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BJ & Jamie - Mayweather's bet did it happen? (2/3)

Feb 3, 2014|

Floyd Mayweather reportedly put down a 10 million bet on the Broncos to win... Now he is saying he never made the bet?


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-- -- here's the deal Floyd Mayweather says while it was reported last week that he put down ten million dollars on the Broncos last week that it is and then after the game last sentence toward the Floyd Mayweather himself came down sit out practice -- put out to about our ten million dollars. On the Broncos infected by admitted that get us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why don't -- let's. -- -- even get the whole thing of his last week he bet ten million dollars on on the -- that was the report and then this week he didn't and if he would've that would've been the Seahawks are absorb compete. Well here's the deal here's what I. And -- being any a jackpot winner -- to tell the jackpot what are girls who aren't and camera kind of girl. -- try to keep pure but at a black hawk in the Vegas right. I don't try to keep myself that -- ever. I go there alone and look at the big thing. What does this -- up that we're just both big -- hurts that's how we win the sort. -- experience and you know what it is what it's an individual sport didn't. Know who I let alone did you feel like you prefer play in -- -- yeah. Get away from me when -- -- right I don't wanna talk about you know what it's my secret it's our own little secret OK here's my -- -- -- in public problem. And here here's what I'm saying though I'm saying it's our it's our own secret when you lose a lot of money. You don't really you're not lying about it each issue. You're reluctant to tell someone. When you lose. This usually say is -- -- it was that it was Bangkok. Right and it's usually let go OK okay but what we knew what and that it's a whole different ball OK let that I to depiction of the two. -- -- -- -- that what you but I'm getting at is Mayweather. I think wagered on the Broncos in now is denying it because he doesn't want the world to know but he lost that sum of money on football. City. Do you drag her that is my guess is the guy that like. They take and yeah he's a tasty anyway. -- diplomat here. I just think that the whole thing got to I think he'd bet on the Broncos and he lost the money and they're just started. He is he's trying to twist the story now because that's -- gamers that does you don't want anybody nobody Lawson is in there there. If the problem is -- one last night I think Floyd Mayweather would have come out and said man wonderful I just want and yet. -- Yeah brag when you win and when you lose you go I would talk about I don't park -- I don't even. I didn't know and I didn't Julia -- not not me. I'm not a loser spine is at the scene in Vegas is that weird snapped at the beginning that that one that went awry when and where Payton wasn't -- -- it's Rula. All of the gambling killed. Everybody had office pools and -- with a bad piece of cardboard via. And -- squares and yet and you -- it's it screwed up because nobody has two -- well. It's so well is screwed it up the people who had all the heavens and the three years at the numbers pop open football both for the people's I have fives. In two new. Had to by the stupid squares yes well that. What's a random draw like it's so so if you randomly drew the really stupid numbers. You're like yeah eight. But see now where I think his after they do the numbers like I'm not gonna win yeah yeah. Yes if you got fives in twos and stuff like that those numbers you're thinking I don't achieve some women think and then at one step changed at all -- This isn't about Mayweather and I don't you know if he's boxing. I think he's yes. But he's very selective of when he does silence elements in Poland and when he decides to do I. I've put something on Twitter he makes all its -- 150 million. Some don't like that so five million is really like if you and I gambled it sounds and you gotta figure the guy has fought like what forty copies. It's always worth what. To 300 million sell it -- did you know I bet a hundred dollars yeah. Yeah me it would be equivalent to you an idea that the lives. Of and losing a hundred bucks right and war kind of crying over but not really worried about it. He -- thing about people with that kind of money and they used to do this and Michael Jordan they would given -- For this I think it's not exciting and less coming for you and I put ten about ten is exciting right gift but I think for the Mayweather -- and Michael jordans of the world they have to do ten million to get excited. And because then there yeah it's just a whole different level Olympic yeah if -- -- ten bucks or a hundred dollars on the Broncos that they share the ticket. It was like it was like that one day -- stepped up a nickel into my vacuum cleaner. Than you think you are you that would suck up and nickel. Billion. Yen Gannon had done that she did get out I just let it it was it's it's that guy since it's easy to get them. I I will say this and I don't wanna come off as sounding cocky you're rich or anything like that but here's what I have and continue to do. I throw away -- You hung open on him. You hung -- -- -- -- I laugh at you and I I I see it as athletes need penny should be used early that in all I collect and I hate patties and it really. I is on -- be honest and that's just I'm an -- tool and I paid 295 for club being and in my son hasn't played it any. The democratic -- He just letting go to its club England to -- for a few pompous -- rich fish you have to 95 you pompous way. Every day it's on -- list of things to do an every day like. -- -- Well you. He wound up Cuba -- balances won't go Obama. I. Well you know that I've been paying for the fifteen dollar -- -- -- -- month for my son who's now 21. I've been paid for that since he was thirteen years old I'd -- -- it's been seven years I've been paid -- and I think he's played in years but now. At that moment where you have me yet know for a minute and then Hilton -- I think -- -- for Netflix and Sharon uses it. Don't know why Donald why do dot that is soft Ole lie right here on the air is that -- even if we're that you don't know the password but he does. Food clothes. -- So loves it down I don't pay for Netflix total -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- plus that plus -- under watch in 1995 month. -- And the next flight Netflix the and I hate to I watched it -- you son of sorry yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Wake up with you and G weekday mornings 530 Dejan palace where I.