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BJ & Jamie - What should Jamie do with her sister in town? (1/30)

Jan 30, 2014|

Jamie's sister is in town and she is looking for things to do... she needs help.


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PG and -- Jimmy. -- you just can't sit around his sister and just chit chat about old times look at may be small photographs. Pull out old wedding videos and things like that. Make some popcorn and kick back and just do that for three days icelanders -- know I was never married -- Bought her wedding video that act at at at it kind of reviewers. In the closet. I was just tell Vijay -- to me I love my sister left and I'm really excited she's here my son is the rail that she's here. But it's so funny how you don't have -- as I was nearly get this weird mode of like a game when when I get a bit let's versioning up where bush who got an. For whatever reason because my friend Tina posted at a picture of Peyton Manning Dan and shock them. I thought it was the feds and idiot -- I don't know I think it. The spot the shock thing down death. So Jamie she's she's just she goes oh and Dutch art class double a that -- -- and -- Stewardess -- I think he inches. The only chalk art you're gonna have that people don't wanna write their names in the snow pitino won a million people that yeah. There's a -- -- -- That's from a while back I know it's just a drawer and random is about like he's like what oh sure yeah well I diagnose the illness doesn't. Anybody has any ideas and what you need to do with her sister to taken some time before she gets around town. Please call the right now -- of -- so she's like really she isn't really sensitive like that. She's going to be here for three days with the fact that so few because any ideas 30322. L-3 three. 2225423. And keep in mind. Mr. chalk art just -- talent that the act and so. And because they're hunters -- not go into the wildlife museum there honored that they don't kill those things that we have. Mean chip the deer head indefinite -- you do you take her to -- like the -- If she sees Michael Rose L cougar or or you know bison are so I still don't shoot it. We can't do that records the zoo -- and he can't do zoo where in the zoo until -- -- around my ideas on what she can do -- sister. All right I just I just thought -- slash. Denver landmark. -- the do this bold dinner there are you okay don't you think kids it's their for what is it. It's been for 24 different art so book could there be one of the big roads and go to Costa but deep -- That is they tripped -- are. Not a -- I'm glad you. The black arts. And an opinion on sixty minutes doesn't. And those eight inches and that it's even best did you get wrapped up there in this now yeah. Every six people there. You know and that plays it's not -- that -- Matt is I don't blame big guy I think that she will think I'm joking when I tell her how bad the food is I think -- today. OK it's not about food it's about to experience. Now. Where. Morning -- suggestions the morning. Am attention to recruit prairie -- the floor and get -- -- it -- -- She doesn't really drink. -- -- -- -- Click and -- that this. Yeah secretaries that your hair and now I. Wagoner I don't know you don't drink yeah -- giants aren't thank you player is she doesn't. Brewery census doesn't drink. Partner's injury so that seems like people and try to help I know that you know to me like when it. Like I I'll have cocktails that she does so far away those Coors brewery and costs of the -- and -- That's been on the list I Adrian. I RE at doing. And my -- dot com. I later go out back there the company have been bracket where you. Are dead dog but it like -- -- they have got it let it -- Eric. -- -- Wasn't I just indicted again animal cruelty. I. It was a guy with -- an end. In a summer. Yeah we have to piece of the puzzle out there and if there are a lot of things to do in the mountains a problem as. Getting to the mountains in the snowstorm that's taking place. What we're trying to find is something that keeps her on this side of the mountain you know I. Posted I don't think David knows what's gone on does -- -- the pictures I suppose that picture on our FaceBook page that they're expecting thirty inches of snow Adrian did an area. Yeah. Not -- to get it leading. You know yeah exciting the next agreement and possibly need to -- yeah. I've been at it. All there but it. It's obviously experience experienced not talking about food outlets that didn't not a. Every hour every hour -- and -- every hour the hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Internet under radio. As soon to be taken frontier that part -- Yet turned your radios and you're getting and delay. All right they aren't so what's your suggestion. I guess intentions. Are hard to tell my act. -- Dominique and -- Honestly. OK can I tell you why that won't work we legislator who haven't left a malignant skin she buster -- with the fact that. I mean I'm and in it you know I don't you understand the -- she's this close to go to the emergency room. She was all -- and I I just can't get animal shows him -- And winning the one of those spins and hits it dead and first pick it up at nights roses I might even cried. I might even shed some tears she just did a new contract in fact they put a clause in the she's no longer allowed to ice skate. It's like I can't be Dorothy Hamill bright and -- -- Hamill camel in the market. It's -- her contract. And they're so scared she's gonna kill herself that was a bad sorry Cynthia