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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Clinton-Bieber-Madonna an Miley. (1/28)

Jan 28, 2014|

Hillary Clinton don't drive, Bieber on Vaca, and Madonna and Miley making music.


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-- Read. I have some hard hitting news you do yeah like why is really hard hitting. Hillary Clinton hasn't driven in eighteen years she has it took the as Jim -- -- Why bad things and Devean and eighteen years -- Yang. And that's not a very -- tablet trash while. -- -- -- I -- to get it is so important there's like nothing going on except for Hillary Clinton. Hasn't driven in eighteen years she spoke of the National Automobile Dealers Association dimension where she said she hasn't given since 1990 takes. Yeah a lot of our also do. See this -- Justin Bieber is with -- And they're hanging out at the beach -- not yet in Panama. It must city. Moved in our own country panel beats. -- -- beach general. Let's visit in the country of cars and Iraq and generosity report says Panama okay desist -- the same -- And it's Panama City. Says it's a tropical beach -- Anyway it says -- is kind of done a little intervention. And that and so he took him a way to Justin Bieber way in Panama. And they pictures of them like walking on the beach in the comfort for -- shelves. -- But the instrument -- -- -- Elton are good for them I think that's really nice and so he's easing and that somebody not called little. In the polo shirt and by the way just came out that Justin Bieber. Barely. Had any alcohol on the system it says in Baghdad Justin -- is blood alcohol level is damn near zero the night of his arrest. And team he has learned that is -- impala L. Whenever you actually had a zero. Blood alcohol level only to get twice. So they both religious and so they say this is -- gonna go against because you can get a little bit of -- full story it -- so he's gonna. All the alcohol charges will be dropped. To present his freshness and a couple stories and then over the weekend at north -- Well -- his team they get it says. Added I was the guy driving the red Ferrari last week and got a done deal I. And drag racing but he MG is she -- and from his breath analyzer and the numbers don't lie his blood alcohol. I'm looking 11000. Both times he blew four cops. That's what they reported last week zero point four they reported port of 14. Now -- 000. In China literally have their act together teams seem right now. It says its latest poll in the case coming on the heels of major issues would be his -- as TMZ first reported police report said an officer. Smelled an owner about blah I'm Justin Bieber. But he is BAC was actually a minutes minutes. Point 01 floor with him and seen with a -- My notes that'd mean I don't know who Chia yes PM I'm reading -- there they'll see is zero point 14 hour. That was the original. Then did an officer slipped up and Sid 04. And then it turned out to sell the paperwork and on the actual citation it says zero point 14. Which is legally drunk. -- -- -- Here's what they're saying that they failed a field sobriety test this -- -- they -- -- the ambulance -- -- something -- -- -- Such an airliner pills. The Euro and wireless his nieces and still being way and we knew -- how he -- Guess his collaborating on an album to females. When you that in due course -- you can imagine to collaborate -- on a song are now coming at. As say what would be a real amiss -- yes. To -- Yoko Ono and Taylor Swift. That would be back. With the contract to. Play high strung and Barbara says okay never mind. That I talk -- -- yeah. -- I don't how Miley Cyrus to Madonna. Yeah right you may think about backed. -- and. Dead -- -- -- -- I didn't understand yeah yeah yeah I think seven election on III yeah yeah. Yep Madonna and Miley Cyrus -- They're going into into business together. Now. Maybe Madonna sees a little bit -- and Miley and her interactions. -- -- and -- music whatever. They. Don't know Palin that's I have to or are you sad I think I'd rather hear Yoko and Taylor -- The candidates going at the worst collaboration in the history of music. It's the worse I mean -- -- same you know same genre of music do you -- separation and so. Wake up with PGA and -- weekday mornings at 530 Dejan Dallas 105.