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BJ & Jamie - Men say they work harder than they do. (1/14)

Jan 17, 2014|

Men say they work a little harder than they actually do.


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-- She would talk about my -- we. Yeah you know what it here's what it is -- here here's what it is and her. Us guys. Do -- much. Around the house and and just just things in general. That we don't get the credit it -- We don't get credit we deserve because all that every woman things that we exaggerate. We embellished and you always try to make it. You put words into our mouse I ever said anything major about this tree. And and cleanup always said was I had some work today. Who don't listen at my peak days so well I'll just say what happened okay in my head maybe it was my thought maybe I miss Andrews has lost. So Vijay is tell me how this 3000 and is hard. And he really needs to go home and clean up this tree this huge streak -- the wind is bad last week right into the huge tree falls down as hard. Well like some of us maybe behind his back might -- in the office says he's leaving because he had a home. And get that trip out. Are extra I couldn't stick around for a meeting with the boss -- and get the tribute not only my -- remember there was pieces in my neighbor's -- to right. I'm responsible for that. So is like it's amassed so we're like this we're laughing or enemy combatants a behind him going. How long is that -- get a set there really he's not get so then the next day aren't that. Well Lou -- but. So far just you're not even gonna gimme credit for going home and doing the work you're gonna say that I'm just gonna go home and look at -- go back. And then I'm tomorrow it may and next week I'll do it tomorrow panic insult itself ran a it sell it hits but boy UK I'm just tell you the truth. So. The next day I make a joke I'm like hey how that -- is like. -- -- all I -- -- -- get good changeup and a committed. Yeah seven and I -- I cannot present well some and -- not only. Well you got the true grit -- the -- bad day when I got home. And then I have in my head like. Maybe his life really is different than I think it is like maybe -- in my head when I think of him like golden moment and just get the recliner and -- Started to snow Lauren eaten -- -- people put itself on FaceBook. Yeah we knew you'd -- your clutter and everybody doing today you never. Leonard you paint that picture -- -- -- which is not to rope breaks out there that maybe like she is living a different life than. I think he is maybe is out there with a tunes on gloves -- you know each chapter a good and I know watching my daddy. Cutting up the tree is a lot of work and getting it -- -- firewood well may have a lot of work so I was impressed with the and so I thought you know I should really let it change my inner thoughts about you and what you do home because that's impressed. Until then. I'll lock in downstairs yesterday and whenever. Any it's and they says. I saw that limit near yard. -- We went. Get it dead downwind I it lives over by your house season. I thought it was good to you about so that limb and equipped -- what. I've been dipped. No I didn't -- -- know -- no no no this is were having in -- some guy in the energy don't go off. This is -- was. It's the question. Now. -- -- -- -- Not a muscle. Were no no no listen to me from an awesome and I. -- can get a -- you're trying. Now you're jumping on you should be used yeah. Your man card and support men everywhere because we all get accused of -- -- putt all right so here's what I did. But what I. When I saw the damage to the trade the Latin eleven. The damage to the big tree in the yard it wasn't a whole tree he was damaged in Detroit. I thought would that. -- -- -- -- I would need a change so all -- So that's why I had mentioned getting my change so I don't. Because I thought let's get up to go get the latter could change all get up there and trim this thing down and cut it and get it and and get it out of the armed blah blah blah. -- -- and -- the guy in the -- he's laughing at those but so is it you're gonna get into inside his language is grab -- pull it down. And you do it while it was like. Where did it. Paula -- -- -- because it was broken enough that I just walked over with and it felt that apple. Don't do that. I -- badly out we weren't -- get you know up I do stream. That's -- that's a tree trimming experience held -- -- trim them by unite our. Actually there is no Ireland there was like I feel like I -- I -- at a man like grab bag. You know make it pirates. And -- up over the citing what you're adds up how you -- there pulled down a limit. And then would you do step in the trash that was so small you know every guy -- -- -- -- an attractive and so it's not because the guy said I saw as did you know you can. It sticks out of the can like a good three or four feet rule but to -- The blue. But don't tell you guys hear -- -- Jamie EEC here too much out of this ever built it up to be all full tree. That I had to cut up -- what I don't -- up what you said was you don't let guys get this all the time. I shouldn't shock me turn this into just something that that that I think men can relate to listen to our show. Guys we bust -- sometimes we were around the house we do things do teams duke and ladies appreciate. -- moment you'd think that we just sit around all day we'd do nothing we we do things around the house we pick up we take care of the yard we do that this this. So credit we get no credit these days. I think you when it is is you don't get a credit usually. Are -- eight. You please exaggerate like never I've never seen it is and then -- And -- -- the times yesterday. I'm living room yesterday got no credit you didn't clean the living room I know that story to. I -- down you do he -- mutually duped or didn't tell the truth did you do please. -- a bit of practice I wiped on the count option swept around some areas and -- and sex. He said -- The way it is now on the way he. He said he I actually strip the cab stand and got rid of all stayed the pro -- at all the pet hair -- luck. No you know what he did uses leather he took -- alike are are all in a closet why did off. Hello guys do this yes the do we dogs entry -- it because you know what I am going to be serious now because of who's competing in the beginning. I decrypt that tree I just I'm gonna notre. All of adding cut -- -- thing out of loan chainsaw with the image change so I know can I. I don't know you know us pitcher who will do that Little House on the Prairie almost. These are 30322 or 3032225423. Ladies as your husband. Claim that he puts like hours and hours and hours and really put maybe ten minutes into whatever it is he did. And you guys are really infamous and not act like -- -- are difficult. I'm paralyzed -- all girls. I'm so pleased and every guy does show and you are one of the worst that you are Cheaney and I sitting here and listen do you daily talk about how you expected Spain and the house. While waiting on cheated to get home from work so it's all clean because she comes through the door it's thirty that's such BS. You snowboard to sleep on the couch hidden dangers of a sandwich you don't do that. Not like the other day I -- -- -- -- have them and put even though is I've been playing and made his bet. Getting him like him he makes that it looks like he cleaned up the road you don't mean. We all -- don't let it. It reminded me that a guy thing only 30322. Alice 303. 