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BJ & Jamie - Couldn't buy Bronco tickets! (1/14)

Jan 14, 2014|


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PG and Jamie yeah. I've got a complaint this morning to fabrics that and it we don't have time to get into it now -- Ticketmaster. Com. Can do we discuss it later to -- him now you know what it was not fair yesterday. Now don't we wouldn't we EU. Have four computers. That we're trying to get on at 10 o'clock. To to -- bronco tickets and we can't even get on the teach. But I tickets and we get on page -- -- divert from its over and over over and over again there web site. Shocks I think that we should do let's -- called where everybody gets one dollar after we filled. Class -- We need one of those and I'll take my dollar because they are sending tested overpriced. Yet. To what other people were selling rate which are way overpriced and I don't know what they get on the house. They're averaging 650 dollars a ticket right now well ticketmaster's cutting plan that -- yeah I -- -- I met -- there's a reason why they -- -- there that's pressure. OK so the tickets sold out they said like thirty minutes what we tried we tried for a good twenty minutes. Yeah and could not even get on the bronco pay choking on -- and we should take some calls other people that that tried in the are frustrated this point because. That website sucks I'm sorry -- that's the worst ticket buying website out there and at first you thought I was just don't know Iran -- did I. -- because she be kept saying hey be six or 700 dollars. These these are sold by bus same -- what essential both fans and I'm Mike Mangini you can click here compared -- -- We tried for twenty minutes and that's the only page we can get the. -- is nine news told listen they had ninety dollar tickets available to the public yeah so that's what we want it. And so we kept trying to put guys in the -- -- hot hot hot go over here by the 900 dollar to. The net and make you wait it was like he could select the ninety dollar tickets and it says okay we're retreating your tickets and then boom it would bring you to that other pay and they sure. Call 1800 number while we we did that with three different phones what happened there. Now that it just busy busy busy and then it would come all circuits are busy right now and an end and then when you did get through know what to do it since she -- other place -- -- I'm sorry operators are busy do we you can go to our automated ticket purchasing line by eight. Pressing one in the press one and it just -- in any disconnected to. Something's wrong. I. We wanted was a thirteen to bison can actually have a class action -- bottom that's donors. Well I think because -- don't -- -- to me. I think you're not they just released those play -- against two -- and season ticket holders first known. I -- willing to first but they had that I -- -- but I think that they have to allow the public because that other class action -- and they act to allow the public how many percent. They're supposed to -- that some guy suing because he says it we do one right supply percent of the common public without down -- -- which. You -- I covered last week because there's a guy that I guess is suing the NFL. Her for their practices -- in selling tickets in -- he's saying it's not fair you know what I'm joining his lawsuit yeah. Here he's already got one started to jump on his. Okay. And staff. And I'm I'm I'm with you -- and then the thing -- mad ideas do you have DirecTV. No I do not does that all of you -- the weather channel. I saw that and I guess is impact of weather channel and then you -- that I guess it's some dude just stand outside. I didn't go without -- -- yeah they don't have the the new one doesn't have any maps. It's a little cheaper they set the theme -- LL DOT -- shows knowing me and you didn't -- garage when the they're really -- Copa. Yeah the daily Q in Q and -- I heard -- name is good news is now. I don't think they have -- neither Britney Agassi dropped to okay Ryan. What's up. And then and then -- Who are actors. So. Our computers to Sharon's -- -- can still a ticket and a black market nick boatload of money. I or. And the makers go on -- market color. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have a phone bank only we arrow OK but Domingo and weekend regulators say and then there's professionals but we are pretty professional so. We probably five computers at one time you tried it right -- couldn't even get to the each Abaya. That now think it's what many computers. They won't aggregate. Well it's just hockey system that really is you know I'm so that exact. Way -- but it's like he's just -- -- systematic if I don't care what do what he not only are you pain when scalper there. But isn't it yeah some people went on sale remember I was just I was practicing so even well before it went on sale it was sending me to that other page where -- and item for sale. We started at about 940. In tickets won and so that tent. I never could get a -- -- -- near the page the -- for ninety. Because Cheney -- here and try to try to try to get very frustrated and I was even -- -- -- you're doing something wrong -- you're doing something wrong. And I was wrong because she was doing. Right it was crazy and then Sandra gets the clay and it sends him to we now are processing your ticket order -- wouldn't say. It's simpler process of retrieving your tickets more. And then it just clicked right back over to that tickets by fans -- to the expensive ones the cheapest ones are over foreign. -- -- -- Yes they're averaging like 600 and something dollars right now. I think gay and has that Dan has our. It big difference. At its morning money that you knew that would pay eight. The Internet phone call -- first come first serve and a lot of stadium. Grief. And then six -- with the oaks drive but -- bring it every year price. No I'll apply it every year right here product and it's -- there so many people get it stopped. Being. All about the money anymore. About. Yes I -- about the truth dance -- implement it. Anyway and let's pick that I was in this album I'm not gonna like in the kingdom pinky and the brought the game -- that's gonna want to along as a very OK but anyway. But that's what it -- those sons of guns than I was to buy your tickets from a bit different and right well -- -- them up and matches and I don't know as an cherished by a hundred. I probably wrote wasn't about your tickets who. Does gained about 500 bucks apiece yeah probably. Because what Dan is saying is there's so many computer savvy people will have a chance now. The -- just go back to the old system -- system is go to the box office at 10 AM first come first serve. If you care about your struggle front -- you get tickets. Yeah and indeed at all anymore do you now know just not only he won a wedding venue. It's. Wake up with fleas and see us weekday mornings I thirty days and the Dallas 105.