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BJ & Jamie - Producer Sean's spelling challenge #19. (1/30)

Jan 30, 2014|

Its a Super Bowl theme test today... Still no $


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PG. -- -- Back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- had these hard and I thought it was really cute with the teacher this year that -- this week she didn't. -- Like she did theme words okay what he talked about for the super ball. -- -- All you're saying well let's hope so you're gonna kill it yeah. -- football guy in the end your week. It was a really cute idea. Screen that's Super Bowl -- the best idea that did it ever -- The -- and got really I mean dreaming about. I hate yourself dispelling the -- a show and get sees a second great words and everywhere he gets right it's five dollars if he misses it -- -- -- to dearly knows he's only won twice on the show twenty bucks here ten dollars a year and that's it in six months. But a weekly basis he's won twice but it's kind of -- because you know he watches the ball and so -- struggling. This pricing these words I think he's -- -- money to me did I do. And he read. I looked dead and your first where Iraq. First where. Refereeing. The refereeing signal. You -- then every game show with. Refereeing -- Like refereeing. Soccer refereeing signal. Reference for re yes RE SER. EE EI NG. -- it's too easy day and -- So what was gonna go away with the ING did you get. It now what didn't go I think yeah that the Irish peace. Did you start. Right five bucks maybe you can racist -- your football player there's no way to miss. Possession possession. We hear that -- ever he might change of position point PO SI a T I -- And that's the deal SS but the the thing that the vigilance side who in the hell were used. But we just that was decided that but what that was decided I didn't position. He did position. Position that he Lewis sighed again. He -- possession again they did -- -- but we didn't he didn't he. Okay no no that's a connection that there was limit the Italians caddies as you -- What -- POS cents. In essence. -- Well that's a lot of -- yes it's not the only story about a lot of so I'm. I'm -- UNT two and I remembrance. -- -- -- As it -- very good to beginning position. Said PO SS I used the position of high commissioner commissioner. Finchem missionaries through court. -- -- I don't know what he said. Yeah the -- enough. He's a good guy you don't need to -- it is -- COM MIA as high oil and. Commission or. Only gotten. This yes. And okay. She known -- CEO and and I. Don't sense I. -- in the -- -- sentences. In investments. On the bulls missed a lot out of both those terrible -- isn't easy out of I again haven't I guess is confident that they need and assists on every play for a. Are you -- -- Unable to. -- -- -- -- And. I have had it -- he's steadied as honorable and every client I did on this. Yeah don't you know you're not getting five bucks on a bus. That wins and applause that's legitimate. Receiver. And and they get them -- I'm gonna get them again let's until the bank account that I heard you and your bank RTC IV ER. Well -- What happened -- York -- your your eyes your job Kerry the balancing I want or something walking into the. And I ED ER except after -- on the prime example. And eat the heat comes to RF RE CE I. That shortens. The terrible. That you're you're zero still -- -- he'd gotten five books now. Reap the -- for Stewart. Trophy. While coma but this is so -- this place this kindergarten listen if you didn't who can't he's he's he's. Gloria TA TER. CT AT. TER OPH. One -- You cursed TS I say DNA. Well I had obviously yeah. -- -- -- -- Dollars. Neutral zone. Two words the new 2000. You can not until there is yet to or the Stewart this that's one -- you're up and eat you. TR a L -- any. I was two words though the fifteen dollar and really he gets to -- that tagged. Penalty. -- to fifteen dollars here we go penalty FDENELT. A lot. And. What the hell was that penalty. As has done that yet that doesn't -- the NE AL this is PE in the no idea. -- -- This. Is an altitude. This town that tally from -- and unhealthy everytime I watch Chris Collins worth he said now there's another pelting riot I think you know. An -- and incorrectly when it's penalty. You back to. I didn't go any further. But it was of it and you -- your opponent's words seem too concerned 25 bucks. I keep thinking. You thinking. That no I am indeed you wanna do yes no I -- -- don't have a business. I'm not an analyst -- I ineligible. Ineligible receiver you hear it every just but I replied. Through. Well -- -- scientists assumed. 25 dollars and suddenly act it's a pay day for you. Write -- -- and that he or running a target. In eligible. Eligible. And and eligible. And but I game over. I. I don't even not easy editing and recruitment. -- a classic at. It's -- if I'm wrong. CEO WE. I. Wake up with Vijay and each weekday mornings at 5:30 -- -- 1 --