2225423. As your main claim that he does this this is -- business. And really does speedy fifteen minutes worth of stuff and then complains about the rest of the the. How tired you that I think it's like you guys want is to learn more mainly the new line. I think that's it tonight I have the latter I hands I had to get out McCain's running these Saul and I had to get this. I got to go to Home Depot. Why -- Home -- we let and in some guests and liars. That. -- -- tools for that's. Terrible our -- Yeah we do -- in in the thing is we're not duping anybody. You know -- you know don't you you know we're not doing all the stuff that we say we're doing or how long it takes it's not we're not doing it. It's not the magnitude. Of what we pretend. This Tesla. I'm looking at phones I'm -- it was like I was CME's house last night when you -- a look at what she said semi. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our current soared to -- military doctor I want to show such she wants to wait. I'm here. Will move out -- Okay instead of him doing the work to pressure -- -- he would rather pay somebody to replace it. Yes does an arm and I I agree with a -- looks great. Shall watch it but a new looks new and god. You know what that's that's the epitome a lazy that's an analyst he was a whole new women's that I am the cleanest it's like a men's tennis and that's pretty -- yeah when you can get some -- -- This does Sammy does your husband do this all the time does he always kind of come up with things that he's done would really start really done that much at all. The grueling it's a guy funny and talented and -- -- It's not just to take that. Sean does it I do it. I would say -- honest to god because -- -- I've been with a few men in my life with our watchers. Even isn't super yourself after power -- something. And I can't hours. I love I'm -- power or -- in there and going and trigger. You're not doing anything that you like I did. -- -- -- -- Jamie a power washer fight back her. I got its resistance training it could have hundreds of pounds of pressure yeah. But it's according to what model you -- -- got a five horsepower that sucker was weird even you know that at. At upper body work out. And our pressure washing a year you're going to be that you're gonna be taking some painkillers. Any time that you can hold a beer in one hand and be doing -- and activity in the other hand you're not working. Adrenaline the Dearborn and end -- paralyzed in the other and act like Google's. Well this one hand it takes a lot of arms straight. They don't make two handed washers and yeah they should. LA yeah. Mining and -- -- -- go under nailed by a larger -- -- That my thank you I'm gonna be so. I can do about it in and out of grumbling. In the you do it. Yeah there's a lot of build up and and no matter how you make fun of us women for outlets. To get an outfit to Emily. You can't wait -- garbage. A dirty -- on. Our partly -- oh no no no you don't it and I didn't. No no no. -- -- -- Eat it and so -- -- right now okay. There's definitely. And that's the thing you why they do things before and after the game like -- yeah. And I together that the united tailgate first. In the Indian what's the here in the -- you know getting your name your house while I still he'll be at home country I did actually get your car and opened the trunk. Put on the sweat bands and stuff that you complained you pulled that car at the graduate of the drug -- right and he had -- Dayton you worn out before the game. Straight at me and oh. Yeah. That's important I have a good Lindsay Lindsay. Oh. My boyfriend. I got -- all the laundry and you know I'm yeah there are a lot share Accenture which are certainly her two older who. Back -- Oh my god -- I hate to -- so what it is but he's done is far. -- -- I got all of a lot -- you dynamite really. Left in the -- and old and not only that. -- had watched like all the backing. -- -- at 10 o'clock and I I get out of -- -- all the -- that's an elemental match. I don't see a problem that I'm a -- you -- well -- just a segment. I talk show and yes I do the same thing there's not a problem -- that none if there's no more dirty clothes the laundry done whether it's folded or not. I press the easy part any of us can pick up the laundry -- end -- Shenzhen blob of luck to the -- and all the easy part lawlessness. That is how. I just one final leans harder to just monotonous it's -- and then you have to dig into the different rooms that isn't. And -- -- one -- -- that got them -- yeah yeah are actually. The minute come out in one -- I'll buy my records are saying should. Yeah I didn't really get that neither you -- here and I don't think Billy Dale what. Well so is to wash it uses put loading and should be why. Don't we put them not just -- I think that it's a dryer on high. Is Lindsay and I think he's right though about the betting. And why you guys just not in the middle of the matches like to make itself Newington bed making theories to amend. Yeah because I'm convinced that you shifted to be put on the clean laundry on the bed and then he shut the door and you think these ferries coming in like a Tooth Fairy. That'll make the bed. No it's the ferry were waiting on you to get home. But so you can pulled up close like I did my part by changes made them. I paper that fitted sheet on the. I guarantee that but. Did -- -- to do that they would sub craggy you know or catch a cold this morning. Yeah I know. Okay so are the -- concerned. Do you -- -- all I do all the laundry I'd make sure separated. Let the -- are straight into the dryer and I all Internet. Ole miss that a lot oh man and a white man that's huge boobs. She anyway. But this tendency -- the other part of a. What about why they -- -- white he got follow library. To go to -- at all and but she gotten older put away. And I can say that because right now achieved in Hawaii and I'm here does it you -- your program. Wow -- -- what you are you know what you are. -- And all the laundry folding it and doing all of this is why isn't Hawaii. But though I don't what what what are what are all -- like Craig Craig Craig got appointment. -- you and why he. Gotta gotta work and more young my laundry to do the. Wake up with Vijay and each weekday mornings I thirty Dejan -- 010 I.