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BJ & Jamie - Can you Jinx a football game? (1/23)

Jan 23, 2014|

Jamie is wondering if people really think they can jinx a football game?


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And Jamie. That you're asking me no we were saying hey let's talk about the proposal -- and I sits and about do you think that it's possible my analysis only seven minutes what's yours and shunted off on turn on you you ask me do you think it's possible to jinx -- what he -- that. Since there aren't -- -- on a different browsers and the there's -- repeated -- -- seventy it is just I don't care if I'm. Ask me -- obsessed if I think it's possible to jinx the game. Yeah and I'm -- -- when you talk about the SP ended the solving nada and watch ESPN I have a computer and I -- iron that so many fans believe that there ritual. Not only their ritual that so many players and fans believe what ever heard their ritual is for game day it if they don't do it exactly that way it would change the game. Are there any bronco fans that have a ritual. That -- just reminds me of and goes down into the basement to get a beer and every time he comes back up the score yes so he needs to stay in the basement. That's what you're talking with. Are there any bronco fans that have a ritual that you think. Possibly helps a team. I just I'm trying to think of any ritual and never hadn't any lifetime -- but what's funny is I remember a long long long time ago when Patrick block. Lady and it wasn't a coach I remember people saying that he used to have a state dinner and that he always had stepped across that line. Every time we played. It's Democrats whatever that line is on the on the ice the Blue Line now I think senator restore -- had to step across and he always had state before you played. That was his ritual that was his ritual what he. Left the Himalayan should. Didn't win every single game he played. So how does -- its original okay yeah but it doesn't necessarily mean it brought good luck because there are teams that they lost I don't know how that becomes like eight. I didn't I think he should had things. I mean if -- if you lose a game after having your ritual -- by James W ritual right well I I guess there's some postings I. This morning of a different players are better in the Super Bowl and have certain routines that they go through every single day. Or every single game day in order to. Possibly bring them good Lott doesn't always work for example the car and -- may be. Maybe that's just that. And they said what -- that that guys on Seattle and so I don't have all the information that when the guys and Seattle he he does is weird. He has to put his socks on at exactly ten minutes before or whatever before this -- practice. It's like he asked him you have to be in a certain number like. I -- high fiber sadly absent. They're so EE heat watches some clock watch whatever in its gotta be ten minutes and for Sox. Why would you do. It it's just your socks. Indo us and it's almost ADHD. I think even like it's a ritual is more like -- TTE. Is he talking problem. -- what are we should hear from people here Tracy. -- Yeah. It can't go -- It. -- You've got your dad where's all his front here. We can't let that shirt and and uncle like any at all that Italy and. It sure is one of those friends like I hang out -- and she's really cool we go and hang out and then I go over her house and -- I see your dad and I'm like yeah. And different -- -- Al Assad has. Tracy pat I had you at. Guys actually see the pattern of where you're dead forgot his jab bottoms he forgot his slippers. And the team got just just demoralized. And I don't watch. I share. Hill kind of calling yours to -- weird to -- -- It's slightly weird that the I don't know I didn't watch so I don't really know what that's all about a. Just keep going doing it never happened hey Adrian. Eight. So every time I go to the Iraqis gain. Inside mr. national -- on the -- So I have to show piece for the national lab and then two weeks. So let me get this straight you miss the anthem a lot. You are the problem -- that's a bit yeah. I came this isn't -- they're more -- He had only an hour for the -- yeah it doesn't do it batting practice and still lots yeah. That means it's never been to a game with a suspected of the way these are going ahead with the Pope because Iraq he's really -- okay. -- -- -- -- What I -- is app I change IRA where well you spoke for the day which. I Wear my proper care and on Sundays I got my -- in his proper -- And and when their Clady. It exactly what I start watching. Sentence in. Canada only I -- why are you an idea yeah. Clinton is an excellent Tyson hasn't seven right around seven its European and you know yeah yeah with the. And I give my question is when you've not done this pattern you've noticed that they lose. Exactly and when I hate how that dressed him in that Jersey on Thursday it is. That drink and they -- I I have followed my original thought. Did she do for Super Bowl no kidding I have a question a little. Dig -- into that -- -- would question them I'm. One of straight not afraid of how bad I'm going to be jets who were OK but. This is I'm thinking out right so my sister's coming in down like next week or whenever yeah. Am she asked him it and it's like it's -- she's -- intent. Sooner. Away towards. I was thinking about taking orders. Know -- skiing. During that. -- -- trader -- -- is just yeah. Yeah. To be the perfect time to drive because nobody would be nice seventy nobody did is sent to us -- yeah. I'm enjoying this sacrilege. It's bad right -- that's horrible it's it's bad. You need to watch the Broncos you live here but -- target is currently broadcast now I know you and he -- I was just. And examine this issue on its like a lot for clogging or something for thirty. And -- like 630 in the -- now yet. This something like that but this is thinking but to go up in the morning and -- -- -- -- the game your cool but if you miss the game Jimmy white I got a hole. -- let people I do people think bad I mean right being judged by you and Aaron Baddeley answer would be bad it would be bad right to be really bad it's horrible. We're atheists because you know I send them like for Obama is not a deadline he doesn't care you know he's seven he doesn't care he'd rather go snowboard. And the so we hope. Did you need to teach him -- movement and you teach him declare its so if we also. Bronco football we island snowboarding as that would be so bad to be so great my sister is it really hung out at them and -- and snowboard do you only view I look at you differently now and and you will see yeah person in my eyes. Who thinks of something like that that's awful is it added well with the works. Wake up with and -- us. Weekday mornings at 530 Dejan Dallas 10 I.