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BJ & Jamie - Couple plans wedding on Super Bowl Sunday. (1/30)

Jan 30, 2014|

A couple planned their wedding on Super Bowl Sunday and now their guests are canceling.


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PG and -- Jimmy. Okay here's a story for you -- you talk about some rotten luck. A guy and a woman decide they're gonna get married they sit there wedding date their wedding date is February 2 2014. You know what day that is. February 2 late February is headed to Denver to as Saturday. Heard though it's Sunday. Super Bowl sudden match that couples from Seattle Washington called on. All. From Seattle. Get -- Washington. Their wedding is set for this Sunday afternoon at 330. Which is exactly that kick off. All the Super Bowl. You know and I cannot even compare the two. But my wedding was what wins he was really really good and CSU was really really dead -- my wedding was on the day they play. And I nice inning but so are the same last year a year -- you're here -- ballpark really made me mad because at that wedding reception. And he turned on the team needs. But that's what this lady says she says that if people show up if but they'll have a big screen TV for the game sits there in Seattle. They've spent over 30000 dollars and wedding. They've invited over 100 guests and so far eighty something percent of the guests. Have cancer had bet they have. Have and the thing is is that you know she said that they get a big screen TV but you're RA and narrower -- not during that. When they walk down the aisle European power into the end. And get it you know once you realize two weeks ago when I can't she just can't -- -- Kenya -- -- because you've got. Is that you have to have insurance -- by letting insurance. She they're like screwed. 30000 dollars has been Smith and and you know and here's the thinking it's like okay. It won't walk you idiots why did you book got Super Bowl Sunday the no a year ago -- beautiful. -- he organ in the Super Bowl. February 2 -- -- checked the calendar for things like -- detective okay we're not gonna do something hokey like Valentine's Day cookie were gonna do it on Christmas Day. Won't do don't things you don't check for Super Bowl. Yeah that's when you know I mean arbor day I always -- four. In Columbus that -- catch though the Abuja checkbook but she don't resemble each guest worked out that way. And in that time even the time. But she's walking down the aisle is that typical. Yes it surprised me like how many people have birthday parties. And wed eighth. You know and they're like and. You weren't going to be underneath it Sean yeah and you don't want to -- Well it's like you can just. And I John -- ha. I mentioned it there earlier this morning -- be damage in this my sister in law is having me birthday party for her grandson. On Sunday. Is the one I'm like yes and this art than actually all. -- -- -- this is your what your my sister and I she's the sister in law usually one. I don't know I don't know OK okay the really hot one and she's totally cool whatever Barack Obama does not seem like she would do I think. It she didn't even put it together either because she's not a football person nor is her -- what tennis of party well she's moved out to 1 PM. -- was that it was at 230. As a game. It DOS 430 right we have still got three gave the words that party in -- one -- from one let's say 130 to 330. And the game be an hour later well I hope you get an idea or just do your own stuff burgers to go out. There's but that remember your little exceptions the rule BJ you're the one that figured by the time we counted. Your Indians from the TV on Sunday for sixteen hours starting at 7:30. That morning at that you're not normal doesn't get them now. Oil is should be pretty normal to at least put in its four or five hours before the game. Like myself I plan I'll watch at least start at 1 o'clock yes apps on the latest. I -- Yeah there are. You're watching probably at least. Three to four hours before they can -- -- don't really tests are more on area huge fan it's coming on first thing in the morning and -- and all day yeah. So when president seat because remember it was supposed to be tweeting you and I have to add text you to get a -- get a blood -- remember how he can -- -- I don't move around who took it won't get a blood US made it that I -- did it remind you put it would appreciate the Jackson just accomplished that not to remind me to move comes care. -- Mark Richt because you're connecting all of a bad day I swear I aren't going to be locked in on Sunday don't even think about coming about my house. I was his only Girl Scout Cookies paying it -- I'm what do you think and mean this is just a weird scenario that won't happen but what what do you think. -- happened. And you only. -- SITE. Institute the power record in the middle of the game. What would you -- I'd go to local bars that's got a game on find -- way -- huge gain yeah I mean quietly walked out. But my thing is this what what what would be like the worst case scenario for me it would be like -- Broncos have the ball. We're in the fourth quarter we need the touchdown but we're on the like the one yards like in some jerk -- what's the party early and hit a power pole in front of my house. Toledo oh neighborhood. Because at that point you don't have -- to get to the bar -- There's like with the health well what's yeah who did we win and don't call Jamie Jamie -- -- win 10 would that be the worst an aerial. Oh yeah. I see a thing is. No he hollered at me even -- is not a huge football thing and he's telling me that he's gonna watch three hours of fun. At least quick poll at his sweet little packages together suitable twenty to age all those cool. And -- And I did -- mean I -- let me clarify something you wouldn't be like this as much you would be thirteen or -- -- for me if -- weren't the bronco. Guy so it's a bronco -- got to watch it all day at 33 putted well trailed 32225. -- argue making a full day of -- I think most people here in Denver are. Wanna sit out and preaching. And -- there all day. We you can do other things you can prepare your food -- gonna -- people that homer or your family or whatnot but. Aren't gonna heaven on blaring all day. -- Well until he used text