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BJ & Jamie - Pot at the Denver county fair. (1/28)

Jan 28, 2014|

There is going to be a Pot Pavilion at the Denver county fair this year and Bj & Jamie think it may not look good for Colorado.


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-- All right here's the story I -- just came out yesterday it's so sad. The didn't look at it carefully the free start I'm sorry. Can you first tell me how that agents came out the day before yesterday what Colorado's no more. And yet just couple days ago they released this a -- US map right. And in each state they put a word which is what your state is known for a and a couple of days of the -- to announce an option on attended Colorado was. Yet it was definitely he's so proud of that right fitness Wheeler we are talking copyright. Pretty cool when you have like the statements known as being that it makes you proud yeah from that's quite yet. I forgot were you only was I I -- -- state hike production. Know. It was so. Politics. You couldn't politics -- -- -- that you'll Maurice who knows what state -- even Tennessee well as. Racist. -- That's not us and you. Aaron is here it is look that it. Elena corrupt -- you're right you're I've forgotten about the let's see Utah is known as Mormon damage at street California's numbers and it's expensive right New Mexico's war. They are. Arizona hot right. Laura hot. Backwards ass if you're in Georgia. -- don't forget that we are really proud of our state. Being represented on this map as in if you look at it the met Jamie. Is like the most positive word on -- -- it was so proud. We talked we're like they're not part of that that. It makes this could be boastful more about congrats to the air. You know people get high IQ -- ride bikes and we -- fit it makes you mean it did for me it makes me proud to be from Colorado witnesses were. And then. Yesterday this yeah. This just flashes memory bit of what we just sit down the toilet -- Denver county -- As now a blue ribbon hot competition. For this years there. Where duke. Competition where -- Categories. This isn't a joke. And we putting -- competitions. In the county fair. Speed rolling. So it's like Agassi is paper and -- to -- go or whatever pot. -- you're gonna have to helpless of this because she mean I don't fully understand all this kind of an out of Merrill -- speed roller. I think it's whoever can roll the joy I join the fastest. And then they have Valentin. This is in the same pavilion where mark grandmas -- are going to be held a meeting -- up. That quilt so we're on the corner from the get Cisco we years being morally flexible. Why did they have a hero and why they have a jury goes eating contest you know it's an open the. Fallon -- and. He is because -- me figures of people are going to be hungry. I don't know maybe they'd fixed owners eat back. Next. -- we are not -- and her simplicity. Best homemade roach clip because -- cook the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I that the rush could is that little and that can you squeeze and has little teeth on the bright and -- and allow yeah area. And to you squeeze the tiny desperate what are Lopes. Joseph well you gotta hang some letters screenings are some feathers off -- some -- may be it's trinkets. Right to. Customize it in only your own it. One of those dream catchers on all great. Can't get them and school aid but. And -- yeah to blow us. Well I I guess. I don't think you have to be -- -- he can be made out of plastic or anything else is anything it's -- where he. That you can car -- even -- Maryland and plastic well to bomb itself was plastic the actual stand and things that people smoke out -- using glass or metal. It can be in a plastic. Apparatus unions -- Think it's nice to make like this like. That we can see we have the flame for the shade until like some got a bomb in -- -- motor and. On the Ambon Canada I don't have any other ideas should just two days that we were the six. -- a little vanished a can now all of this really is as it's ever -- -- a man. I call call the other governor's office when you get to the a PR person OK let me know so that we can only message that it okay. And excel -- -- that that's brownie recipe. Marijuana pro. There I have to that we need to speak out about this mean more and if you're gonna actually like it's legal it's -- with the pot stores throughout our -- do good -- got the laws in place she can't be spoken grabbed okay that's okay. Do we really need this at county fair. -- -- The same place for the apple pie competition is going. Best tight out. -- do it. Of the four aged kids. I'll look for -- kids and their little calendar that bring there. We we have but don't like but Megan playing where's speak growling and your -- Is nothing we can only white. This is government office. Started this year and governor and the opposite the message that with deep. Recession to reach them myself on. Oh put them -- your maturity. Email Eric and I -- -- That. -- -- -- to be in that state. Yeah -- -- -- -- DT can be more mature and number 1 morning show here in Denver that's former -- concerned about low there are many there. Eric -- -- had according to a Baptist couple days ago and now we have pot heads the Denver county fair record concerned we -- trying to didn't doctor John. Questionnaire exposed to bring my child to the state fair yet let the dumb I check out that the state can understand odd beer. But nobody you know -- made a -- the beer bong no we're not brewing beer -- are -- well that's