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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Intern Rana's last day- Bieber Trouble-Empire lights. (1/30)

Jan 30, 2014|

Today is Rana's last day so Jamie let her do the Tabloid report.


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PG. -- -- -- Yeah yeah little. All right intern rain and. The -- dynamite in that's not your fault that his office and he's a professional. Open era that. OK this is seen these gift to you this morning it's our last day excited. Yeah yeah and analysts are right you did did he went down. Jittery. And here's the thing is that as she brought his doughnuts and stuff but you get her gift. It's the last day she's done a lot -- and and she's a very good interned during your -- It was going into the Detroit school of broadcasting -- and they -- -- I think is right Denver's school went -- -- it used to be Ohio sinner for broadcasting and is now Colorado neediest school. Oh yeah okay so it is going to come right media's. Let's say the name wrong -- is because -- didn't get -- school brought to ask you know and -- yeah it's color it's -- Waited for Blair -- names. And appoint business side -- -- Clinton running. Denver Colorado right. There -- one and my gift for going away. In -- did you I would really really want to do the entertainment report this when -- wanted to write the -- -- pardon me Symbian and he is you're right. -- -- think it's exciting and I can't collect. I like your demeanor you'd be very relaxed and yeah it to even be a sugar high in the hero. She's gonna do for him -- -- that -- the other guy Hank Interbank thought he was just sinister. We gave him a shot and that's what they had to change the name. Of the brunch at school but who. Graduated and who that insists last week come you know shots and get on your regular stuff and now. Great idea actually is once you get the internship yourself arrogant on their radio silent in for -- and -- -- I did well and a -- and down the energy levels a little different than mine back. More like this right here yeah. Usual her bed -- news. I don't just get out -- it was OK here we -- -- it's. This is raining here in the beating Jamie show -- 1059. So entertaining and I figured tabloid trash right here right now the -- I not I'm sick of losing do story about Justin Bieber every other day but of course we got another one. -- he turned himself -- to the authorities in Toronto. Yesterday night I believe. On that he's can be charged with a criminal assault apparently need. He bashed his limo driver in the back and had several times on this December 30 yeah. What you would I sit in the last report Denise back to the -- government back and they. -- You know we just. Internet that's what yeah yeah well these let's and a fast and that gossip gone they're telling me it's not like he whenever -- -- We were just gives you and I were like okay you're in the back of the limo didn't reach of the next Mac the. It turns that's what happened that's does reign in the -- is not at all times. Is it that I let me need to -- just lingers on then but now it sent multiple elements island I heat head hit the limo driver yeah I thought maybe that was a case may be winging its way down like some long. Perhaps eliminate it. Saying you did your reading of this morning. It's and -- like -- no sweating it into different this guest embarrassment. And going. You don't have not yet again. And you. Content -- with so as I saw that story that I was into -- So he's going to be figuring things out that way. On the -- I was even more interest in him and Selena hanging out again -- now. At that they just for any huge -- to easily win in the Nina. There. And her story will running around it's that holiday didn't if they're talking again they are on talking terms again and now. Girl -- man won't soon be out all right sorry yeah. For details and Iran as. I have limited time to do this resurgence is coming on my surprise. Just shoot it. -- the labor yeah. As allies in -- -- reluctant to IRA cell. Next story from Chicago on the list from sun. Just like JB. I wanted to see the best of the last chances rearranging. None. It gassed on that you know like I visited techno band that -- or robot Suton. Lung Billy ever knows what they'll look like they're always an undercover. -- can -- But anyway basing that -- on the lower era than partner does serve faster stronger. To get lucky yet but he can't get liking and so anyway the dog. Yeah yeah yeah dog and -- -- they learn. CNET -- airport with out there robots it's and so Tim he had gotten footage and they. Our -- silly looking dude it's late in the early thirties they're like all -- in Canada Turkey and -- I thought that was interesting I am here everything outlook is viewed it as rocky mountain. And they end up being kennel. I saw the picture they get the working. No literally where the robot suit wouldn't take him serious accidents not nice that. We're having a conversation this white thank you very much of Islam or can they and dark in the picture of -- -- the picture showing people that should Jamie. That they they look really dork that they -- better and robots are they they deal. I mean even impostor used you -- seems sixteens now dolls from artists and intervened late thirties. You're really late thirties. -- in other rallied scraping by to take a picture of the maximum. 