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BJ & Jamie - Madden NFL predicts Broncos super bowl win. (1/28)

Jan 28, 2014|

Madden NFL has tested who will win Super bowl with their NFL game. they have been right 8 out of 11 times.


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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you sat in press conference start. No not yet I don't. I was coming up this morning yeah I'm I'm just -- to be all possible -- if it exists here is sagging song have designed our design is does Vijay is so excited about his damn press conference. They -- as we watch and it. Now who's been negative it now is being negative to say no no I don't know -- let me. -- -- -- -- -- It's kinda like -- Super Bowl week kicks in today. For the most part I mean it all for the past several days right since winning AFC championship. And today's the big press conferences -- is when people you know are gonna show opened droves it bought tickets -- sold out and the Broncos gonna speak in the Seattle Seahawks later on this afternoon at its current quite. The Super Bowls actually starting now the weakness started. Is excited about it and checkered at a -- You know. How many dollars you get -- Seem like you guys are betting on -- think like you whose rebel I don't know that -- was that somebody else it's amazing to the bag and on FaceBook. Are you that's that's good though no immediate view that's not meet. I don't eat and a bit at OK so who posted on it is it seems it's the weirdest thing because it looked a little desperate with but the. OK we -- I don't know where team front that you put it there's this is Twitter and -- Handle out there is what is called handle it. There's this Twitter thing he told me it's that. Eric underscore. Pecker. -- came from I don't know I don't know anything about it. With -- fast and I I was looking at FaceBook last night I was like there's a here's witness useless as a panther is the great Jamie says he's the hottest dude in the NFL and she says it's got to be big. And lovely whoever wrote that. Are you want Twitter follow Vijay and Jamie and as what underscore -- now. Problems. Sean. Can you investigate who put it on her page. Are patiently reports of the -- that out -- and scared. Does she and we are akin to that. It does when you know it makes us look -- Why you aren't the way he did -- why together and see how many followers Eric Thatcher has underscored. That is it's hard to do but it's easy to. You just caught it. Just click on an inning shows everybody's followers anybody your followed -- you can see even follow me back and see how many George -- -- -- can't -- -- -- -- -- And I didn't. I I don't know I don't know how to get into that account just like it's mine. I don't know anything about it I just know that when he gets the bottom who posted on our our page and you can view -- follow bearing underscore Packard. You can't what was his latest post. It's our -- it sure is called the New York cause shrinkage at the. -- -- -- yeah I'm renewed -- it is but remember that he broke through lets you. The movement. -- -- live as soon as the best. It take you to -- -- Gary Jack I didn't remember my thoughts are that -- So I don't let go -- -- in Beaulieu okay. And -- an island in the united. You guys it's only Tuesday super -- he's just keeping all that that. Went underscore the owners were accurate and here is I don't kinks. Bill why does he have like a hard -- -- -- -- I guess finances is it is held. Anyway what are -- talking and -- coordinate -- they kicked off with a -- -- that the press conference today it's all over India and we also have that gap that the Eagles Super Bowl earth. And buddies. Big game blowout or whatever it's called. It's the PG AG in the big game blowout right John. As a result. Anna who rely on death there's a game delay it's a big game but while the PG portable and we sort of BGG. Sorry for. We'll stick would be TTP Sean remind me next year we go to Super Bowl look she's blowout okay all right that damage your next. Aren't so you go to our FaceBook page so it really conceit but really appears everybody has access to wouldn't our post -- And I am anyway go to our FaceBook page like this I didn't -- if though looking for something you know -- I guess really positive news for all right anyway it's. George but you know and he is giving a whole big game -- can do whatever you what -- it. This -- -- care food that you may lead to even just thinking -- your whole party on Sunday. I have to do is gonna be Jean genie out of the Rampage -- like and then that we'll take you to Wear designer by -- It does yes so if you like us in new goes straight to it if you already like listen it's written page and a just what does Jesus did our -- in Bosnia who -- are you know bottom. Madden NFL this. It's a game. -- it why can't indicate computer and do this every year and they -- -- -- -- through the computer. OK I ran it through like I don't -- 545 to two times a -- right Shaun yes they raised through. Get this. After many many many viewed computerization. How many have Cuba and many many of whom I don't know. The Denver Broncos will win. The Super Bowl on Sunday according to Madden NFL. It's a no brainer. Real -- so what game. Predicted. And because it's more like fantasy football right