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BJ & Jamie - Diamonds real or fake? Does it really matter?

Jan 29, 2014|

Do woman really care if the gem is real?


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-- There were talking about they greens in real diamonds. She's really mattered. And it does to me. They -- -- -- so good today that they looked just like the real thing you can't tell. It was a way to give him for a man is a man's perspective like with the house liking this one. And it doesn't have any flaws in it -- anything I can get to 12100 bucks a great seizing. All right we'll get one that looks exactly like it couldn't get it for about 30000. 12100 soundscan and tonight we -- that perception by a man in. Nobody knows so aren't -- let's just think you're telling us is the story and his wife okay. When we first got married you know -- enough organized anti -- so we found this really beautiful fake green and seeing apps look. So we got and chief lasted around and people were just that loss of the ring and so she liked so much we went -- like four of violent. Because with missiles they are because they were cheaper -- -- those -- -- the lady would Wear off the razzle. So what's the guys look at old -- We'll pop that wanna get a -- it out pop Madonna -- like oh my god to clean Iranians is yet that eventually we were able to gators nice being diamond. And replace every. They show their real one though I did Peter real run she'd love that I think it definitely have some phone calls and -- that -- -- -- where you're gonna -- it and can I just -- you getting about the phone number and all that marriages and -- yes you re we've got to do the fourteen room quickly OK let's do that real question income white effect I wanted to call. The current servant not a -- it's a string quarterback listen. Where exactly on time I'm -- man. That was -- -- -- -- it can't do it. Isn't we're not late though this is perfect to -- Louis we are dim on it this morning I -- is. The floor K day giveaway and they give you code word. You love on Dallas 1059 dot com. You plug in his word and hopefully you win a thousand dollars right nor do it on the app. Or dude yeah women Alice app for android in for the iPhone so download that makes it even easier actually hears the word you have to plug and. Grain and recent GRK. Indeed the word is green. GR eight Indy dangle on the apple for Alice were up by nine dot com plug in GR eight Indy and hopefully when I was not very good luck to yeah ran past the. Word this morning for -- thousand dollars talking about I'm not talking about something you pick up on a flea market can clinch the backing an enormous expansion brings. I'm talking about what you mentioned earlier Jamie about going into that yet you really nice setting. Platinum. That a -- -- -- cost you 67800. Dollars just for the the sending itself. Not setting the DR rating right if you get really nice platinum and Noah and it's expensive. Input like a 15100 dollars easy in there. You've got gorgeous rained for about 2500 dollars that looks like 25000. Dollars. I know -- -- have girls I look -- isn't it also really amazing about passing it. You know I mean. It may be one when he signs Kitna gets married in the united. -- -- -- -- My ex wife used that same that the I don't. OK I wanted to keep it as a family heirloom for heights. For all I know with her being in New York -- going to school seeing different guys and barely been dogged the boys anymore more than likely -- -- -- excellent. -- 30322. Ellis real 32225423. Ladies. Does it and I think some lady's opinions is starting to change does it matter if it's reality it's connected to just coming to -- gorgeous green. That he bought for say two or 3000 dollars he looks like 25000 dollars really. If nobody else knows that you would is this it that much about it. I think up until we yeah I think. I think I couldn't new. -- -- -- -- -- I think it -- yeah my mom's wedding -- can -- the way until I have it and I I hadn't put into a bracelet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now that's. Yeah thank you he might wanna have to tell somebody -- surpassing that now. OK I think there comes a time when the end of the OC ever gets out right. Okay -- environments a complete. After forty years of marriage nobody knew that her bring listening to right at Indy you go back to what my ex wife said hey you know what we can -- in this down to the famine while I got three boys right it's gonna end up so other other thing right. You know it does happen if they get married it's gonna end up -- some of the girl's hand she's gonna pass it on -- Tony eventually end up in a different Stanley the -- Well I can I tell you did you well I haven't hit that. A bit around the block here I have a couple big diamonds are doing it without them what are what are you wanna do them you got a son. And now I don't know what -- teared up and -- a circle says gonna make explanation. The. Believe you're waiting puzzle -- -- a country that's how much and how important it is to you that your outplayed -- at. But I'm gonna can puzzlement to me to tear drop that it. And our team that you're not effect down the vote. -- -- -- Hi I might yeah they -- real diamonds it is -- the. My. You know what they train and I know what about how I look -- -- and then we owe them money on air rail line and they get in other -- I can bear and I only -- my Latin. And 35 dollars and it looked amazing. Really big is that when -- -- Thirty odd. Body already. We'll see how it started really treated it well. ER I know and see that's that's different that's -- -- you some youth group -- it's to see something. I been. And they -- -- did they. Well ridiculous to me and not