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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Broncos car-pool - American Idol talk. (1/17)

Jan 17, 2014|

We learned that Manning, Decker and Tammie car-pool to the games together in a Buick.


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-- I read some of them really cute. What's that they have what the Broncos name isn't enamored -- not to moderate Temi Tammy it's killing him. Did you know thinks this is so cute. That meaning Decker and Tammy. I'll go to the games together. In one car he carpool -- -- -- that -- adorable. Saving gas. They can afford to plow drivers -- car at. A public it's a Buick. If you -- -- just a few commercials it's gotta be those. Front wheel when I was watching that TV show Decker he was dead and arrange rover can have you're gonna -- patent. Didn't get you know TD strike again they're gonna let Decker drive he can't even -- run on grass it. Without -- I'm glad that I am I gonna let him drop the car and a local little accident there and -- Buick. Look he's driving a Buick he promoted to be argued wanted to do it I mean -- Anyway so yeah they add Altria and go add to the game is in one car. And they caught their special little time. Cheer this. And that share. Sure -- box and still. OK you know I mean I play along for awhile the but yeah sure that your patent swings by and -- -- they're big dagger in his ousted his Buick and then they go over to Andy's house and Aaron. Acts in the parking lot while the -- Did start to 45 I don't think it's in me by I don't see you happy. You get this pretty. Good I don't see that anyway her at her and her really remembered that. -- -- -- What you want some real bronco tidbits here's where you come to the show -- any -- here they car pulled together. Oh and we tried to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nelson's new deck here do you read the last February lately and I'm going to be there about -- -- have you gym -- The continue to -- you're doing your -- here though don't we at least know what. Neither needed giving up -- ever -- to turn around guns and they've got Wallace. I forgot I -- and I've incidents such as how. That's how it goes and -- -- -- a kids at school like a lab today my son's little friendly soccer. Somebody's always forgot something but he didn't always her at all -- -- Back. We got to go back. They forgot. The fitness book I only look at all the farmland. These people are smoking bar I would you look at all the only. -- It's a learning on nine you all -- we'll get them liars out. Let me just jump into your support I wanna see a picture right. And I want to see a picture how -- see a picture of three of the three of them in the hov lane to pull off. Otherwise we don't know what. What are they I mean can imagine that she's right you look over as -- it and it does not like you're like. That's not good -- that. Problem. A little bit but I don't you can't I appreciate -- Sixty. I. I was very definite and killed. And didn't get together at the house says it stands such and such from the hotel. Did that about but the hotel that we got together my Buick. Feel like I'm good I'm going home. You know I had to go to the show today. Oh yeah are. You are -- only -- that during the. I think I do is lie and I don't know of Dayton has a little as does the F like lose the cars beaten you know a lot of. His customary that that all teams I am OK I might be wrong I'm just couldn't tell you what I know all teams they stay at hotels the night before and they go over on these big big big. Buses and that's yeah that's how they do with the lakers because the lakers onstage at the Ritz Carlton all of do marina Delray. I don't know that there are -- -- yeah that's because I remember that all the -- -- -- -- the -- Yeah every -- groupies Vijay at that Ritz Carlton. Ultimately staid and those big bucks as you're right. That load of all the players and goats is whatever that -- as meticulous did they look a Greyhound buses and they all go over to the team to. I'm -- reading. I'm reading something. That -- Manning car pulls Eckerd and it is games. And a Buick. And it's really it's very special time now they've done it for the past two years. Big car -- together and drive from the hotel to the stadium. But they're good as your series Jamie. Let about how I -- -- anger and Decker don't get along that that that's -- that I can also hit the east jealous he's picking him up in his house. Though I -- girls that I don't like him. Yeah you know and I got an incomplete my son's kids that make up Alan I don't know. They rotate who drives because they want to be fair. At that time. There they discuss the game that they're quoted as saying we write together every game and he gives us a chance to talk a little bit and get ready for what we're about to embark on. It's a pretty special thing. La is sweet. Show won't. What are you pick us up for the mirage -- -- attack -- Mean you'd Jamie will go to the barrage from the media concert -- your daughter. So we can talk a -- OK at the -- -- a special time together and I'll be over in the cube. Collected data yeah. Let's that is I'd rather drive a minute. Plus drive a drug problem. So I so there's actually not believe me I I again. Yeah shots -- -- this is the big fat lie I thought maybe our friend Jimmy can look at this -- no no let. Well I will tell you is that a minute ago -- -- fry your round go to and it's right. -- -- -- 1009 news. So I -- I got it. By the way the Broncos favored to winds six point five it's it's fun of -- six point five yeah. And what that means. It's points spread that fell back. Some. Years I know yeah. Are you think well I don't go into it because it just it's attorney hasn't let it sit on the -- -- It's a little bit in net narrative six point five how can I ask you this thing. A ball. People bad. -- I think it was like at one point it was like forehand for five and a half point blank you know it's gonna -- what six and a -- six snapped yeah. I -- and how it works and it's just because of the -- that taken and then they tallies from the okay yeah they try to even out the money than tally India. -- -- of gravity and worthy top Oscar nominees. -- gravity attend each. This is careful but -- tell you that -- Russell Gilligan. Russell delegate Russell Johnson. A -- millions I professor eight passed away. -- was. He got ahead in the R&R. 34 is and is -- decent thing. -- It was always weird for them to watch Gilligan's Island because he can make like. Radios attic so cadets but then they never worked losing 89. Is in aren't close enough. I -- American Idol lowest ratings are. And are brought in here our view of what happened. Well I saw part of it last night and it's the same old crap -- me and it's just you know it's those auditions -- least get people better in these rooms -- some of the good -- users of the -- did you. People crying if you -- The judge has rolled her eyes big it to slip aboard the Hollywood -- -- Sunday and grabbed. What shot am -- right. They said it was forty minutes into the show before they ever showed a bad singer. So the whole show is all about the heart strings and the love it and which hosts the only reason we watch are they're not jobs readily -- Hong that's the only things a news show. They're risking their pants on the grammar than yeah I don't look -- -- with -- That's why we watch. Yeah that definitely miss when you watch Wednesday night's American Idol premiere I am. There's guys out there and his name is Sam Atherton. -- was very very eye on the shelf. Very very well. Yesterday I guess he was servants frozen lemonade to group of churchgoers he had the asks washing machine. Me as a frozen lemonade truck that this CM does. He just finished serving frozen lemonade to a group of god church goers -- kids can't. No sudden. That they said that. That they looked over and the church did the church group. And they said that he had an intense look on his face while vigorously moving his arm and shoulder. Is doing now to somebody would have to get to lemonade and they say and -- -- yeah. Yeah a year you taught. Them how often and then Clinton said no I'm distraction that's let because I have a severe fungus. I've done that. You can dance the way you can put struggle sometimes when you go to the gym again take up your pay -- suspected. Oh yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah Hudson can stretch if he would Europeans aren't. Wake up with Vijay and see us weekday mornings at 530 minutes and tell us where I.