that's. Know which of the homemade beer moans and they all those big yeah. Hundreds of companies have beer pong competition -- -- -- a beer pong -- delete. But yeah like it's just a joke and -- supposed to tell my kids went -- days -- went when they see him any intact and. When -- -- smoking. Could feel the usual smoke just flying all over the place it everywhere you go it's putt putt putt putt putt. -- just who can we want to update deliberate and. Yeah and we want some justice. Just wanna go back to being at the state budget would just him. The bears are here and I'm sure when you get to issue gives call calls at 30322 Dallas beat -- Jamie. It was called which is concern and so that was that was McCain -- -- And -- direct. Care but. I was gonna get a little while. Not a meeting. Called the governor's office it's not it's a certain public. Don't works so well. It's a public face of public blah blah blah and it with a Q we -- immigrant that was fun job that I think we need to talk to the big hit let's try to get too big and -- -- show OK okay -- big man again after they hear that what we just left on the answering machine I got a few of these have a -- clear things up I. I don't make it fun and whatnot but it really is like not. -- It's not funny. And this is like -- yet. Yeah I can't state fair. This is applying -- look at their very first -- the million. It's -- of -- -- It and we we have chickens and popped. -- -- -- This chicken and -- go together. I don't. -- This chicken implied go to you. On this like chicken and pot -- -- -- It was I don't know I don't know. You heard Hannity you. I hope you aren't athletes who are. This is -- BJ if it here my whole point arts and then we were fit for awhile it's not to -- -- idol The Who has. The we'll never know there's nothing's working I don't -- -- -- Kelly and -- he's not in ways that they -- -- I Cleland. Cool he is moving too slow moonlighting today he's crazy than -- page and. -- -- -- -- I can't stand I had that actually work and now I'm a bit in the street -- I guess that's why we have wind at. And so -- they all where people bring their children Italy during president. That Kraft group that -- every year from. -- -- -- and -- Alec people that come here. And Jane Jane Jane hang on second inning and those are specific to their own ethernet. -- wine tasting is for wind people blah blah but this is a county fair where grandma's blanket that she'd grounded quilted. Is over your corner Jane and am -- judging apple pie. I. Know. -- -- -- -- I understand is say I understand she's making references to -- we have alcohol and drugs blah blah blah we did these events to sponsor alcohol which isn't. I get what she -- There isn't a do -- eating contest at the wind chill this is like a joke it's becoming. -- I'd like solid kind of shuttling back and openly your caddie at double. And -- that we openly no sport can. But -- illegal. -- -- It didn't you know. And -- virtually cab but they're hearing it I think it's -- that we like Greg de grace that grand -- every shot hurt people. Dade County fair. -- -- -- and the they don't have a sobriety jazz weren't -- sobriety god did you where people stand in line in dreaded. You know did ABC's backwards. And did not Clinton -- things about. They're. Promoting -- and then nice way like they do Weiner beer whenever it's been making jokes about it. You know -- in the minority year I think -- and for the industry at least the blinding as is it's like you know classic and ice and you don't block them block and the beer thing downtown is. It doesn't really nice way nobody's doing that hailed as it did this government has over you know. Yeah and they're like doing. And I think they're doing like jokes are out. -- -- immunize the only to see this is being. A little -- comparison with the good it's good. As it's really hard to young people and ailments and between new -- on the banana Iranian trio makes what is this like about play -- this -- -- we get to. -- -- If you. Caller I don't I don't really care and productivity and check it. -- -- little market senator. -- -- yeah. You know. We can. But okay not a -- To -- finish but. -- -- that bike. Appear to harm competition and that beat her car into the candidate -- -- -- Yeah I don't. He's done. Or -- it makes this looks done well and it's making the industry really bug it's like. Stereotyping -- I think both competitions and then you're gonna in the Doritos eating competition aren't taken seriously -- is serious in my opinion. And I was -- marketing person for marijuana in the state. -- doing that. I wouldn't be let them like -- you know making a mockery of of the price that's what it is exactly you're exactly right it's marker. You are behind -- Back and get it here a lot of people. Speaker. It is degrading. To -- my. I -- just -- CR premium ready -- mark. I just can't see I've been several years there. Going down to people spare for example okay downtown civic center and walking by -- -- and inside that tent is a -- early contests. And -- -- Me now. Where. And try to cook -- yeah. -- the little that I do know. The -- the people I know around me that's -- -- noon. Intelligent people they don't wouldn't be in the rolling on gestured to read eating contest. Hold -- the women I know that's -- Are in dresses and heels than in their professional that they're -- -- I mean it's embarrassing. You know gonna get a credibility. Did not. It was not hungry what have you used recently. And -- Estimate human trio makes and is there. Wake up with Vijay and 530 did and -- us 105.