much money. To hold on your anger -- in the middle of the amount it -- and you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't easy children and sharing windy you can make an exclamation point we're not. -- Let let me ask you are so I think that this is what 20% of your salary -- that would then you have the -- now does that include. After alimony or before alma yeah. I know that Costello. You'll get off yeah. I think you know. That pop up again a beautiful -- her really cheap and they'll be happy. -- 0% saying what what she doesn't she looks at UW to first. Don't think I could talk to me I think I'm really really bugged me. Mean when I have on like big diamonds around it was the first -- It's a -- as I like that it's it's like I yelling out you -- and thank you try to -- that Bob machine that does. Are you materialistic. There -- you can. I don't listen about lying to be glued to my belly estimate that unlike you I love doesn't like yeah they're from players. We'll see if I had like a -- -- Rolex or are tag something that I pay you know 200 dollars for but it's fake. If somebody's admitted to beautiful watching -- Well thanks a lot in the balance due to time -- -- people that worked really really hard to get the real instant. -- -- -- -- Yeah you did you nine. Susie if you put it. I devalue -- he did you bring down the price of nine and whatsoever since he -- that act. I. I've got kind of against these middle ground here for you yeah. We quietly eat that company credit to her particularly that I've received and all they actually create diamonds in the south. You get real diet and spacious and made. Me. That it is there's not a real diamond you can -- and to diamond just hasn't manmade objects will always says he's there he. Cents. The process -- diet and it maybe -- credit what is is the I accompanied. Here. -- him access. Nexus. I'm looking at a certain nexis isn't me. In the mad at. Yeah night and I -- -- -- and what off the -- and just buying a second we re panicking and -- went second what Dan Burton and yeah it's true -- -- He's just -- back big -- we -- A what they listen what we said. Today yeah today yeah Dana I think we're glad that does get -- to. I got up and I -- Yeah. Dialing at all I got to look at arrogant and what's out -- is about a mile let's go to well look. A beautiful thing jazz. And it was. -- let you in any ring that I -- and I did and don't carry it still need on there because it -- Thousand. -- -- enlighten me. The kids in the people at the real diamonds you devalue remember at the. -- -- But don't no -- -- ebbing and about art not the reality is that a real diamond is minded. It's it's also you know goes to the whole process and hit three woods it's still there it is yeah there's a difference. I don't think I mean like you have to be I -- people I hear people at admiral Mary. I mean -- -- -- -- and real. Yes -- and one in fifty million people women that is yes most will not go for a sapphire. Is. It it's. It's like back in the old days where you know you got a nice Valentine's Day card and if flipped it over and it's an American -- It was in the home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- yeah keep it. Eight yes I mean are you had the whole real odd didn't get that -- Yeah out yeah. Now art or in. Order I'll let me bring out. And how do more than it usually -- -- economic. And are much lower IE eight under ours are to to carry. Eat a lot about her white. Steal sign our -- every alternate ordered that how shall I like our. Recently. -- Allen doesn't he doesn't worry wart but you sold them as as they wearing diamonds. I don't know all the gentlemen we're coming and you know their eight minute and I out port Richey art I really -- I'll get her. Now you are alternatives to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay I'm going to tell a girl BJ. Does that conversation come up she's she's cry and she's freaking out I -- -- beautifully written off actually and then when you file for the divorce it. -- -- you let her know at that point the end who went to ask him salad and got a library Iran. And -- -- -- one of so it -- -- Nicky is that's interesting. A set fire. Compared to Assisi what's the difference of price of a gonna pay you like them -- -- several hundred dollars more but I'm gonna get a really nice looking -- When I was doing them a teacher at our iron probably cost you about corporate dollars. Or you're looking at a -- it TT and that is about to 300 -- and not much more in price but at least with the actual stalled. Yeah allies that what is wrong with me lacking I I can't do that. -- and consulate what's wrong with at and T has the same disease you have to pick -- That. And with the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The power. I love her she is pretty -- you're saying you're saying women are finding out -- rings your -- you plotting for divorce. -- -- -- -- -- -- because we're not. I have an idea how many thousand got. So I knew I'm not putting out enough for you you know that I am not worth that. For the rest of our -- -- to have the kind of it's gonna have this thing on their fingers to the and you can't another reason to let this get leader. -- through. It. And get. Him out there. -- out. -- -- -- So -- -- -- Is the thing I think for ever and into it's it's I'm in my opinion it's. And says how much she loves it but -- puts our ground. It puts a dollar value monitor here Becky and if you got to not letting her ridiculous. If you got -- -- can normally you can hardly see it. Yeah that's. Already that -- -- She did twice before I ask -- -- -- feel like I'm glad I was God's not exactly. -- -- -- -- It's. -- -- Wake up with PGA and each weekday mornings at 530 -- tell -- 105.