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BJ & Jamie - Jamie is on Twitter! (1/29)

Jan 29, 2014|

Jamie has finally gotten a twitter account and she is haveing some trouble already... Follow her. @jaamiewhite


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PG and Jamie -- This is a big day people. Did did today well actually yesterday was the big day but today is that the data we can tell you about it. Stay the idea I I'm not afraid. Laura -- no I'm not he will become a thing I'm not I don't think -- union -- biggest I'd really like about face but our FaceBook page. Is I can put stuff up there and I can have full blown conversations with people and then. If they say oh well here's what you do in can be like that's a good idea look -- feel like it's just I am more. It's not a pain in the budgets of buying stuff and I can just talk about weapons subject heading are. Jamie why it. Is now on Twitter and it has taken two years and I talked her -- -- Jimmy -- also could you. Sure on swallow least partly yes swallow. Is on Twitter yeah and custom -- PJ and actually opened a personal one yesterday at BJ Harris radio but -- -- deal with radio on the you haven't got suggested -- search for names a lot of nature take its. Jamie well right now on Twitter in -- not a big fan. I don't know what I am doing. We're gonna help -- that -- -- You know what it is about FaceBook you'd like. She chatting with people you love instant feedback. And you love up you loved that back and forth stuff like that is what I said like we're all talking about the same subject you know -- -- -- -- -- back and -- Bartlett and let me put dissident kind of layman's terms it's probably not a witnessing -- -- let me try to explain Twitter -- and put in analogy. It gives it's part of losing it like FaceBook and I find it's not okay. It's not like FaceBook Clinton -- a little bit -- -- a little maybe. An example -- help. Advice you know how we do this radio show every day off the end he basically you we don't go to the phones a lot because well you and I like to talk a lot right in solely in fact -- -- Moved -- Sandra to just talk right in the lead don't have funding yak it up and have a good time I ever explain things -- -- we can just. -- yeah go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. It's kinda like what Twitter is okay twitters where you go the new post thoughts. The -- that you wanted to say and what. It didn't get any feedback we'll give feedback on -- because they're asking questions. You don't need that you don't want question CU posting thoughts your posting. Interest in things you find. Putting links up there soon and back to our analyses so that was. And Christine to EU but you don't have to have feedback from people saying that it was interest into -- you just assume -- is out. So it makes sense so it's it's we get to the camp run out of room until I read a lot of characters. All you ran into that -- and I I do you know -- I post. Post like gal like go deep you keep the sample we hear me keep the so I. So like what I would -- -- okay to what I would have chip to act I go to FaceBook rates but when I just -- have a deep -- not that I go to Twitter. Yeah doesn't have to be a deep thought it can be just a random thought just any anything that you wanna put up about it can I give me just a couple things that I post yesterday in my account. Wait wait ask some questions first. -- I even -- I don't know like both laying. Lynn from -- -- she wrote me and I was I don't know how to writer Mac. And I don't know of any other anybody else sign and I don't know how that works and how to do that -- and certainly not trying to hash that. Well I jump into that. I jumped into that conversation between you and Olympia. And it's seeing it turned into me and though in talking to each work and do know how to participate numbers I don't know -- we'll show you all that. It's I don't know argued that number 100 -- until we had to turn off the vibration thing. Which I did turn it off but do you kind of it just comes on I imagine myself. Aren't well I I do not feel like my notification just come back on. I don't know how to stop them to and from from doing that or clot in my email I guess that's. I think the club and we have to vote took mother -- the email I think 200 email. I can't seem real email him because I had 200 email knew that they have new followers and then the other thing is that notification and start going on at 2 AM -- and. Man. By the way the appointment and Jamie's Twitter account is -- -- -- Jamie was who is with 280s because somebody there are installed with the other January. So JK. A MIE. White a W each. I just remember like that's like Jay. Double and MIT. -- Kind of threw his hat. And it's easy and I. Are you in the open to make it easy on me you know what I'm -- Jay bell LA -- in my -- -- I don't know. -- -- It. Absurd said it's still -- I'll give -- a couple things in in just troubling tonight