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BJ & Jamie - Super Bowl half time show. (2/3)

Feb 3, 2014|

Did the half time show work with Bruno Mars and the Chili Peppers?


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-- That together don't you don't. He's -- we are because I. Don't feel like we did it all. And all that all I know you only get mesh together well on stage but guess what it's. The critics are saying it was on a moment the ball and they argued. What the critics paint it says the highlight of the entire set was clearly both -- -- wailing -- -- -- -- Let's take a poll what do -- I got a box of mental. 032 point two -- 32225423. Forget about it being sucked my wheelchair -- and their regular and consistent depresses suitable okay did. Bruno Mars in the Red Hot Chili Peppers mash together on stage it didn't work free tickets to me. And that's highlight for me it was not then because the critics is and they managed it was and during a bridge or whatever it was the best part of its bet well isn't. I'm just discovering poking at -- Yeah -- -- when he did the just the way you are whatever and all the armed forces were doing and you know their little thing -- Exactly like this who's boss and the armed forces people yeah. Can you wanted to cry and yeah I think that -- my favorite part in the put him on the little blue stage out there by himself like he did. Online that was. She first. You delay really give away and they know where their shirts 30322 L-3 032225423. Did that work for you arms and no wind the critics say it was at a -- and a limited again highly. Let the whole sect was clearly both bands -- the bridge the bridges and -- -- -- yeah. I don't why it. Now work for -- Yeah yeah. Okay -- to -- seem like you're really are you -- -- -- -- thirteen. I didn't want her right away I. Sakic on the phones you and I knew what was there T and T get to school -- have a great day everybody. I. Wanted to do it amended and who can Dario and he ages fifty club let me get your I. Tied at 30322. Miles 3032225423. Did Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to debt mash together on stage did you think it was kind of cool part it really. I have it did an -- I. I think infinite and I had because we're not lash -- like they'll think finale even in Ireland and I think so that they actually and I. Right in line elements to the you know it can only put our this year the left right and that he had all I didn't like his outfit Amendola and -- -- -- work for me that corner is different I even though Bruno Mars was still in the back behind them thinking to himself you know what I'd done here. Hey let's get these guys -- -- you're so lucky that she did its target -- -- -- -- critics lifting the critics loved loved Sarah and sort of quiet and he's thirteen okay. The but who can argue with why it I think -- -- their. -- Old school in Paris and nine would bring up my Britain must shout out and beat out. Actually bring you -- come out and politically not to do that that not out I -- I thought it would opt out -- -- Exactly what it does usually isn't this cantaloupe movement and a. I know guy I don't got used to live next door flee via -- every day like clockwork you can count on fleet going to his mailbox in his robe around 330 in the afternoon. Life is I think. I -- that. At that he could sit outside -- -- on -- -- and watch -- go to Israel box it was like clockwork at 330 every day. Saying though that they added another is and where it didn't. Well let's just didn't have the period Amy. And what's up. I I -- awful. And our opponent group went out there and they look like that Jackson 5 and then. The Red Hot Chili Peppers at no shirt size of one main thing that -- a status. I thought it was disgusting. And a white students. Had a stat -- know like a child. -- is inch yeah. Yes they -- there and the who's the -- heard that. More people react yeah. Maybe you look like that creepy old man it would not at the it wasn't that creeps come when they hit a snag each parent does -- -- was like -- and I -- he would check out her now. -- went out there I thought. There's no way he ran his short list -- wardrobe by the NFL committee in -- way they would never allowed it. And -- I don't say they put it was weird creepy -- -- And I'm just it's trying to memorize it they Kimberly. -- went into that halftime show. I thought it partly -- fabulous. There in the red hot chili pepper and the outlook chilly saint yeah -- and I -- Really -- -- and I thought our -- I think it really that oil and and then the performance are all. I kept up with the lyrics I don't think they -- when ended and they are -- Jackman. Is worried about it I was like how -- -- nobody going to his next song. After he's been -- -- if he doesn't quite tired than than that yeah. -- whatever what he's talked applaud something. Yeah -- around -- lucky rabbit you have fifty year old dude jumped and in the 43 year old dude jumped and you'll. Put them -- and then I -- and I couldn't people. He body in a minute and. Ambulances can command on the field does what those guys gonna have a. Have a grabber I think that's staged to have a heart attack by the way if you don't know -- is that lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers the shirtless -- hey Michael. -- what you think about that halftime shall. We are not a huge -- -- perfect I think that -- actually showcase topped out at the kid is a I think they actually give you the -- well because she started leading into there. Into the red actually pepper -- and -- but I would his addition to the way but I think once. Once threat actually restrict the stage -- you'd think they collapsed quite a bit the first man. You know I know these guys need actor Rachel that -- no longer you know what it -- -- -- all there's just -- And the really -- youngest performer to have -- reform. Super Bowl ever did you know and the youngest ever camera and out. Yet they did Al gently with the fact that they were there and there was and -- jumping a war. They would've won it last night jumping higher than the Broncos are errors and that we should put him there we wish you could flee on the field of the thanks a lot this is Jeff it's just. Hello general you know are okay well. You know -- woods isn't that -- album and it looks like -- look like Jeff tonight our job. -- -- I thought it would be amazing how can tell it like now -- -- represented kind of younger crowd and then actually got a cute and by. In lumpy and if you -- and still locked out of the evening and we. Probably market -- made it a lot. They really showed up at. Do you didn't that'd jump around jump generate good all right thanks a lot more Marcos wants -- psychic ability again. And it went off -- Marco. -- -- -- They're a year ago. -- elected to promote other -- pretty scared her previous. Super Bowl not aren't out I'm now -- -- leaving the disciplinary -- -- -- -- Well here on the screen CU -- mean the -- -- -- -- H. Yeah. I enlisted 22 and. -- Fifteen I felt I. I can't throw overall for you that it manly man -- thanks -- life that -- yet thanks and -- includes a few incidents important of them of the -- and I'm in Colombia it's a soda. Yeah. I mean there's still trying to calm. -- -- -- -- bad enough it was kind of 5050 and Jimmy says the critics loved it they loved it absolutely loved it yeah local friends being result. Wake up with BJ and G weekday mornings at 530 Dejan -- -- I.