I mean that there's a bad idea. -- -- is that I did have that was. All right here did that important since she's hotter they gave. Eighteenth speech engine -- I go to lunch sit sure aren't hurt. Why not say we're gonna show. There you -- a gunshot Jamie I'll. Why Vijay flexing muscles I'm doing right now. Vienna and a guy and shadow and show the and they needed this team and anything and they do this. And -- and I guess as you know goes my -- home and go to -- and -- again. I gotta be negative quite honestly -- a day if those are -- get back on the planes and well not only that but if I'm okay Dell. I'm not taking my girlfriend Jamie went to a gunshot except that the that the I'm preach to buy something we should do she -- later. I'm telling. Gabby yeah. I. Achieved there they won't let you know -- so. She's so. Just don't want -- -- went home and I just RE like Annie Oakley shouldn't need a gun has come down -- and didn't think he added Tommy. Are -- on her part time. Me. Aren't rumor and lost. Eight. She likes that. It they have all these animals in the war team and details. -- -- Where you eat like rattlesnake and yeah yeah yeah you can -- can have prior. And up by eight and and I don't strange. Posture. Everything I think they're playing and -- that -- I'll do the book when the -- well Anderson ostrich. In the world is loaded and really get animals Arlen under the Cheesecake Factory to Trevor Booker who -- -- you're gonna love. I've got a couple times via. EU like wild game. -- and indeed leaving the -- -- action that door or. Expecting the state OK our eyes a look at at where is it. The -- it's overrun what's that word it's those old Obama -- what street. -- it's our postage Osage Osage Obama and it's not the light -- just jump on the light -- and many heads. In Osage you'll see the restaurant right there it's not there just -- off the library I mean literally. How listen be like a whole big city experience left the hospital on the light rail. No I'm telling you that's a good place to go at -- after the first restaurant every cholera I don't know a -- time. So so cousin -- at Idaho and yes but we don't like the food torque isn't -- it's like we're doing a -- you're gonna get those men drowned each remembered my friend and I -- -- nice narrative are soon you're gonna do that and then buckled as -- did a book when. Okay it's -- -- Go to celestial peace tour because it's -- a -- Think they got -- example in addition our top process than all the different flavors lecture it's well that would -- it. Well she got hit. She works -- -- -- -- everybody can count on you play it too much you knew you weren't. You're still. Coming. In here. What about I didn't go to. It's fifteen cousins -- went. Nationals -- -- dumbed down. A little dozens so unless you don't don't don't they make the sleep ET -- The ones that might not do well. Yeah and -- -- -- you. Need including eggs in XT. TV news went into the -- Now we have dozens walk into a bar once an ouch that. -- -- violence without them they walked in to a the feeling is that smells in England like today -- agents who -- Because few more than sweeping. Liberal -- -- fifty. -- an island state your house. -- Yeah -- idea. OK so yet -- that it could be endorse I. Can I yeah. And my husband a couple -- -- that didn't count yet indoor skydiving at the apartment and now it's really a lot of and eight. Isn't my sister and I are a little happy. Don't you mean like a big boned girls. Think they have enough wind enough wind again it is up to me how which I don't know elitists. I I learned that. You have wings coach since EST -- Green and hit big -- oh yeah you know I -- say they don't have enough wind that you two guys airborne. That's the sheik -- and later. -- which -- -- things alone and that went on the -- out of America and ice is seven flew open. Of the tube like Willy Wonka I'd certainly like well. I'm trying to -- Aaron James. What you really need to do. You in order. Paint ball. I'll eat cheese and gore paint ball -- -- Not not a -- -- might like it each Ian so. -- also or late next door folk arts. Search all of its virtues aren't there -- -- complex. You need to look. You know the are you tired you know. It always help those. Lingering -- well they -- yeah they did it used to -- but here we had a -- that was a boss and he decided that that was a -- building thank -- so easy to take the entire radio station and we go paint ball until after about the third trip down there he realized we were all being about one guy we didn't like Lowell and we -- shooting him actually stopped painful that you guys -- being considered harassment bullying -- then I only got one guy really yet. Would leave welts on his face tips and it was kind of -- You think about -- and it's not -- all that -- yes not to Moscow and. Learn is you got into is that that term you used were an oral slots. No he he -- there Holland med school and really really Smart. A couple of that the quote fewer doctors of America. -- slide is in the. Shotguns as the -- that. The luxury shotguns and I think at life yet it doesn't have put in England to wind up being hysterical biting my sisters who really loves Jesus. And doesn't like drinking. Take hits and I'm picking the best birthday ever and not teller yes we rocking and. Of the off when she's you know before you're through the delusion it might concede to place. It's okay. Black lights that is that is not it there's not a picture the big hamburger. And -- and wake up with fleas and see us weekday mornings I thirty -- palace where I.