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BJ & Jamie - NFL wants to get rid of the Extra point kick. (1/21)

Jan 21, 2014|

NFL wants to get rid of the extra point kick.


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-- Why the NFL. I guess somebody out and hit hard you're somebody somebody says -- gonna do would be extra point debts that can't put that seven point after he scored touchdowns. That's the debate now how does it work again -- they're gonna get rid of that you can do some doubts. OK so here's the day. So. They say is statistically the actual point always happens so people -- -- that the kicking team comes out of -- they get a touchdown. Heavyweights and I got a kick it into the field goal. And an NBA and blocked. The only did four times out of thirteen hundred -- It's so it can't happen more times than a. 14100 Baltimore. It's trying to practice kick for a -- you have to kick a field -- come later on in the -- the guy gets about -- light up eyes and -- -- -- think it's a follow. So the thinking OK they're gonna make the touchdown or or seven points -- as he -- in the -- yeah. ATK. Now the team hasn't decision to make. We can try again some -- What they'll do as a Brennan in the game right from the three yard line just like he would for two point conversion -- so so the wind shocked right. So after that there's no kicker whatever after they get the templates that come back out and I mentioned it and return to if they try and making its. And that touchdown becomes worth eight points and -- get the extra point ranked. If they try and -- they take a way appointee. And so now -- know we're six points and your touchdown was worth six so automatically when you scored seven points -- you can go to the -- And if you miss you keep the seventh but it's what it's like they -- -- like -- like that's. But -- he's on our. It's a great gambling game -- like that doubled down -- -- go for it I don't eagle Ford into the if so it's it's yeah. It's not it's just a tie game you didn't go for a for the eight points. Or will you because now -- take away point if you don't get it and I like that it's gambling what we're -- The brightest Sports Radio people in the world because we don't deuce court to review between -- united this is becoming heated conversation this morning because I want my ball -- and I think that the the the way the game is played today is the way it should stake they should be changed in the points who assists each day would they actually deduct points -- underscore. Who else does that you take -- points in the NBA you don't do -- and baseball you don't do it any of the major sports right. Let's see points take off. The board and to that was kind of a weird trip points -- Matt Danny and I -- brilliant guy says if you get seven -- realm. The newsroom -- I'm gonna give an excellent. But if you don't hit seven in a -- amounted to catch seven different zarrella in amount toss them yes. If you get seven in the realm. And then went up my hand and just -- take went out. They have that rule that -- about -- So -- that's not how it is I think if I'm trying to explain it right with a better analogies to ball. And the shrimp thing here's what we need to do is real 3.2 real crazy I don't have a better analogy I think the betting on a shrimp just -- -- 32225427. Current art and again we're -- Sports Radio station but it's just aren't the stupidest thing you've ever heard your life when the extra point -- -- EU about the gambling part what are they just put a slot machine on the in the end zone so when -- court -- nuggets pull a lever and that lands a certain number you get an extra point. He's taken -- that's not a bad yeah. Come it's like to call us. It's all gamble in 3032 -- to -- 3032225423. Just aquittal told you robbed a on the BGG -- morning chip too quickly. I think that the actual places statistically only four times out of thirteen hundred attempts and missed it I it's both -- It's not that feel good you know let kicker Tyre where residents with our resident. There are teacher. -- -- Nader's -- again I guess in the end it but it does he get around me as it does he get like his salary did that now. It didn't miss is no 'cause he's not always not working his passion that the the it yeah I mean not a part I think instead of 500000 dollar G dropping -- 200 dining I think now it becomes a part timer no benefit she. Just to get insurance now would the did part errant. This has got the stupidest thing you've ever heard. Personally I think he has but second -- -- Yeah that's definitely. Do -- and I don't think -- is this is the stupidest thing you've ever heard. It. Thank you -- but -- -- over its parent knows the Cheney's analogy shrimp in -- happened. I can't think of a different and that. But please and but the thing is they -- if you watch similar I'll always happens like they always get it in the boat carrying. Both right. A she should play clutch -- and seeing happen in. The political likely -- come down. -- won't -- yeah. Because -- This toy is on then offense as they always get them. They statistically and. -- Don't look good at all I don't know about finals. