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BJ & Jamie - Sean super model in dead man's shoes. (1/28)

Jan 28, 2014|

Sean is modeling clothes for Goodwill and he found himself some really nice shoes. Bj says they could be a dead guys.


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DJ and Jamie yeah. -- Jimmy sees things in it sticks when I go well people say it to me. And when you call me like a wet blanket -- negative Nancy. You know that's sticks. It's not true Allen got in negative Nancy because that's my mom's name and surpassed laser so I would never content that. -- hole but not now with some also feel bad because they use your mom's name I didn't know that you can mark. -- injuring him I had I didn't know that column or negative that that's really nicely so vastly breast cancer but you know let's look at that you. Go ahead and explain what happened and then I tried to give and let me try to give my side debit and then we should simply making a statement. I wasn't trying to let the air out of a balloon for Shaw. He what I told you as the king of the wet blanket talks. That stuff sticks and hurts -- with. I thought it and -- -- I think puts the stick was when it went and are you ordered a big bucket of extra -- at 110. All this hurts and -- and it is little -- you know paid enough. Half blowing her choice to change your name Michelle Jamie what no one who has his name to a -- you know just. Has those little problems. Little snappy little scrappy. The little Wiener AM he's gonna do show -- is -- -- looking at wet blanket -- because I signed that. Weighing in at Sean at myself for Energizer -- about something like. Like -- I -- -- like like we did this look like he just either they don't hear me. Or B I am I am and how those bronchos and you talk about you. And you are not excited for whatever I'm talking about it is stunning to me and until then so it was like can explain something there. That is okay all right no because I feel like 100%. Of every conversation when I'm in this room is about you I'd like to get 10% for me. That's that's the way I feel that's true at all when I won't recommend the room and were not on there and I'm like trying to tell he's a links I have -- -- -- About. Right did you like -- and not bothered. Me again and brown and the press conference. You worry -- I don't want to preempt that aren't so sure. The remark -- the six -- in the Nelson what a census comes it is pretty jazzed because he's going to be a super month. -- -- The model. And that simply isn't super not via this advertisement on -- a political. It's -- anyway he's got excited that the Salvation Army is that on this big fat little. A little bit well thank you. Now but that could well and our friends didn't he -- it will get to give them again in the they're an act a big fashion show. And he got to where he can't put his feet in subprime issues -- ha yeah. Apple -- to realize yes South Koreans are predicting how. With that complete outfit from the goodwill story cherry creek days of -- which is upscale store their high end high. In -- and out party outfit it's apparent Prada dress shoes right which I had never even seen Malone -- -- into. And me. Because a pair of -- products used. Can run into grade would know my ability. I can afford that and they would run you agree into shark like -- my -- Jamie. Oh my god DJI -- -- the underbelly of the fetal to have faith or simple and I just it's not bad. -- He's so Tibet because they are -- and they started out 2003000. Dollars they're a hundred dollars -- but they've been hardly war. They looked a little spread. And they knew exactly you know. I'm gonna say he said. He was talking about the issues and blah -- block the condition had come up yet and I civil are they scuffed up any argument -- old dog that's when you got really excited you said they would bring -- When you look at the souls when you look at consoles they've not been worn down at all of which can -- Not even warned not to get on there -- All see his -- always. Here I was excited about right and he's turning it into his mind to bad timing to hundred dollars in just a lot of money there you -- if she goes to. John you've got to get a new never ever gonna have a pair privacy are getting them -- you said blacks. I said. Will you do realize that -- the not been Warren and them being men -- they're probably end. A dead man choose. Yet it that's because. Because somebody thought of maybe you know most or two later with a quick getting to Wear him period belonged -- Have a folks passed on there you have and a near the wet blanket and I and their wife you know. Decided to him why -- -- all got to get admitted he is certain that these. 2000 dollars and an act of good -- for a hundred. And because -- will they probably came off a dead -- They came off I just said those are probably it did my -- -- were even if they were wholly memorable probably -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I went through a divorce and I took my -- with -- I'll listen. I said the divorce as a journalist and and to show them that you did -- was well yes you want to yes he was he he was telling -- It is open casket and they were in the viewing and. They were all -- him inside the cash. Yeah -- did yes she did that they took off just before the close the test -- Smart why did say that but I didn't mean that it was a joke. They they they take him off the body I don't know. But he didn't. I just. And I Sasha and get on the -- again he. You know put his -- in this if -- Hughes so he's -- -- like Arnold troubled message on its -- divorce situation. And you start screaming. And I. -- And I admire -- I know people that get a divorce and they just take off that easily -- everything at the house. Take your shoes. Some shoes that -- 2000. -- nice food that referring. We were products. Now that they were expensive. I left him there. -- maybe it's a divorced Sean I'm sorry. I pulled. It might not too little maybe the -- there and I think it going to be a big problem. And that and his foot was so they couldn't -- men and I dragnet to -- slogging my way. -- so maybe they weren't they were dominating the I looked I did it mean it to be negative I was she simply making a statement that the guy probably passed away and that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was attacked. I'm sorry and I thought. -- -- -- What was of that guy that played lightly -- concern is there's and get. No we you -- go buy a 2000 dollar pair of shoes without trying to mob your fat they first hit if you got that heat get out you get that assumes. You don't bite products -- -- -- gentlemen have been where at least by my fingertips at. But the sensible thing is a guy bought -- eight. A 500 dollar skirt. That's -- tries to. -- I can't wait I do 500 others -- so many big guy he but these 2000 dollar pair issues in this. Sean I'm sorry I'm sorry couldn't get your product -- -- little you know guys probably still alive somewhere he did. Yes he's a first when is your fashion -- it is next week. There's a night of exercise their right yeah how we should go. They do well yeah we -- can always get me. Is -- X goes senator downtown. I could just picture -- -- and lights go down low and all of a sudden spotlights kimono. We couldn't show all. Well Australia only young unless I'm entering Iranian you don't you only duty in the end company. Am the only. Old model used in the showcase. Supersize -- you can look at the -- press -- now. Mellow mood and his son's clothes -- -- bottom by the way -- -- on the telephone floor. No -- there that the first time or not. I'm shocked that people think I'm an and you -- Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 105.