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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Bieber is moving - National Puzzle day. (1/29)

Jan 29, 2014|

Bieber is moving? Go do a puzzle today.


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PG and -- Jimmy. -- he didn't. Well I have some amazing good news for the people of Calabasas California go basses -- that was California. They say Justin Bieber and move it on its goods. Is moving out Calabasas. Good good get him out of there he easily that neighborhood anyway he's fed he's kind of the bad end. He is no -- intended it is now. The English neighbors Haiti and cut and run neighborhood. -- -- I've moved I think you let your neighborhood he -- Justin -- to know if -- beat -- with. Right she's -- yourself well because I don't have the perfect yard I haven't you know grass in the door. You'll have a glass in the door resemble well in the door that he knows before you get to the really wouldn't know war. Suppose have classes that I guess my ex wife took it out for some reason when brokers somebody. So now they're just like medal. Doors without the glass. What do while then looks a little crappy actually but. What do you do ultra knows what I'm talking about right -- and it's wrought iron security door yet but there's not much security there are certain that. Agreed to open the wooden door in the dog just run through my mind I -- -- -- what camera and it what do you do well. And that's hurting -- -- it just aren't hurt yesterday. Well. I just yeah I've got so much going on TV. And. So yeah I've kind of did you. -- that was really -- yet continue to put on it. Oh yeah that stuff the bad guy. Roses -- and I had cracked up. I had a great crack in the base the it's called opinion inside your shower right I suppose causes some -- leaking into the soap for things like that. So we quit using it for awhile and I didn't get it really fixed so. But I saw this commercial. Where this guy he's braces screen door and he can -- of both the C guy. It's amazing is that crazy so when you bought some of that stuff in it works with the plus -- bring my shower the. I bet that looks pretty predictable few weeks and that that it really matches than -- core. And it looks like somebody actually got the -- dropped about comparing them to the left Noel and that the oil sees -- the main. It works and the winner in the garage door fixed. Soon so again from the eyesore in the neighborhood I'm Justin Bieber. No Justin Bieber is grudge -- works Danny has glass. In his window of -- I don't ignorant neighbors from the. Others that -- of the USC but please begin Justin Bieber he will have to deal with -- as any pressure. Find data -- I think that's the dates he's been called to court on Valentine's Day -- I feel like that judge and then that -- Pharmacia and noticed that too. Beaver I have to enter a police on charges of resisting arrest driving -- expired license and driving under the influence however it's. I learned there is chance. You will have to actually appear in court as his lawyer is allowed to enter his plea and writing. I think that that since the judge admitted embattled Wednesday. It's that can a judge so make -- go -- do minority rights here he had to shoot from Valentine's Day -- the. Doesn't really have a -- that is -- here's. The net where I yeah exactly and be sitting around crying about -- he's better -- in jail. This has decided to drop a lawsuit to listen this against 22. What he's calling when he to bootleggers. 22. -- -- -- you know you -- like I did it ready shoot video of like gum pink or whatever in concert yeah. Well these people. Shot. Footage of print in concert and put on the FaceBook pages who can. Any filed a suit against every single one of them for one million dollars each. Or bootlegging. -- prince honestly think that those people died in the front row with a new cameras have a million dollar received a late hit it to pay him. Really prince is not mean he's that we had to include. That's scary though I mean that's slight intellectually don't -- -- these artists against until after a nun -- not really. -- dropping so obviously wasn't going anywhere. According to TMZ the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice which means prince can still change his mind at any time -- filed a lawsuit. Whenever prince is a little he still tiny and so weird. So they tell me that when he was at Michael Jackson's house -- bad them big mansion thing where that plays well neverland mean that he. He played basketball against Michael in his high heels back. -- -- -- Now that's the video you need to -- yeah I Larry. The area that's worth a billion dollars that Michael Latin this whole Brill of Susan have never been you know just every size of brand new tennis shoes from. Mean you know I he had decency act and you can school and then get bring any debt issues. And that prince refused to do it and played in this high he eludes. At the -- again. I don't know I didn't I got that much -- has laughed at that point but it was one nothing. She's quit but yeah. Both literally made better cheerleader exactly people actually do it is did you get involved there but they're still think thank I don't know mullah. Today show is really really. Why pay because today is national -- day daddy years -- illuminate the only grow on me and I know -- still buys us. -- Back and look at the -- spots that always when you get the vols are completely. I typically you know we gloom and then. That the real bad omens I was an element out I think -- -- -- well it depends on the puzzles sometimes he's taken apart -- back in the box put back together and Saturday. But if they're really intricate and cooled our glue woman's. Did you see that one -- over the water mill one and didn't. Nice there's so many other decorations to to ensure the LA car or water -- milk yeah. Together with the water we will have a lot of Rihanna what are you working on the Titanic -- endeavors and that now that's something the voters of saying -- we started at BI and Maine I and call and us too much we put it back in the box it's. Well and then some Titanic now the right guys celebrate today. I'll probably do puzzle they're bustle and am against bust out one of the hard once we got daughter right now on one table and it'll start -- You know my -- -- table and no we would just come home from school you'd put a piece saying you know whatever you have to here and there. I yeah I like to continue that tradition of having a puzzle tabled for my son. Youth. Play is I'm your son. I could care -- my mom had went real I I I haven puzzles. Even. I hated it and he got a quarter it was -- frustrating at the I didn't have the patience I don't have patient's age and you've got to have some patience proposals yet either. It never dissent then stared the puzzle yeah they're they're getting the colors and try to make a shade. She has to go -- I wouldn't put it all I got to block subverted and. I then he -- like power and that little thing into the place didn't like. Sampras has stepped it. This is that I swear this is that you don't remember the joy of getting all put together and then you try to hold it all steady without it breaking apart. I remember my mom -- -- Yeah yeah I tried the whole thing that Allen -- you know keep the tradition and them. In my son's only it was when I turned like science it was just like twelve pieces. -- -- kid has and I phone. The F pretzels -- that is -- -- their criteria. No they're doing puzzles -- it's still he's pulling him as national president. Wake up with BJ and weekday mornings -- thirty Dejan Dallas 105.