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- TV -- has not given crap about football Paula you won't know that she's fighting for the stupid rumor. She draws the support I've got a lot of I -- -- football never really goes on her radar until this happened yeah. You don't -- to -- I I does that negativity I guess there's that adds specific I am. Slot machine that right until let's say you win a dollar it'll push it says you wanna double downs might make that dollar into two dollars or I can lose at all. And it's always so exciting because like. Or nice doesn't it double my money and this is not. -- machine and I guess -- -- all gays should they have to decide to go for it we get -- if we don't make kids. I'll take away important only gets six love. -- think that they did double down. Okay is the Vegas though Matt. Matt. Is that they do an album. Is the biggest double them we're going to. I gotta go beat on this when he got to keep an incident its integrity. And I -- is examining its integrity is the word integrity. Where's -- any. It's just the way the game is played the way our forefathers polite well at 4 o'clock black -- with a dug in about exactly yeah. I think the only -- a year ago and Ian thanks -- -- that has changed some things about the ball. Yeah that he needs on this -- gambling banned. Just done if you get to double down and it's that when -- -- I just think that six -- like get more and I'll tell you I mean we like it you know some like love it but this makes it courtside because. Vijay the really you know like slime machine is good there's no decision to be made right. Right but on the double error either pull lever right there on the -- -- -- get to make a decision do I go forest or -- -- If I don't may get that I -- I mean this looks like it. The soap opera and we'll tell you. Those roulette wheels would that. Blackened -- lovely. Sentiment is making that choice of -- -- accurate the other than those green to all of that goes here the people least distinctly green slot honestly it. I hit it I am okay it happens on I mean to bring that up debate. -- -- -- -- The data. Hey what's up. -- a little. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like six inches apart. At the weekend and you know statistically they always make kids. And since she's -- big hit just aren't a circle. And yeah I. When they get a basket and. And the ball -- the basket and get it I love it if it's ever -- in the three points to India and every every game has to involve. Work well -- -- yeah. Surely you know what I just said do you all dare I -- Naimi the where you deduct points yeah because if you got a certain point you shoot over par you deduct from your store right. Well it goes the other direction -- Never. You do let them know that you did. This. -- What is gonna do well but then up. From -- -- some villagers who. He came you'd get forgotten want to let -- hiding staying. At the and I -- and it now says outreach to gain the he did they get that high which does do. Saying that there are. I can't really understand -- -- a bad connection that. Even without. Him back. Let's do that not that I'm just kidding yeah okay you get appointed. Why would we -- That why not below that point. I don't really carried away like it but it really didn't tie. Here's the guy but this is what they're saying it says. The game is changed over time an emphasis has shift from the kick. Which used to be worth more the -- is worth more. It didn't I don't know I'm asking I don't know and is say is that remember this to the forward pass was once just an intriguing idea. But now it's caught on fairly well. I don't know what that means that apparently the balls and in the room. I guess so it's a multi -- and with me -- and -- -- you know it does -- change also now just to be nice they get ugly cheerleader. Yeah we used to didn't -- to the ball -- -- you are actually right -- wrong or stupid when you talk about the and deducting points are stupid you're used to it. The first thing. It's not going to be a game more exciting because coaches currently most risk averse people on that stable. Ever go for it and we -- bought that we out to. And it do -- -- you and Susan like. Well here but I think it's not statistically insignificant packet 8000. Big. I know this guy yeah yeah yeah I'll do you know don't give me is still wouldn't. Right now we're so far behind on Kim Kardashian -- Yahoo! want to. It's. -- got to do over style and I just because whoever. I change now because of clipped the back of the things that Jamie and I say about sports with stats were lost at some guy named him Barney because would make up half stuff police say the frozen. -- Back at Lambeau and then moved here in 1915 I think it was bad and I remember like it was yesterday -- I -- live in an ideal. I think the best analogy was that shrimp that bidding on us. I think -- say you know if you didn't have a navy -- And and something happens that they have to go fishing in your -- to get the other one out burger that's not a good idea that there's just not a good idea of what. Wake up with -- and each weekday mornings at 530 to ten Dallas 10 I.