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BJ & Jamie - Missing jury duty. (1/23)

Jan 23, 2014|

Bj's son missed his jury duty... what happens now?


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-- You know I don't know this 2014. -- starting awful and great and it is like you know. The resolution I just got a lot of people are just you know facing you know. Different situations. And I don't think my kid he's already in trouble he got Justin Bieber he's in trouble -- -- just except for the Broncos making the Super Bowl. Everything else is his current. When you're -- men do now I saw some everything's great. Each and only tell you let's get behind it died down now or not. My son OK let's -- -- my son. Two sons actually. And myself all that a jury notice and we got them in and I think late December. And they were from this past week. We all forgot. My father like -- you all three had jury duty -- -- at same time same time that's here in the mail mail came to my house I handed them out accents yeah what you don't listen you it was like Christmas cards I I handed them out to -- kids at Christmas night. One kid that's -- New York did not get one just mean to focus right effects of their three altogether. We all forgot to call turns out the jury thing with this past Tuesday. Aren't so I forgot. And until it was -- here in the studio and then I ran over and check card called the government comes to find out that my number wasn't called. So I'm cool. All right Erica my eldest sod same thing he forgot at Texas -- problem blah blah blah he calls the number wasn't called. -- out of the -- right right youngest. The youngest son saying -- text if he calls but I am calls -- that says eight dead number wasn't called. And then yesterday. He calls pizzas. Move the cold room number room put cold Rob Glaser -- my number was called what I do now. Personally obviously the idea. The call never called him I don't you can't run that they can I was gonna have a bad apple when you have three kids that they asked in that they're little Timmy Bieber. Little Bieber -- Bieber my little Jimmie Lee -- Michael Bieber did not call he liked me said he called sales number wasn't called. And now find out that he did call he eventually. After the conversation applying. And his number was so what happens not to let happen. You have three kids right. Rural India one -- going to do. -- -- considered done if you miss jury if you miss your voice your number was called you go to jail yeah I thinking but -- -- today. Wellness management is that going to back on ally Camelot to I don't think -- like that when I do like him he didn't totally on the island. -- easily refute this and unlike. I did for him after the electric you know I think that's -- that it -- -- what happens I. And you got the answer 30322. -- if you get a jury summons and you. Don't call the number he just ignored in that number was called. What happened to let happen and make a good one because that's I I didn't know he likes this when I do like this from the likes and let's keep him around Brad gathering handsome -- -- and -- drive up to -- Phil or word of -- the national I don't know -- -- where's the president here I don't know. Canyon city canyon city I don't want to go -- can send you know. I he's got a little writer and he's got salmon Anderson out of pokey for this you know -- -- -- in -- -- insidious about an hour and two hour drive main -- to fired a long way to power. Waging part of the visit them the end of his kids once every Sunday or so I have -- -- -- I have taken over -- computers so he pull it answer the phones because I have that compute. So you asked for calls tonight. He also nobody can help you know I'm sorry that and that computer. We can only afford one computer crowds here. I -- did I hit I don't know I sign up front and it still have a look at break or something run -- -- it would lately a lemonade lady here Jose. I have to let him do anything. Can Lindsay got through I shown in the sea island Iceland. The list. Now. Is he had to settle the camera you last -- He's -- constantly. You know something it hasn't. And that where if I'm in a while and I -- for that -- -- -- that's a big yeah part of this. Are you yeah but given your son's room ancient taken out of yes yes. This little deeper -- Can you people -- actually know what he. All you need to do is Colin -- and just let him now that you mention that and and they'll reschedule it for -- The -- If you don't get in trouble well don't do it over an older and get back to you to be that I don't but yeah I if you just if you just Colin reschedule just let them know what happened and -- usually just reset at -- united. If you call up and say yeah I had drunk and I -- And then just recently and then just recently. Yeah it is easy no kind of what what will what does he dealt. What do they don't want to -- They keep doing it now -- hole. Ankle but what if you don't I think what what we're saying is what if you don't call and all you just. It passed by your number was called but you just ignore it in just forget about it. Now I don't know moratorium eventually. A mentor and a so that means I'm gonna drive down the canyon city seemed. I think you know at the I think prod bring in the girl for her on the grid and thinks he can do content will be tried to guard and you'll -- visits and Anthony prior agreement there. She's been -- as part in this tentative. -- -- She said she wrote about it which into court he knows stuff he's one of those really -- type person. Did he keep the piece of paper. Yeah I have -- as well as her kinda listen when I have read in order of cancellation and did not have affected 292014. The records of this department did an outstanding judgment or default violation has been entered against you of the court questionable and the -- Loans that now Centennial, Colorado different -- that CU. -- and -- Marines had to my kids know why that's you're under waited yeah. A division of motor vehicles and -- -- in each of I think I'm -- align these to these three Ford cops on motorcycles. And they did a polish you know like there like get this sector and that's pulled our and the guy who wasn't the nice. There's a little do we need a good idea what's. What do we should forget you and now my son in the same cell together. Kinda knowing what's stunning is that in the middle what. I think -- -- You'd get a good isn't he is not the yeah yeah like the younger yankees -- usually -- -- Yeah -- middle and get more with ground yet but the middle one well liked him what what did you guys is currently be dancing sell to both can. At this point I was looking for vacation this and be free. We'll Latin. Who put the food. -- and I do bad things and I don't get about William yeah -- Why don't you just can't it can't -- I'll take -- she had to go get am freaking money order. Well it's just -- thank you to cross the street -- -- and take care of it that why. Why can't just take a checkered credit card tell the guy or two really low life like me out there that would write him but bed check. Think you -- You would motorcycle. Can tell you 2014 is not starting off those motorcycle cops it over there and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out of that trap. They do -- I'm of those guys of the weird hats in the little hassle. What are those called the signers here a little short hairs there and I'm sure and others anonymous. There's Centennial she wanted to see it on Moneyline -- these comments. You're not gonna make -- home today. Before there was right there. Wake up with BJ and weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 105 and.