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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Broncos-Bieber-Ricci-ing. (1/16)

Jan 16, 2014|

All we can think about is the Bronco game no Sunday. Bieber may have to go, and Ricci-ing is dangerous.


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You know -- you have the book well that you just have that bronco -- disease it is due ID -- on the a lot of people are I mean especially. I know what it is that's a mean man and you can't. Go without talking about it and thinking about it and everything in your life is consumed with bronco crap. Thank you so I'll bring it -- and the mood tomorrow. I and I feel like a lot of you largest now to make the Super Bowl look out the darted it's going to be crazy -- back you guys crazy Iran. -- is thinking and then even and -- -- ha. I'll discussion via and that went from around people but most of the time Malone. The so I don't have that rock. I don't talk to myself about the Broncos. You post about. Yesterday no not in post anything yesterday. I did some -- yesterday but no post of. Anyway a lot of you are opposed to run customize the -- is everywhere in control. And it bit -- it's exciting I will image -- for said there's a little spring in my step. A little spring in my hip I think I think a lot of people that aren't even football fans don't following season. Really don't know where the Broncos were all your walk and and all of a sudden -- jump on the bandwagon and I think that's cool aggression do it's fun. I'm not really a fan of the orange and blue collars. Which would get some of them are like black. -- You know -- Earth tones and we're Colorado may be simply knew more grass he is just it's just hard to look good in order to blow the it is really a part -- into brilliance is difficult yeah let's hear Justin Bieber what ever you do that act at another -- He is in a lot of trouble. Over and CE -- are you know he paused when he thousand dollars -- the -- to somebody's -- By thrown example and now there's a couple of things I know it's of his cell phone to. To his cell -- yet they seized -- -- nobody knows. They said they ticket read that in his pants are. I thought it was -- mean -- -- was charged with drugs yeah wasn't there. Well as well as says and TMC Justin Bieber is worried about what cops are going to find on his cell phone. But we're told -- issues involved naked and drugs were not so much eggs -- from DMZ but it's better. Law enforcement sources that say that when they searched Justin's house Tuesday they seized his cell phone and took it right out of his hot day and which is weird because I agree with you -- obesity was there it was just luck. Teens. And don't tell that story. Images and every report I saw us and he was not a moment comes around I think that the -- Drugs found he would have been arrested for that -- is house. I dreamed of policy pulled up teams he said that to do. And hot little hands and they say hot little. -- -- Who I smell a rat. Sources say cops are interested in this text that you could incriminate him around they wanna see if he texted someone. After the fact and bragged about a -- So that's of their considerably in the that there I don't know. I don't know if I'm sources connected with Justin say to -- Jeanne. He's concerned more about drug discussions and references than -- -- But even if cops do you find drug references Justin's in the clear given there's no physical evidence. Nonetheless he nonetheless he's afraid no -- how to. I guess is a budget naked photos he and -- to not cool now we're talking. Not him so much but maybe you earned it -- -- like. Not. That the that our history get a and now radar online essays and that was DMZ radar online is saying that he might be deported. -- -- -- Oh that's right he's Canadian not yet. Open and he could -- -- he can -- get deported over and anything can happen. Well when it's 20000 dollars a becomes that now. Now yesterday I mentioned that you know would be good idea probably to move get out of the neighborhood big Orange County but out of the USA. Naked into the dream and blow through Celine Dion is now saying over there may have missed sending to -- -- I don't know what's gonna haven't I there's a new fad that -- nation what's that it's cold reading chi. One of Parise each seeing. Breezy -- it's hard to say that Christina Ricci started the trend. And that I guess she posted pictures of her in a refrigerator. A -- dryer and then yesterday. She resigned -- that Kelly -- and let's and that Michael Michael Strahan right. So she was on that show and she was talking about how this -- GE -- Is sweeping the nation is so then Kelly rip -- Got under and -- shot a picture and and posted it and then that Michael us am. He tried to get under the desk but he couldn't do so now everybody's trying all these people are trying to get into small places. The shoes and drier. It goes under a desk. No no no the girl started yeah and she was under -- guarantee this little dangerous to start that trend. -- get into a freezer. Yeah makes you better figure it juror refrigerator her especially since those two little kids yeah I didn't get to a drier those two little kids two days ago died and hope chest yet that's just usually are really dangerous trend. That lame rallying company used to make hoped tests. Snow these 27 in eight years old again -- hope chest and has inside locked and they can get out and they suffocated at noon. -- as if he gets into Cuba. A cubicle know -- is a vehicle caught. It but that's the Texas healthy and what do you look at -- -- I'm looking at all these pictures of the matter in her refrigerator. And obviously everything I would not stay in a refrigerator you know it's not happening. Now there's Michael Strahan with table on his head. I had to lift up the table -- head -- the kennel well. Wet wet Kelly. As he's under the desk she's got herself squished underneath the desk. Our. While their issues in the freezer. To this is a bad I'd like tennis trees -- like a standup refrigerator freezer -- top. And art yes isn't -- -- first saw it and you'll die in there and secondly it can follow it's bad if that fell over while you were in the freezer. I would be a bomber yeah he doesn't it -- -- based on. Here's someone under couch. And that ladies in a box. There's a little freezer that is not good on that's teaching that's those small little refrigerators do that he put in office. All we talked to this one of them and prince Gary thinks UN target or not to action. No I'm I'm not do part of this trend under the Browning instead of what's that again. -- that's where you pretend that you got you know somebody brushes you but you pretend that you get there really aren't and he dolby clock and they called him yet. -- US do you and Ricci on the drank it in the slackers diesel refrigerator I think that -- okay.