tweeting last week governor of questions to explain. I'm trying to play in the definitely this place up there. I can't see it from here what are you talking about I don't know this. I don't know that but does. This thought let me ask isn't this witness aren't like a light is the stuff in favor of the yes yes okay. It. -- at the start and he's actually yeah. And they like this like this -- -- it could show up there on the Arab side that GGB white liked what I posted so I just always hit it like he do that FaceBook note none of this just I like. But why would you do that for people like you didn't FaceBook world well. Fury in the making people feeling just -- viciously happy go right ahead -- doesn't it make you happy with a bit like someone. I don't really care. I don't even look at the favorite thing to have to time I've rarely say thanks Rhonda I'm like everybody at its original time governing everything they're just they -- the yeah one day it's on yet. -- favorite -- -- yeah you don't want to savor everything I could you become that person that organized she favors or anything legal team everything because they're gonna see that. I don't see it when they go to their notification stuff. I favored -- -- lead -- go from bro bro bro like -- -- pro terrorist a liberal Leary and he said Jamie goes deep. And -- little less because that's what you said earlier that's that tweet you say you like FaceBook better because she'd like to go deep thoughts you'd like to go deep in your thoughts with FaceBook. Whereas Twitter is just a short little -- So I that's just a quick little -- -- heat weeded out something he says I favored it and you'll get a notification it's been favored. Yeah when you get it and look -- blog -- Larry. I'm at a dramatic content. Let you know I don't like that -- amber and led -- Idea who Obama he's he's a really nice guy whatever substance to these -- -- He's just poke you know who kind of you know I talked to me -- -- -- -- Steve's going to -- much -- -- guy. I don't know in Vegas do this whole stay in the know he's really know I know he wants to be on our show what can say is that. I don't feel like he's being mean he's Michael I think because I don't know how to do it the he'd love you English. And I've had a -- I feel like. A dork no I feel like I don't like I guess you could honestly. I thought for day one you were very very I think he did really good. You you know he kind of put it out there that you don't know what do you deal and you kept saying it over -- like -- margin. If most people -- catch on that you don't know what you do and if he just stopped saying I don't know what I don't. I'm a little tweaking of the south of -- Activity discover hope I get well I like I don't get -- and that could well OK let me go back to explain -- it didn't. And I know on them and following him about the difference for the FaceBook -- you have interactions are ears that we can put out last night at are the State of the Union Address was too impressed right. Yeah us to -- and I Democrat Barack. But to hash tag is -- -- SOT you -- state -- -- -- are so I put hash tag SOT yield. This is getting old somebody please start -- Grammy exit music and to get depressed in upstate right. I'm not looking for somebody to like he would FaceBook to -- be backing go OK keep the conversation going it was just a random thought. And. And if you go back and looking in his speech you'll see a lot of people are just throwing out comments about the state of the union and they can kinda tell you what he was talking -- Just by look at the year and local feed people -- Here's an idea here's let my sisters come into -- -- You know and picking her up at DA today and and so I had a lot of stuff did you know you wanna get everything right for your sister to -- to. I know is yesterday. And it's FaceBook was that. This last night was big dumb -- day of my life. I don't know what Fallon doing and then damage like -- economies to register all of -- -- around that drew them like this Sunday isn't he does everybody you don't care about may have -- yeah Tanya I care but the. -- I just. Don't don't don't see your TV week yeah serious and at the you can see it is what it is just go to when you want to. I don't -- deal with -- don't deal with it and -- -- you have an account just use it wouldn't want to three horrible things happened yesterday at the right. -- -- my box is making me beyond on Twitter yeah okay that's why she's on because -- forcing government because he's saying you have to be on it and then in my contract is that the that the -- social media whatever the F. Because -- all do it so -- I don't do it. And then and then you guys coming a mile battling -- the view. AM on because you guys are doing it -- no actually you know soccer team and never done. -- records start yesterday. Will write the what do you say he has before that he's in the same boat with you he's being forced himself he's being forced they're hoping -- they've ever -- -- either. -- and I -- collectively maybe people like you would back us up and say no we don't have to but what our fine. I know we're going to be. Part of what else what else that I should face because what. Else happened -- my FaceBook is old and god we covered this -- last week the protection is in three years they spoke -- not exist. Three years I can't sell that stock that we can right yeah I really like talking to people -- week five it's fun and this is -- -- whenever Facebook's old people. I know that's what it said I'm OK with that Dolan I'm wearing orthopedic shoes right now I'm fine and getting. You know if you're whenever we decided that. Who said it's and include them in his left. So for -- for me snoring know what happened and -- it. And the storms like this and and those were made -- can't do and we should actually. Just support me nothing. Was snoring consciousness at the -- what it was it was a June. Well first of all the bonds -- like puts his picture of me and I like. I know make a bond I had this huge war that is due on my kind of -- Lincoln -- him I don't cry I did. Saturday hitting. Well analysts credit for him so -- is like that is sex. The moon and it's that happened to -- now double -- Twitter right because he puts -- -- number -- my. When my explain friends. To injure is on there and she puts up there and I don't really her ex boyfriend. What happened. It -- Bernhard or since its burn -- to another Oprah your ex boyfriends and it's just keep let's go to work on Twitter. Where and when you can push just didn't -- and again you know what what happened -- experience in Twitter procure. -- -- -- Listen to me what it did. I know that slipped down on the air but I don't I don't know and it -- do you know anything about an ex boyfriend I don't. I just. -- only Travis. He obviously. Took my virginity on income nine. -- -- -- the Redlands -- now list a number of noise actually he tweeted mister Ingersoll Rand. Alice told Burton Acela trips this week he said that about you. I lost my average in income on PC grand. All right so no one so what happened yesterday. So then Paris the picture first connect their picture that you. Oh my god oh my gosh he came unglued. Okay then what happened out IC Okie dope he's not who is you know she's an adult she's seventeen sort of acknowledge your ex boyfriend I -- An -- she had something kind of like sexually explicit on -- -- and I've got to say. It is that what she's the -- predicted chat page of just funny story idea I noticed that she's done well by. Was sexy stuff but it's like that show I got hurt doing this you know having relations it's kind of like stories about that's. Now like a cannon and if he's don't think. Either she's gonna miss you and she's an adult -- I know so. I get a text from my thanks for an -- and equipment and said hey. Why -- that well are you following. New York ex boyfriend. Why were you. Did you did you -- somebody without my would you do I didn't know I would never click on the guy's name. -- never -- and they followed your ex boyfriend's death and then I all the crap you give me every day my son's pop. My son's pop I follow him I don't I didn't know I was him. So now that he's yet it imported context of something and then just I don't know. All our lives when we're done you know you could have been that important to. So I'm like oh I are you sure am I call them liar like I am now isn't as you are going. I was okay -- on it but let's back -- the absolutely it was all day. And then I got mad and I'm like why are you looking into a follower and today your business can stop patients could be ready -- above. And Julian. Isn't wasn't -- isn't a three month following the end it start tool right in the end I mean. Why is -- on Twitter yes. Like why didn't do until. Well I'll tell you why a lot of times people look through what other people are following just to see what her interest are so that I can follow it too. Okay that's what he says and I was like no wonder dog that's absolute truth Sean is not a truth on Twitter. Sometimes looked through other people's followers just to see who they're following because you might wanna. -- don't latch on all know exactly yeah that's that's date that's a big deal. Right on the right you're wrong so that they're getting you started a fight over nothing -- -- -- you're wrong. Because I said. Your am and you're not. No no no we're going to bite -- -- joining me -- Part of Twitter. That's what you do. You go to other people's. You thought go to their followers and you -- but for example me let's say you want to -- -- and you've got a hundred some like within hours yesterday. I want to your followers yesterday looking for people all America to see who I could follow too to have that. You know that that that common aerial view. -- I did that our purpose of that I would look your follow bush yesterday I look he should want followers the new policy -- there's a -- I didn't. I