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BJ & Jamie - A crying baby on a plane next to BJ. (1/14)

Jan 14, 2014|

Bj sat next to a baby on his last plane ride and boy was it a ride. Now the mom has written a letter about the flight.


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PG and Jamie. I have a question for you Arab media rights I remember you. Posting and maybe get a semi disparaging. Post about says if sitting by a baby I did on a flight that you had from here to where you -- and I was doing in Nashville and I believe you -- boats did -- picture and some. I -- -- posted a picture online and was talking about -- could be next to his baby all the way to Nashville and well from Denver. Her mom -- has written a letter she didn't act. This is on FaceBook -- let this is this is gone viral. Oh yeah yeah it's it's gone viral it's mom the child with autism shares her experience with stranger on a plane. So this woman says are you saying I find it strange that on that plan this I think it's that because I mean it's weird timing. -- that within just a couple weeks here that you know I post a picture I'm on the flight now this comes out. I set Kate my three year old in the middle seat. I remember that baby was in the clinic she was about three knowing full well. That there are being stranger sitting next to her. For the duration of the -- past me. And I had to make this decision based on her obsession with opening and closing the window shade. I figured she might be less of abstraction of some sentimental. Anyway so this man this man sat next to her -- says she says. You could have shifted uncomfortably in your seat you could have ignored her you could have given me the smile that I despise because it'll pay please manager child. You didn't none of that instead you engaged my little -- in conversation. And you asked her questions about her turtles into the key country turn. She can never really answer your questions but she was so enamored with you that she kept eye contact and -- attention on items you're asking about. You never put on your head phones you never gave me -- You never looked away from heat instead to let a plan to. That's kind of guy -- had an incident. And in. I'm telling you this is the flight this is the baby apple stated this is. I was wondering I was I didn't mean this she said you never ever once seemed annoyed she gave me some moments of -- -- who played with her at -- -- And kind of ad for a moment but then she would say we play it was my doll and did you ever Dolly's. Remember the Dolly -- remember the conversation about hardly the turtle. Because I remember that I can remember -- -- -- that that moment did you play with her -- you guys played you played. Dolly we could have could have I do remember the turtle does it say anything about. You can. Called meet -- he's -- That's the other key here let me read it. Wow look at look at this guy that. Her. I don't know your name that Kate called you daddy for the entire flight to. How would -- you don't. How -- a no thank you kindly never corrected her and he wanted in fact you didn't even flinch as you could probably tell that she was not confusing her. With your own daddy instead making a judgment regarding your level of safety for her. You just and the guy I am when you playing don't know. And here on the air you know Cheney will Hugh Grant every day Sean will pounce on me every down into. But that right there at that one letter right there should -- it's kind of person I am. Sixteen seed policing and sixteenth they -- you still have the ticket sixteenth say they're looking for this guy because this woman posted this incredible letter. About this man who who was just calm collected an amazing to -- Toward child -- in sixteen -- -- hundred. Nashville sixteen -- little here. -- right yeah. We'll probably get the national press. Right here into the -- exactly sure -- hit TV stations are gonna start showing up to you can manage that force. Well I think so yeah yeah. I'll probably be on about Larry I can't run interference. We did know is Alan you go for the post was quite positive and what are you talking about when you're like oh god crying baby. I guess what email -- let alone known crying. Baby season's best thing about post is you eat sometimes people read them differently right what I meant. Oh. I'm so blessed to be part of cried and -- -- because I haven't seen crying babies since my children young. And oh yeah. So I just have done I'm so blessed throughout but I admit that I read between the well nice. Read it and unlike John crying babies I had no idea -- -- who -- If so -- crying baby. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just umpire today studio she kept saying daddy daddy I didn't correct -- not now you don't cry. And I know you fluid your iPad. Well I didn't go to -- but I try to take you with me in front most shrimps at the I travel a lot you know yeah yeah. And a by the time that I does and does so well that lady. Somebody reaches out to a lesser know that I'm sitting right here -- -- She's searching for somebody or searching through that birthday is right. This right here every weekday morning. A -- thing he needs six attend the weekly mortgage. An old. Hung on there and cry baby. Tokyo. Finally. I just let me make certain that it was weird going giving there was blood -- -- -- -- got us there. Claim Davies can ICI reenactment redeeming because she played ABC -- -- -- Dolly -- and then she -- -- -- can guess the idea. -- yeah let's see you Google Dolly call -- new wave. Of nuclear armed wing. You. Don't believe he. Won't. Yeah we have access. Mean he has. -- sitting right here if you are looking for me. Wake up with BJ and each weekday mornings drive thirty Dejan palace where I.