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BJ & Jamie - Sean the full figured Super Model. (1/14)

Jan 14, 2014|

SEan is going to be a model for Goodwill!


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PG and Jamie yeah. Yes it I don't know what is I don't beyond ask him this is big. Not to ask him you know it's just a turning point for a for our show I think. EDS as sung supermodel or whatever remember and then -- and you know I don't lack supermodel bar but. But you know where zeppelin and that -- -- hands. I don't think you have super model because it's that is new I mean he used to be big brisket and hang. It is to be his name is big brisket and -- He's Superman he's a super model that in -- they mean this is huge. We're talking about our producers -- Who's now these super model and I started just -- you with what it. I'm seasons -- the Morris I'm independent as of right now yeah. -- -- No now we're in negotiations with William that we have not read with William. -- -- not much you can reach every Lehman yet I'm not yet -- on your side okay well it's not when you ask if we're close again. -- -- -- -- Too sexy form. -- I'm sure but go ahead Saturday. Sanjay. Well. Okay official visit my signature move who. Our whole -- him. Yeah and sell some mud from Doug's and it was not my hips edition and I missed yeah. This guy is so stoked to be a supermodel you can't believe that I know we. Weren't. India well he's got one gig right now he's got one gig -- that this could launch at this could be big. Bus it's testament to our hearts of Sean explain it he could do what so what's the new. Career on the horizon there that supermodel stuff. Well I'm gonna be helping out with the fourth annual good exchange fashion show including -- this year. Excited about it but her act that good exchange fashion show including slot based its benefits the good wills. Not good wheels around the city their development and career programs. It's a it's a clothing swap. They're gonna we're gonna have a big event and a fashion show. On the sixth of February with an award winning fashion guru Tim Gunn will be there from. What does that fashioned American there were no word about and we don't really you crib and so I don't look so I called -- from the public. You're swapping goes yes trouble with who. There's guys that wants to swap out brings in close slot and people bring close slot to be close swap and then now I'm an. He's gonna work you're. The Sox look at things like that teacher tax. More and more that some Jesus the answer -- have you shared. I guess every ten items to slop and -- think in those were the ten I was gonna bring that. The thumbs up shared the talks let timberwolves team have there are are suitable for swap legs. The thumbs up shared and that it's huge upset period I've got a pair of jeans -- I can't Wear anymore right now is white cowboy boot. None on -- -- -- knowing what she's up though here's our computers where residents are you going down a runway in your modeling league's closer -- what exactly is going -- Well during the event we're gonna do a fashion show and there will be some different so liberty models from around town I have no idea who they'll be other than myself. And we will be showing often wearing clothes that we have purchased from local goodwill stores and to show how fashionable and how good you can look. Goodwill and save some money affordable. It it is a great event did it really is great -- and I think what he's saying is. It didn't say well but I think what they're doing -- -- out the good well. It's Christmas trees up in the air there. Windows like on Broadway or wherever -- like well. They have good stuff like I could buy Christmas tree there and street and I can buy some stuff and and they have all the decorations are reasonable to love. Dirt cheap yeah. And in Augusta because so I think -- It's -- -- I think what goodwill is trying to do is going hey you know what we have some some good clothes. And we -- -- -- people the show on but these are some of the clothes that come into our shops his -- we all. Like thrifts. Their stores in France wouldn't really have seemed as we know what we like to know we'll dig through stuff means excellence baby stuff -- -- -- all that crap and baby you know at at the restores. Has it right grew out of -- threats I think good but just listening like. This this is how you could look. I think. Right. Back then yes that's. I think that that now now are there are different categories when it comes to light come now don't you know consulted about it. And other light on its feet. Jumbo. I don't like our our wives our -- and it can't argue that a category of models honest yes it's ready yes I am in the full figured mail cannibal. And that's why there's a lot of clothing a lot of things that are available for full figured man they're flattery. And designing and -- desirable. Nice guy. I needed to you is a full figured. And I'm the flamingo film category yeah that. And to. It's not a claim that there's a lot of Internet careers no matter what is. As I'm starting as an intern. He's decided he's got here not -- -- Not up caddie. -- he's the producer into the number 1 morning show in this. Doesn't really. Averaged yeah yeah. Yeah keeps it -- -- work in progress. It does stuff he's doing it everyday. Got the gig -- check for Mac and so you know -- herself up from nothing and it did this so this. I would say and do a 100%. Because this is -- next step. I'm your newly endeavors as super mom. Think -- game I really. Only a full hour. You know you don't you don't do what is the event is February 6 all right you know what Jamie and I will. Probably not be there were problems. I just drew a lot of -- to the six -- supplement daily does that effect Thursday or France -- to be tough for me it's a thriller play that way. It's that the tax bill even at center in Denver. Downtown office on. Oh yes they'll definitely be cocktails and you get a sneak -- a solid numbers I just becoming young fashion designers. -- But you'll be -- their dads that are -- where. Gently used items I will be wary -- I will be modeling clothing from goodwill is deja -- boutique. That's actually the day a little -- is their designer. It's where people drop out up its designer yeah exactly. He will be in new and gently used our money okay -- Good well plus the district closer fulfillment -- right. Plus size -- about -- is a messed up from the men's Wear out there who possibly possibly so I don't. Congratulations to. Sean are you really. And to lead. Super models are your producer Jamie of the -- in Jamie morning show super. And tell you funk ever. Not me again I would put money on it ever but their work done even don't know ever. Washington. She should sue states. Wake up with PGA and -- weekday mornings at 530 Dejan palace where I.