because they can't have those players and their stats plug in that right yes yes emphatic yeah it might be a little accurate it's right. Well get this they've done it for ten years since the eleventh year the game is eight in two. Economic times is an accurate 80%. Exciting is that our low cost solution -- college game and that's more of a computer. Algorithm that is has figured out. Like it's not a game. -- Says -- wouldn't call. That rhythm. System of some of them. I don't know organization. Where did you learn I said it's my computer now. Tell the truth where'd you learn the -- I've heard people use it and where did you learn I've heard people use it as. -- what's the word algorithm. -- rewards algorithm me it's. I don't know it. Is that it's -- Let's get it. I don't. -- -- he was watch sports dinner and they were talking about the big -- game he liked sports and has been takings in -- I think I would use that as my own ball. A little bit of golf. It's it's it's a mathematical. Program computer science is idol. And it. In mathematics and computer site. Algorithm it's like I know what it looks. I knew there was a computer algorithm the computer had gotten word. And as I tell you lose it because I thought I knew what I -- But I thought wouldn't it all my. I think I can you put it even if I think I -- I. Think algorithm. Well. So last. The EU I more or plug -- -- Wikipedia you know how to use it is that as far as it. With. Can go and yes our allies are not only does the team predict the winner of the game has been very varied the algorithm of getting hit it and so actually. In years past the algorithm has been so treatment in years past that they even predict different place that are gonna happen during the game to be okay. So can you just a couple of -- -- -- right you know the bad bad guy. I was terminator via the video there. It is she and I mean I know he didn't come to those still on the Broncos team that's not actually until it was started. I knew Tim -- was a -- -- that they brought back alleys and is that they brought Mattel according to the Madden took only five. Richard Sherman. Will make his presence known he will return and interception from Peyton Manning. Chairman and yeah yeah. And the Seahawks will go in adjectives that get discounted that algorithm on this thing is unbelievable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that yes you want to cover -- yes I thought KK I'll rely on here is just unbelievable. They're saying that Seattle go to the locker room at halftime up ten to seven it's funny -- have a beard but I like scratching rides in look at Beers -- intricately. And none Broncos let him. So from the moment. Mark. Hey I gotta constantly beat -- and you're using your young man football. They figure that your outer rhythm calculations on the go away and again the consideration released Madden curse. A little what's the matter who the hell are you talking about. Well you know every player that ever bet on the cover of Madden NFL game has gone out as the season. -- -- Who's on the come seas. I don't know. It's a lot of help you are -- like. Meaning the can't you might even be in the market. And they have been the villain so according to this market according to this cement E. A. SPORTS men's game princess has been right in the past ten years eight out of ten. Well what about the other two yeah. At a a that we should know that the very much you know don't don't you. Who is mentally get IEA I -- -- the -- I will go to Dave quickly to -- -- -- In -- -- Yeah who greatly and possibly. I don't. And they are -- it basically -- -- had to go equation orient. Terrorist bloodshed against the saints are innovators. Produced -- results. I believe Shonn has told us that know what's good and got Google to. All of you verifying that that Sean was correct and when -- Doing good building -- in Chile is home icon to I've watched you looking. Correct showing a huge use our right. Shot you heard the word on TV on sport center in really didn't know what they want us mutual could guess the -- the way it was used in this and it's and you literally used the word without knowing what it actually many. Daily lives and. That equation and you got out of -- yeah you got fewer in the ballpark because you -- sports. You can just -- this you can figure out OK it's all the teammates that they use all the calculations -- how they play. And then they get this an office of -- it's right there right. Right in the predict the -- you found the right so congratulations now. Thanks out yeah yeah -- work you know I know how. I really think it should be a new games of the nation where every day -- and find some new words to slip in a big word is slipping into. To shock an -- than we just ripped him apart at. -- -- -- -- -- It says it. Was sent to busted me yesterday and Padilla could bust and might. And like -- like they're my friends are having parties. -- Yeah he's just turned him down left and right we have so man is Maria let -- kids parties that I read this is no mandate it. My friends and parties and they're like kids again in every hunkering down in their own homes -- there's no reason legend and a party stories and -- -- million -- did you talk about a wet blanket a boss. Half copy -- parties do. Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 10 I.