told you -- it doesn't play but he didn't they don't you. You can use that you -- a couple more on that London followed you who you give me a whole budget problems now. It is now a -- -- I -- -- well because I flipped out and said listen you are possessive and your jealous. Person and I can't be with anybody gel as a possessive because you've broken and that's not my thing and -- -- and -- -- -- in the -- and I can't believe you're looking -- my followers and I've only been on Twitter for half an hour in your party look at filers and I don't have the inaccurately Asia where somebody is like you know mothering me -- -- -- -- another like over my shoulder home. It's not at all. He's on Twitter you do dad you go look at followers so you -- so you can follow. It's very common. It's gonna storm. He doesn't like to use it just now and I call -- iron I know. Poland and Italy you know I haven't talked -- this that's what you do and and that we. I'm rich relatives and I go and I lucky you're followers or who you're following and yeah. I try to follow that I did JB yesterday I would do all -- her followers I about 510 loss and I just went through mud flaps. Yeah I don't I'm not gonna see a -- people who look at per common -- there you didn't say oh I forgot about that word I want to follow that it's. Lou and and he adds that I'm telling you know listening to me so than I am frustrated. And then I don't know a lot of things that shouldn't have. All know re drinking and not out of humid hot. I don't know how whole night at a couple anyway since the meiji eliminating. Oh no. Streak eliminate you are the blues. Right in you know that never works and designer because I become adamant and it is like like I'm right in Iran after like three Michael Walters and and so he's completely so -- three the globe -- and and Adam he Jamie and then he is. Listen to patty patty -- him. Good morning seeing in nineteen humanly -- what are. Twitter has been broken her and her relationship often as a bullet over followers. Am. I I got married and it actually he and we did a follow people realizing it. I was liking people close to that real ignorant you mean that there any -- -- -- And it actually suggest a list it's like my daughter's friend Ali come out because I'm her friend. And it's the gestation followed them because their interest that. Unity as Twitter yeah. Treaty of mom starts followed her friends. And -- -- -- that -- mom could hear from a not much but I know what you're doing you know I like people -- -- -- at around. And they have the when their mom can be on out there are under. And I think I think -- to -- twenty million travel. You happy -- -- -- snapshot here are dead as a Tesla nothing it's itself after awhile so anyway so this thing all out of control it was a horrible night and and hammered from one -- but a lot of this is gonna down today. We're supposed to have dinner and then I'm gonna actually make an excuse to my sister -- is like finally giving him around like he's in the hospital. But the fact that track -- And then finally. Last thing we did bad you were forbidden to go to the hospital to see him because he's the. EU he score he -- yes there's a -- we're ranked each quarantined as his like he went on terrorism in the that I know legs of the he'll call or something. And it -- no go quarantine hospital. Know what I said. I don't wanna know. The poor guy yeah. Just -- your followers that's. What I don't know comment I felt like he was a big brother and me and I don't wanna be listening that. Is like obsessive. Jealousy you know that's -- you like he can't Wear low cut shirt I don't I'm not with that kind of person that's on him up like. As -- look at my followers. And he lets you know what twitters from you whose fault it is it's our bosses. I'd sue this company for a reason. Well because they've ruined my life he. Stick it and then after that -- island and I'm pollen silver thorn. City consumers who may yet that would tell the -- -- WD and up need to doctor you know the different. Malls you know that now football. Is a lot of and then I don't know the needle again. I'm Brendan did that and silver -- is a nice place. And moral or impose -- -- out her FaceBook page posted to Twitter you know different names there recent -- to this. There's I had the following and Douglas dreams dream only dream real he is Douglas stream -- -- Who which is coming on that plot but yeah. He's going to be have to have a Super Bowl. That while it's no no Marseille. But week we have Bruno Mars tickets you waste going to be infamous green we have tickets he is the halftime -- of the Super Bowl you can win your tickets right here before they even -- of Wimbledon. Threat of. Punishment is near Brandon yeah why. Buried. Shouldn't let alone. -- -- he shouldn't get back. It doesn't just sit there looking for the association he'd look never heard from them. Wake up with BJ and G weekday mornings at 530 minutes and tell us what -- I.