole thing here he doesn't tell you where to go get. To look about. And that kind of being the number of big. Bear very extract. Is that like barefoot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess it could be doesn't say bear to. I hear it's like dingle Berry extract listen to bear Barry extract totally their -- Okay. I won't agree with you because I don't want to answering is fair to our objectives that he heard -- -- -- -- bear troops Angela. And incomes their various. At that sentiment -- that's a -- aren't bear very extract we don't really know what it is supposed -- have to look that up so that's the second went. In and you basically you just put it that notes of they'll look he's taken our our start to listen to this. Only went and it's an applicant isn't easy. This will take an inch off pure waste in your your guys. If you take a ten minute bat in at some soul. It's a sentence on -- You guys have morals. You guys have that -- dubbed the you guys should -- -- like five bags and consultant on -- come over we were all -- get out and we're all going to be anorexic that's a great idea. So many inches me and new it -- their -- eat as much as our. Just typically when -- it is says it will take one bath one bath can take in inch all pure waste and dies. By taking only get ten minute back and Epson -- She should begin that says well it's and other toxins in your body it's loaded with magnesium so hopefully I guess that's what it is essentially. -- it draws up to toxins in excess fluids in your body. In a bath one bath full do I I'm so toxic and thank. Bad -- underground. That's crazy is that I'm crazy and I just come out like. Then you know this week I was totally packed and I think if I did today and just be like oh my god she's so skinny you've got a lot of talks. Hummer into I -- -- you were really talk you. More on Friday night tops in -- country talks up on again on Saturday. At the top tot talk inconsistent with -- we can chew on your talks currently Alia. That and be -- your map of certain black. Thompson talks are addicted to -- revenues pageant people used but on ask us. -- It didn't list like him to three other things on him but they're not supported means that didn't want. I think is cool yeah that you have a little bit of the double a single -- -- -- think by so gallon there's. Been an alternate on the -- -- I think her how to budget is the way to go right I think with the heat of the hot tub with the s's so now don't know that some enemy burn the -- -- before are back but yeah that's. But I think we throw about five bags into Europe lots of -- on even though we're going to be sitting on the ground and I'll come over when it is still in there yeah. In the stool is still won't be equipped with -- OK so would come over to your place in the -- so for this is ten minutes our net. I like jokes about an hour and a half an anti aging man thing get out and see how we look. While I. And like renting -- segment that doubled and -- -- into his hands just barely eat what you -- wanna do that historical just go live that's good. -- right to -- -- -- Give historical tour really and we I have a supplements and my -- -- American you know and plenty picture because -- -- my big bathtub and we have a snorkel to historical would I. Though you can get it get to double should go and I did I know she got no idea to -- and then -- even all the happiness he tried to stay under their with a snorkel -- yeah. Now does add insult ruined it. Here's the problem well what I have like 300 pieces of -- hair extensions and I'm here yeah. And like 300 M and. In my hand yes that adds insult that -- -- and -- do it right here in citizens absent salt will melt it. Does its magnesium some. Who will melt extensions in a -- about the eyelash extension a new authority done here yeah. Eyelash extensions wolf's full all he immediately took I took a do you have some songs yet the IV care general whose image everywhere. They weren't really like this hair. Thank you know what you can do with it. -- to wrap it around thanks. OK there -- -- hit the secrets. We should put to senator FaceBook page get sharp. No but wait a minute to register my eyelashes up there. I did at some point today I think at some point you should see the before and after he's gonna face the -- is kind of a creepy shot. -- he don't need to go out -- in there it's kind of creepy shot and not go live but it's cool. It's my eyelashes before it's an extension not -- -- when she -- and we should put -- on you you want to. Eyelashes and -- good I'm anxious not to -- people tell me all the time for the airline girls tell me that pay your eyelashes are learning to. I wish that you. -- let girls of that here now they send it over the years but what name -- -- -- just thousands of the house -- -- name and and beating. -- Hi Lori says it won't lower clothing and glory glory and I met him. Daddy that's daddy laugh. Asset. They now sound very hot it now and then they know a lot about -- an -- And dialogue piety patty who thinks of -- is named. By the way already put something over -- again. That happens every damn day -- -- weekend due out as yesterday. Yeah there you go no estimate it puts some bronco so -- did you that. Yeah let you post over me delicate and it was scheduled out. But we had scheduled this morning I had deleted -- I'm looking at the picture wow what a difference. He had -- to go to our FaceBook page to PG Jimmy Page and take a look at -- before and after would be eyelashes -- that is like. Night and day but you know he will say this when you see you wouldn't person because -- -- Friday morning. It's not at the -- control but your eyes looked relieved to -- made a great that you can't really tell what happened to make them look that why does that make sense. So it's not like overbearing. When you don't know I have extensions unless I tell you. Exact frank but I knew something was different right I'm looked like why your eyes were great but I don't know exactly what it is. Well -- you say take that line with. -- hello and apologize to you because -- take them. How I apologize okay who is his I don't know if Teddy I don't know and didn't it -- Good morning hey Derek did. As protection -- -- DER. And that icon I sealer down to talk to guys in years propelled the war on distillers and how are used to be either okay so yeah. All our -- can't because -- -- you and I went out and -- we'd really go out but I imagine a one night stand about a month ago and I really didn't do -- your eyelashes. Solos wondered -- was it. But you're sponsored or endorsed by. Lori LR -- -- in my deckers EU greet people on air personalities here sponsored by people so. There currently. In -- way so I. Talking in its own -- -- on I listen we are -- Just seeing in the. One entry he can't gallantry doesn't make you lumberjack -- you know I tip off cool off. Derek Derek Derek went in and we're on the air here here here or you kind of supplies and I had a one night stand -- -- Well who is -- Ottawa but all it is just my hand but I noticed Charlotte system. -- you as you -- -- let us in this some of them that ties her to show. Week essentially. I remember that connection. Yes I'll. Yeah yeah I'm sorry my -- it makes it out but I look at what is your game. Our dear god thank you answered a question. -- did you get here and thank you. I am I'm gonna say play the site with a plug go -- -- -- plug -- via. Again you know did I had a bit of relapse and nice with. It -- -- judging. That it. Wake up with and Jesus weekday mornings I thirty -- and tell us what I think.