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BJ & Jamie - Is Facebook almost over? (1/23)

Jan 23, 2014|

We think that experts are right... Facebook will be over in 2 years.


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-- Are -- a story that came out just couple days ago according to the exports I don't know how the experts are FaceBook. What you know and love and you post every day on several times today is going away. In three years it's flawed people are leaving in droves. Because they're bored to death. By the way this is like from the tech people -- isn't like some weird you know study whenever this is from the -- needless say. First of all around teams iron. Kind of an indication where the rest of the world's going there trendy. And then leaving by the millions. And I would tell you this is too because Okie dope he's daughter for example you know. She and -- and again how she's done when I post on her all. I'm the perfect example of a young guy and I'm I'm already giving up on it you know and it's I mean I -- kind of in a way that I knew I had a Twitter I would Twitter but I don't know that we are meant to show you -- the corners and that he's angrily as I really don't want a life. So to prove so -- -- -- in his story said this is if you go through and look at your timeline or you're -- news feed. If you just really analyze what people post you're gonna find it really stupid. You know I don't know if kids if it's just me back DN. -- and go to FaceBook and you look like you just gonna find some then and then you realize. I'm really I didn't really get anything today at I don't get stimulated I don't get. Right angry I don't get sad I don't feel anything. Yet moves me and no direction what so it's a waste of time I. I guess the only ones that affected me are like the cute baby that making the round and like symptoms and right here monsoon or the dad and Rosie and annoy me. So what we thought we would do what you can do the same thing when you get the off basis point to -- did you say experiment. So we thought would go to our timeline our news -- and we would just go through it would would read off some of the postings that are on there and to show you how stage in boring. He spoke really he has. Sure you participated yes. I AME here in my wall as the boring as the ball. -- so what are you start it because TV's having computer problems it can handle from a -- on the -- okay. What he's a good wages and give us couple postings it that are it to top out one of the top Lanier's. Our new mailbox. Somebody posts a picture their mailbox yeah that I was and it's always says. And it's snowed. Those about it there's a lot of those snowed once it's -- -- this is one and I'm not sure I understand what Rebecca Republican years. The person the key Thomas who put -- -- -- put a picture. Now she does not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I can't understand people acceptance and forgiveness. Removal of self. I made those. Those inspirational ones you don't document in me yet I'm not as tired of your your -- really I hope she got a JB when you get anything. I was sleeping so good I had to wake up. Okay now back to bed. I loosely be so good and I had to wake up and now back to bed why can't here's another and this endeavors and why can't I sleep driving me nuts and now. There's not just another night allowed in the post Ali can't sleep yes yeah. -- I got several yeah right -- along. If I told you I love -- would it make you want to stay I am sorry for the way I hurt you and it made you walk away. Would it make you may you may Q1 Tuesday. I'm telling the song -- and -- Michael PW now. He hasn't hurt me I'm gonna hurt him a -- to answer it if they should and like pork chops. And I'm prepared him well that was big then the people. I'll look for jobs and I don't know well I want you like. What I love about our stand -- broad based book is that and I know it is wrong to say in a million create more drama. I love it and my fights and like I. Loved ones that Cheney are war would I not tonight -- -- -- it's to me like when you resort to -- you know you so annoying but Alexia. At least executing gets everybody going and it's fun and we can all -- Barack. Because otherwise. Yeah again I like pork chops. Right because -- and you and I were talking about this yesterday we posted a picture of the Seahawks the bronco with the -- coming out of the mouse bright bright and there was that thing that was going around about the small bowl it was all -- parity of the Super -- and people got a fight over at CNET that that was wrong he shouldn't do that gives it a bad image about. That's good stuff and I we like right exactly. Yeah the court just not so much at this guy loves sports jobs. It -- picture. Did you pose with pictures. And statistically are supposed to be more interesting more viewed that post without pictures. Yes. Yeah period pictures that -- finally temperature of your bunker. Actually. Can put it on yeah. You know you said he wanted to stuff that wasn't boring and aren't you. Any stimulus has learned anything tonight if you have one that we can't put a picture of it in the office. Well there are blow up doll she original goal and we did that thought. Did you see that that was a nice picture yesterday art and I've got one here Brenda puts on here she says. He my lovely husband snuck these in this morning you didn't say a word Salma on the table happy anniversary it's a picture of races. It's as a pitcher what her roses that she temporary anniversary. Sweet. Mostly but who cares. -- like. Last night put up on my own personal thank -- with caps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes but there's a lot of still New Year's need crap going