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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's spelling challenge #18 (1/23)

Jan 23, 2014|

Sean did a really bad job on his spelling today...


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-- -- it is good. -- I need. -- CEO WE. I CIO. And. Yeah and he has his spelling bee every night. And so what we do is begin the -- 277. Year old who. And -- Now how this started -- we didn't win gotten some complaints about Sean spelling on FaceBook. Everything really postings have missed a spelled words and it. And so we thought you know maybe maybe -- -- can learn from this experience. From doesn't spelling beat -- -- I feel like I really am I smelling is becoming better I believe on mine on there and age in life really yeah I mean I. You think he is as come on my. I spent well because you know what they did they not spelling for -- he's learned all those words I before. It wouldn't. I don't like to tell him. You know little. Told me I had four year -- -- 2000 the lock in the first windows is talking with the -- like. We wouldn't vowels go walking the first one I didn't know what that means I'm not sure I do either. I don't something that I well I still walking the other does the talking solutions as -- -- AMP spelt. Well because you get to -- together and aware and never run. The treasury and does that as his flight like Reid you know are the eighteenth the first is does the talking so read it the he didn't already know that. I did because I knew that -- -- HOK. Yeah. And I thought I mean sergeant and sometimes life. Any link that feeling is that I'm -- is -- -- and she's been testing him and they've been going through. They they got my secret because I picked out that Internet thing the easiest words that are hard to spell yeah and they today. They've been practicing because. All -- Our own ball so that's why -- list that was taken it from it's the easy orders that -- does dispel easily collected money on this twice and giving. Five dollars a word. Yeah and then he's only collected twice early reading ready remember if he misses a -- just like to zero by boxer we can't evolve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ED OEULVE. How close was. But when you're spelling if you're not right you're not close it's only about six letters what do you mean how close was. Since then six or. Letters to you Greg know you do. I wrote it right there isn't you all the others aren't. Though indirectly he said you the end guys just deviant you'll -- -- will have six letters he added you. And I would I think that the know five dollars. Europe. Percent to seven years old songs and -- great they're learning world I think you know how to spell in Europe the -- he. Africa EU ROP. Eat there and -- sure yeah. Thank you -- at he's hospitalized. Got to know them as the asks what's the word but it's -- it's important HO SP. I T a LI. ZED. It's certainly. -- in the lead CE RT ENGELY. He -- in. The search hands in this TI ahead of them now EA we thank mr. kraus and thousands -- campaign issue valves -- walk him but nobody is talking TI TIO. And. No it's not CEO art T -- I. Am alive. TAI in search team and -- a guy in certain. You're seeing me. Certainly. And that's a -- yeah we'll hand it to zero. Colleagues. -- -- -- Cancer coalition. Of the show among your colleague. College and I'm sure in little Ralph he's class all his classmates are not only his colleagues certainly don't think your hopes and big group of colleagues. Believe that kids. And then it is she he he he did he get. The CEO. Al L. TUE. It's. Not a -- out. -- -- How far off that you bestseller. You know what else. It's close it's easy -- -- now this is it that you do that now yeah. And when you design doesn't. Well -- -- -- a field goal if they miss it if they don't they know how crucial opening up close but not if you ask any business. Yes you have got a name. 00. Not only be easy knowing that the full speed weather mostly. For giving Easley right of the roads and I mean no really I am -- many of them. A friendly. That's totally and got them coming to its first great but I know I just let me instantly know that the purse strings. It limits unless. That's a bad. FR I. Line EST beaten brilliance as. Well. -- is. It changes the YTVE. I don't you kidding I EPS -- game are you acting. FR IE is with a YULEIEST. I'm asking -- rock you isn't storm were you I need to know if you acting yes the that's why did you friendly. Best friends -- just. EST. You. This friends -- my first great word of a sudden I was a lot of letters. This is what I think -- I didn't have the second -- -- So I think it was so funny is the savagery we get in FaceBook people are like I guess John posted -- yes yes they learn how. Allen got a student that -- terrible they would not -- -- and. There's one on here that's got to do the liquor what did you give him that he knows his lectures parents. -- -- -- The -- your -- -- -- I'm kidding that's and it. I could see the second great we have bigger dogs and conclude that. -- -- -- Wake up with BJ and 530 Dejan tell -- 10 -- --