of the church we need to get up to a particular blood clot situation I guess it's. In. -- it's just a bond and I would I want you know like maybe -- a couple of minutes before -- at -- that's sounds good like them. And yes yeah all we got to see the nationally and the home. -- why Gilbert she got to see you all the stuff unless the National Anthem -- a moment -- the game right. So unit which any coverage have been told the kickoff -- -- is that what what matters is the -- yeah the game management I'm. -- I like the high and might even go snowboarding discus Namibia and everything a bunch of powder and it can look at that. When you me nobody could be that she would propose to do because ultimately wideout this morning. By the way we're expecting like I know what they say it's daunting warning or watch a warning and it's a warning and metro or maybe five inches for downtown aren't let's start changing the morning. -- -- and this is an old they think -- Our mayor -- that. It's my anniversary true. Alone we all -- sort of -- awful home. How is that working out -- here. Well gene. Norman he's the phones keep -- back to hold continue their. Yeah try doing. It ever sir you said again is gonna celebrate Saturday night. You know I do over -- And. Yeah did not all high and mighty act like it. A woman it's too -- and add the satellite tags on about yeah right and I'll tell salado and -- shoes. Yeah and -- -- Saturday there. I'll. End it but you see a sports agent she struggled then. -- issues -- -- you don't like -- -- not a certainty but she doesn't get into into guitar if you saw that make should try. -- As you know we never did -- -- what you can do about that birthday party. What are you gonna do the birthday party. I'm not going. You know 22 you were -- talking is more important in a tiny child finally knocked the Thailand as a kind of tiny child it's your nephew I. And it has -- -- a little funny talent he's a cute looking at a local kid is I pray that she sent it out to -- how liberty party China's netcam. So I was excluded from the beginning it's -- tiny baby. How's the kids I mean I ZQB I've at all. And -- chance. You don't need not. End until they did -- your eyes and -- -- and Sikhs because I'll take insurance -- didn't show up here. And -- a lasting memory. Leak at least I. Top of it. I'll -- for one I wouldn't do we look -- that must be home life to twelfth pick that. At at at at. Did -- I don't think I'd go either -- Morning Ashley and what's going on the -- Not really yeah. Hi I am -- that was the -- Jimmy. Don't -- hey Jimmy. I pretty much of you. I know what you're talking about port a couple of not a crime doesn't mean -- really that doesn't super ball. Couple because not only have their way into your room bit and the rest of the day in the -- that are going to be here and because the -- of its -- And Pakistan despite you're about -- you -- now listen I noticed Scott. I do -- no control over what is going to -- -- letting you sample but my sense is what. You know on -- beat Michigan. And we're I'm tired out state and so that. We're not -- -- to meet a little easier when we need to play and ticketing and national championship. Result practice and he understood well I think -- we went there again inspect. Go believe to shoot your little. Yeah it's. -- tell you not understand sea kitten who is art but it. -- go out and lab while that's hard core I. Last I don't know about -- You don't get back on financial heartland we know that I'm a big universe it's an easy thing and he's right -- about something because -- -- -- that I didn't. Think that that white Jersey hawks fans you'll. And you know when the Super Bowl is because you're in a pro football I'm a big university to -- and I know exactly when the Tennessee Alabama game is and I would never ever schedule a wedding anything on that date ever had a I would never Larry you know. -- know you are just going to I don't need to consider. Here. It's all this is the most watched I don't think I'm carrying you earlier when everybody didn't -- TV -- -- watching and -- -- Olympic earlier this thing and I think air origins at no extra autopilot and cultural art. You know we need to do as scheduled for tomorrow we need to have a therapist on tomorrow because here's more about. -- more about. Maine is emotions if we lose if we lose I can be basket. Every I mean there's going to be tears there's and there's you know -- I mean there's that whole hype about women get beaten after whenever that I am not -- -- I'm talking about. True what depression. Came and crying and kicking and screaming again you know like little -- -- you would even did. It boasts I'm going to be in a very very bad news so we have democratically -- yeah markets innovative Monday will be a terrible show. I -- could be less cranky and just -- that mean in just his. Left kind of like this. Like you are every day can really so -- this. We should get maybe here apply apply -- psychologist we can -- -- yeah ten under for Monday and we hit it doesn't -- now who will win donate a you know just to deal with these emotions can -- can hit and he didn't didn't. The benefits suddenly and do little guys around him and think about them is now I don't think we're getting close to a mere assertion Sunday it's acting -- day. But you like comics are you got a spring in your step I'm excited and shut up and I -- great I art seven degrees with a brutal -- digits there today. Speaking of that the big Huber bully he's playing at halftime. We -- tickets have Bruno Mars at village green and wondering again those who will do it here just a little bit of cigarettes plus intern -- -- -- She's doing what she's doing the out with a -- Tabloid trash can't do it everyday two times today she's gonna do the entertainment report because today as a last won't -- her given her her shocked. Is that while it's Jamie's gift -- is my gift to her to her last day on our show and her if she gets to do the tablet. Yeah. End -- -- and especially for our applications grew national I was so what's gonna be Iraq he had when Heather to pay every start -- review report is getting great. I got a feeling it's gonna have more entertainment news and yeah. And I will say that I'll do that okay. Wake up with Vijay and see us weekday mornings I thirty -- -- -- and.