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BJ & Jamie - Broncos going to the Super Bowl, sean performs. (1/21)

Jan 21, 2014|

Broncos are going to the Super Bowl.


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-- We are at this. Dear -- song I'm about California police say that I haven't and I felt that -- exactly did you hear my song and ultimately this region. And I heard you say to -- did you hear so you haven't heard -- on. So we took basically the song what -- -- have to song from you know the Broncos play in the New England Patriots and -- switched over to the Super Bowl here we are ready. A good. -- -- Feel really good. -- -- Good okay. The home. In the end of the John -- and very good short and I wouldn't know yeah I would have Miller. I'm like yeah I heard today in the the dared him a little more and -- -- Decker -- Decker. That's again but to carry its Eric Decker yeah I do know I didn't I would generic and Eric yeah. The and I don't concede that -- -- -- -- great job with that they did a great job hundred super long so we're excited about it. Even sunny and died in Iraq vet and you know it's like we've talked about different artists that. We never reduced. Right they sound amazing. Aren't you know like some of the one hit wonders of the world when you produce and they -- amazing to -- then. You know you go and see him maybe at the state fairs on the -- let alone. They need to be you know produce yellow Richard did a great job of like adding all that stuff because. I know it's been awhile that. The U member of try to. Last Friday. You mean when -- went down to the barrage in Littleton -- -- perform yet do you remember that remember that it doesn't mean that. I have to logical here some on. That brought -- but he didn't -- rectum some audio and yet yesterday -- but it is pushing it. Our. -- news. All I think and the which you're getting into lucrative spike. I think this is our perfect together -- OK so also what you just heard there was Sean aliens the -- right. When you put somebody -- on stage each. Just sometimes it doesn't really translate like a studio does because of all the production elements are supposed to sit here yeah -- -- -- -- -- from Friday night I have -- -- tonight. Okay. While. And pregnant that I. While -- so bad -- good word these little girls in the pink dresses. And in front of the -- there's two little girls you know hide it you then -- would about a so the two little girls in the pink dresses that would walk by the front stadium and there'll -- They Wear it then it's too loud and. He even got into that so well. Sure I won Florida but you're gonna especially guitar I thought you were just completely out of control I -- yelling in your shouting at people and in need you try to -- one liner he should then stay in the routine that flopped like crazy yes. But I mean you give it your best I have to admit -- That's -- that's all my standard equipment there I -- secondly all that out every performance. -- just say it's not his daughter lives in high school you know his daughter reform first with her little high school friend they were amazed. I am and an all kids that -- at the at the plays and they really enjoy their haven't used -- as calming -- And then seeing you in the this year he had been an excellent job on yeah. Okay. And is so. Match there was no matter what happens I asked the manager I said do you have a some paddles here. Panels were in need of did you see how bright and -- turned it cause any harm men and he is. Oh and we need to defer really neat yeah. You're out of control is excited -- a low I think drugs -- a word I was excited and drunk. Now let a couple of cocktails -- -- -- talk -- -- you're really into it yeah I get into it yeah definitely -- How hard it is and eat your wings well well well he's human years and you dream since you were jumping up and -- new reality in your screaming in -- this. And then the guy that followed viewers like. But he threw him come here and you say you they're going to move moving the union was that. That the basis had to get up there a common down. Well there was a gut player I guess I runs and Adam right in the car heritage and I think he thought you were getting out of control so he can't stepped in and inserted playing in the back -- just try to take the edge off. Well I told him before I got started I said came and I know you played really well if I start sinking and feel free to jump it fully exempt and so apparently -- that was an area. That's -- that was the code if you start -- Jumping in and save the exact all that -- chipped it. Even the -- pretty quickly than not being used in their on the second song. I don't say it was really fun but when all those little kids are there hold there ears at a picnic and but let's -- I -- is right in -- -- facing just can't walk people and -- -- a little girls are right that there. Well and then make the. It's a -- at the -- -- on doing this every -- every other week yourself you know I I'm gonna try go down once a month maybe be. At least because they do karaoke there as well you -- on Fridays so I am a big fan of karaoke salt -- going down once month. These and I think that you -- when I say this and Johnson and you have thanks for everybody who came down as he signed a Aaliyah I was sort -- therein I'm a bigger and that's what he said at a. -- two largest ground -- largest crowd ever. Yet -- if she was really impressed. They were excited. And ideas that meet all the people that came out to see -- play that was -- exciting active it's on a pictures and everyone was so gracious and I just enjoyed him so much fun. No it was just it was just the wings were delicious geniuses -- And that. Lisa and I shared to me than just the most delicious and I just delicious new. And in that that cannot be -- blow off but the Indians were delicious they're gonna allow you to -- Initiative -- -- that. On -- like I think I dig that up -- -- unless -- did it when. It Jake -- good to take the bad to take Kimball and there you have -- life and they say everybody's. I -- he's on the wrong I don't know one person and not a narrow it's -- what they're -- and that's a -- to us. I -- person not one person on the backs of and I think -- this thing but I have. -- is a studio musicians. Yeah. Isn't everybody. Happy and crickets and nobody -- haven't. And nobody. She's always sort of stupid. -- -- -- -- fast yeah she didn't it. Good number one yeah that there is no way she was flickered on and I'll advocate -- is she good you're bring him. The entire not the -- you lose your biggest an intimate. But she is getting it and she hopes she's so amazing. Season an element. Shouldn't she did what he does then you win win his daughter was playing at one -- he started crying noon when he was up onstage as. Graham noon Jones on stage has started current. -- Wake up with Vijay and Jesus weekday mornings at 5:30 -- -- 1 o'clock.