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BJ & Jamie - Omaha wants Manning. (1/14)

Jan 14, 2014|

With Peyton saying Omaha so much Nebraska wants him to visit.


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PG and Jamie. The touchdown passes it's. The people. But instead I will just -- it. It's. All about that. Yeah from the catch phrase and I got to hand it to -- GB white yesterday morning you walked in here. When you walked into the show -- did 545 whatever. You walked in the show yesterday morning and all you were saying was cold. Off it was like it's like -- -- -- Iraq. Every TV station yesterday that's all they did was -- clips together of normal whole alcohol I think he'll listen to our show I really do well. Well -- probably watched that game. And which -- homeless and the spoken word a pilot and I told you what the -- -- again what got me through an offense and high deep. Heidi yes he said Omaha and that is -- like that Peyton Manning did and so my boyfriend's an you know what did you see how they spread out like that on the field. I think yeah doesn't actually strippers name. So they'll remember. It's a mistress. Right he stood up until the mistresses I'm Colin and here are being on -- -- the field. That's about one of his old teams spread out. So he was singing though it it was a stripper and you know spread that he knows yeah. Well yeah well okay and because why else would you yell out Heidi and then -- -- Only you guys didn't notice that her house after a few cocktails. Me and they split. Out to me always like -- to step -- did you see where Omaha Nebraska is trying to get on the bandwagon. With a gentle -- Omaha Nebraska has said that it in the -- -- in -- also much but it's bringing that attention to their talent. And they want they're they -- city somehow involved with Peyton Manning. And they've asked that -- and maybe do an appearance or some type of -- fund raiser in Omaha Nebraska. Bag didn't I west kind of wondering where he got Omaha from well it's it's a code for your own plays and -- them why they use -- -- I don't know. I don't know why nobody really knows why and they're not gonna say well here's the only drawback. I mean really why and they say let it. It. It's locked. Up an old man you guys have color that would have been nice nice tribute to -- to use it you know. I guess the what what were of the called agents I guess the agent for Peyton Manning contacted today here. Of Omaha Nebraska for this whole appearance thing again and once CEO -- -- the rate card. -- patent charges. -- -- -- A lot more than the city of Omaha and it's. Just sad again that -- city can afford to have this charity drive. For a prolonged trip to Omaha. On the I don't know if it seems to be you know to get Peyton Manning I think it's worth you know a lot of money. It made me I'm no marketing genius. But -- come mutual of Oman. Dude go right away you you know who's jumped on the bandwagon Omaha steaks. Or that Belmont Stakes in -- yet they ran an -- yesterday and they put it online even people would love these. Are -- allowed to say that. Is Josie. Remember that Peyton girl let them with the governor of Alaska and learning and Palin Palin well. It's hopelessly and yeah. Even -- in the middle of the. That's -- up. These. Clothes so yeah. -- wake up with Vijay and 105.