31. The economy as a -- late thirties. Their late thirty drew and I. She's or thirty again and independently and support and sometimes self -- That's a reference. And -- thinking well. At Atlanta let's go yeah yeah. -- me. God. Well -- news reporter muscular fatigue and then even the and hey look here's a picture. Look at these two guys filling Blue's Clues to look at that -- look at the one guy I mean it looked at what did -- -- should Cohen got eight. They're very -- then they're very Harry didn't. -- -- -- -- -- I -- it was -- yeah. And nobody can see that snow and nobody -- get up -- put it on her at least the PHI which it would have -- IRA so and why also I have here is us look stocks are sound and is that if these -- It's -- it's its currency verbal star. Starting analyst are next check -- sell ion. -- is really excited about this news and opinion on the story. Let's take all the players on the Seattle Seahawks and the Broncos -- any appear Dre beats and sultans. So. I don't I don't know if anybody seen the commercial that the Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Have done a commercial for beats by -- -- gave each of his teammates apparently had some. But in real life. Each play here that's going to the Super Bowl has found a pair these headphones and the -- diamond encrusted headphones. They are like absolutely amazing to see the picture. I I didn't off I didn't see the picture of it shocking you bring an ounce on the. -- excited about this. It was shown so excited and that -- was he -- there are -- on a -- -- and -- that had something to drink -- -- Additionally each digit they are sweet. Re sick of looking at its unending nightmare that I've been wearing. Those are adorable isn't cool they have they have the -- beats headphones but they have that X. LV one and one you know Roman numerals they have that in question apart from the sides. Awesome and -- practical really. -- -- -- The very impractical that they are. Here's a tweet wolf we -- out later -- aren't very nice. It look like they're designed for a man. Even -- and I -- it -- -- for apparently 200 islands like probably not. And so yeah they're -- prayer really accent of. Those. Again and they get my glue gun BJ and an -- Michaels -- -- -- -- right and I can make this -- Would you like to me to me I get glue gun and so right and so yeah. But you know I I. I'm looking at these headphones right here and they look great don't get me wrong they look I mean that logo -- they don't look like there were 25000 dollars. I think she mis glue guy who did just as good -- job. I do I put some college he -- I had films today OK I'm going -- Michaels the and the car couldn't have got to let them and welcome we're here. Can it be and he's okay and also -- dazzle so yeah I am sure you will and get our net. Anyway sounds didn't come in on Tuesday do you think you and he doesn't mean some problems. Boy they're not gonna say if you today's your last. And I asked did you guys just aren't saying this -- going no way -- You just do whatever address some bad idea or did god -- -- do it again on Tuesday. Though I'm. Did I recommended you paperwork. So -- just gonna commit the and it's a decent paper where you can't do paperwork today she didn't bring it I know I know I. There's paper and we can figure -- We are right some I don't I went yeah Frederic note from -- and -- do you need. Eight I guess it's to release me and hey I've done again and -- exam. Com and evaluates exit interview -- the car. You are. And -- view it's no fun. As the major advance it's all up and he's got lots of that there's -- we don't really require that no mayor Martin -- this. Is made. Sure. Bank of questions and I go -- you know obviously -- doesn't end hundreds hey how long. So cold so yeah. It's completely fictitious and -- require it. It's yeah in the public not to we'd both looked -- each week and nearly immediately these. All right does it all the time -- forgot about that interview what she did homelessness saying. It's. All right joy it's coming back with a big. And now. This is they acquired. Doesn't require show us he swallows in her -- The best meter -- up for all the student yeah. And made no mention of the yeah you don't need to and eight. First -- -- I -- this guy can't even believe it does element of mean yeah. I can't comment on Tuesday -- -- Harry and yeah. Required. -- that so many many ordinary. There's so gloves did. She's going. To -- about it. He heard it all baron didn't -- so we can do it. You're too busy to do the exit interview today well -- she's gonna come back. This list of questions from I had to put together a -- that the. And I know you are getting what we're saying yeah it's -- articles that are making I think that the picture. I sound I want my -- accident on the and I don't you -- the last thing like yeah I got one Salina on. Rank Elena -- considerable on the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- in India performing. Well there's a rumor going around that there are going to be covering Led Zeppelin did you guys hear about that you did yes RA and then did you hear that it was correct that they just kind of you know somebody asked him and red carpet -- to be performing. It's not it was kind of funny that they would you know answer Led Zeppelin dazed and confused to twelve minute song. On an independent -- -- -- the rumors aren't true we aren't you know it's silly and -- can be firming up. So to hear about that with the fact that that. Now we do. It's people are talking about you know yeah that Led Zeppelin on stage yet exactly. That's not going to be happening according to man. Some of them come back they will be. On signing as a global drug content. And they're gonna be auctioning off an English -- -- so I -- have -- drum kit I'm not too excited about the Red Hot Chili Peppers beyond. Did -- get away given away to give away now they're ready is Bruno Mars ESI. Yeah. Give -- give the -- are you like it I love that song you know wait get released yeah. Bruno Mars an awesome group Mars the ball more. Myers' ninths he's not is nice again. I'm -- and play and it doesn't pass the ran out. In there Chile and the like scrawny heroin and looking ahead. I think I do know. That's your credit to our. Two characters do. You can -- and -- and I would -- and I had them at a little bit more excitement and just loves. Even the sun would set my and there are -- on. Like guerrillas. -- love real love Megan level like -- yeah hammer that's ten acres it's a city yeah. Yeah like the heart but we seen the video now it's really sent. -- -- -- yeah also I have a tiny nephews and does what they listened to so I kind of and now maybe just need to stick with that action 200 silly thing. -- -- -- He's like that yeah if he. Hits the -- -- would gambling is -- yeah. Oh yeah. Today should be your last. -- and -- has -- handsome man I would accept it value yeah. Nice and red hot chili pepper. And hearing you and. Thank you for being here what -- that test on Tuesday. Wake up with PGA and she. Weekday mornings at 530 did CNN Dallas 10 I.