on and it didn't change and that is Dewayne doesn't stop black -- guy. Every two minutes are -- on blink. Here we don't get -- of only. I'm -- -- in -- the listen you like annoying with your diet crap although we DG a week from Monday to do the grammys three categories really -- -- after that -- -- -- OK then the really huge and get ready yet but aren't Lisa Lisa puts on this is different Lisa puts up you know one of those so I hate those some. What are they called the postcard things. Those he -- well Johnny Carnes and I hate. -- like them. Really -- and can you like that the pair like them. Hey you know what I'm entertaining isn't as planned launch has all it seems like it's died down today. Although we'd postings about the Super Bowl and ended beginning yesterday to remember is that me through the roof and all -- read things in the Super Bowl and that we need to. It seems like this -- They have they're gonna pick up again next week. And a arrogant okay here Mike writes oh -- it was another long day at work now I get to sit down and think about the day. Exciting one who gives a crap march. Sometimes. Food sometimes the girl who's always been that for everyone -- Sometimes. She needs someone. To be there for her. -- -- -- -- -- Or her -- no life at all. He is our point if you ask if you think what we do. To make FaceBook more stimulate you know -- -- -- look at India. Because right now I'm at that mean. My old producer he just posted a picture they he ripped his gene into the has pictured as -- they have written and made a bad day let that happen to hit. I don't think that's I think it I don't think we can -- and a I think we can't yeah I could do this song I do know here's what we have a deterrent to these books over. If we do anything about. If Ayers. You know like -- like what do you Qaeda has been doing and blah blah blah women go ballistic and they love to talk about their own drama. Your husband and I like to read and that don't grow investigations had to -- -- what did you do. And people love to tell -- secrets and I love to read so those are alaskans. In the politics. Playing golf yeah yeah. You have that -- those are like show PG social but the -- that we have for our shell. And those to me that they get like to very pop culture they sparked a conversation. I'm talking about just your regular -- and he made it boring itself. We have to make new rules we have to we have to make new rules like no more quotes. Candid quote no more -- She won new laws ID lobby Qaeda. You you do you still may and you -- just I mean you -- load up our -- for those things. Funny if -- written numeral this means I can't -- you -- adorable snowboarding videos of my son and those are off limits to the sorry if he can't -- -- -- -- stop this -- what's funny about the snowboarding videos -- my -- you guys -- -- and watchable and -- post them on FaceBook. And she watchable -- I come into the studio and FaceBook are so true this year and just that actually does. And I'll posted more pictures of my dogs driving my car you guys. Never got over that wouldn't that n.'s Jeanne you meal for that would -- two years I mean it was obviously staged a. They actually dropped by Carr who is obviously but the damage caused on this here. Aid of photo. And you the LA area the car the dogs think -- -- to the story OK okay. That's why aren't. Let's go. You're tied -- when you get to work this morning your news feed it take a look at it and just see how boring it is I think FaceBook is done. And here's an idea I'm in a post right now on our BJ and Jamie -- here. And you guys talents that dual lists posts that you see on your own personal water you know not perfect so -- -- you don't have to just put it what did you just LC. Because things start going oh my god this truly is that I sometimes I hit Aaron kind of sad when I don't. You know like -- I don't find time you know. Yeah I do that I I sit there and I go for like twenty minutes and I'll scroll scroll. -- scroll and then think to myself. I just lost twenty minutes in my -- They who's conducting all the year. Here's what I think you and I are doing wrong okay. Because I have Okie -- he's ex wife blocked not that she's ever looked anything that I know of but I -- are blocked so I can't see anything -- and she can't see anything in mind. I have my sons and blocked I have my son -- dad's girlfriend blocked at all those people but -- the distilling them be involved you know I mean. And -- -- get all those people black -- But I think people to get real thrills -- a FaceBook. Are the winds seem like the ex wives the extra strength yeah yeah have -- -- -- but we need to loosen up the restrictions and put heaters on there people that -- this and people that we -- Mike Nash but it battles parks and things like to run in you know Ryan. That he has his ex boyfriends he looks at the pages are every -- lose its cost. He just looks at his ex -- pages over and over I think perhaps we get to charge you and I we're not friends -- any of our axes or. Current. Yeah like polices axes you're not friends know that none of them but I think the people that you've had split could go wrong. Get some kind of charge you right we need to Haiti needs him or hate on FaceBook and say that. It's a -- is helping kids. He once did I present -- better than you. -- -- telling us. You know you know what is -- like. Silicon was some dude but I think simply go and get into adamant -- yeah. So maybe we should I don't want to -- I don't believe there. I want to trip that's what it takes for me to save FaceBook are actually go and I you don't want to go yeah. I let a guy -- veto any friends locally as Jackson now -- army prison might expect that I'm allowed her access. Wake up with BJ and 10 I.