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BJ & Jamie - Coke's Super Bowl Ad. (2/3)

Feb 3, 2014|

Some people are upset with Coke for having people sing America the Beautiful in different languages.


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-- Earlier controversy with the commercials last -- do they -- finally there's some -- talk about these. Late before we get to that -- let let's talk about a couple commercials did you see the godaddy commercials. I didn't. Even see the one with the people quit their jobs that GoDaddy did this series of commercials and I think to rent three or four. And they actually found people who had brilliant ideas. That they had been working on out of their garage in their house or whatever and they wanted to start their own company. So on TV last night they literally quit their job. On that there commercial. Your employer had no idea is that that person they didn't. Command. There was no way now. And abdominal Israel to known as there was no real -- -- elements knowing that earlier that's that's computer generated generally don't that was real and the -- -- no idea -- The guy walks in in the ladies sitting in a sewing machine and in a computer -- she's making these him puppets. Who who. And they talked. Okay would deal with removing the the mouth and whatnot and that's her side job she wants started business and go daddy's gonna -- starter business. With a web site in the in the in being in the commercial and she literally said hate Cerrato. Who should make and hand -- war. She's gonna sell more online social worker -- she's make an. Well what she's doing. Holm but she has another job. But she wants to start a hand puppet is this really -- do you have that you hear on the audio real quick warming seas get it -- got commercial supposed to place to start at hand -- business. Is that right people listen to pursue -- the right wing machine -- engineer from New York is a real person. The real dream of starting over -- She's got a message for her lost -- Who's watching that game right now I can't I click should just quit her job yeah. Five humble home. You know she's gonna -- my way and dot com it's a brand new business essential. The accident she and those are actual people quitting their jobs in the commercial I -- live on TV yeah yeah gliding it's not set. And I didn't have to get permission from -- in or anything like all that lighting in the dark. We can't audit the only person that didn't know if the person she works for the company when he works for -- mean I can't believe you're such a sucker you believe this. We're real I can't believe that you believe. It's real. And I guess -- what I was picked from the audience to sing along with. Whoever it was that one thing. No he does he didn't even know who's going to be part of the commercial. Or is that I remembered in a rumor was she talking about it. Sonar and a wasn't there come that was set of commercials last night about a guy did you know it was that and I couldn't talk about the -- GAAP and those are confusing to me but no he didn't even now both the one that played ping -- -- -- -- Arnold handled them yet know the names on stage we -- republic or something exactly those really confused me here. -- attendant -- and there's one commercial whereas I think Ahmadinejad and in some NASCAR driver he and he was 74 car you ever see that was some it was godaddy is well I think. That is. Pol what's his name. But anyway I think it was a godaddy had it it so they'd they'd bring this this car with all these minerals. -- -- as narrow as they rigged the car at all those cameras in the gap and the sales guy that was trying to Salem at a Camaro. And they went craziness so awesome because the guy is terrified -- agreement. Then they go back and you look. All those marks in the snow bar have been made. They make the ozone holes and was over in -- and all but you know what -- I did he does one thing where Burton didn't have a baby. Well I -- that in -- and -- -- was real -- and treason. I do believe that portion of sympathy. And -- Shot. Yeah. But it sure all right here we go -- Carlos controversy team is about a -- -- commercial. Well what's the deal I saw this commercial. I should I -- -- and I still think I didn't get to commercial forcible sodomy and -- if the Dow was a controversy with. Because that's I was really long again is silly and then I didn't know that they even were selling Coke. Early and I don't. So that day. The controversy is this all these different people you know and red white blue green yellow orange I'll -- It's what was. So sure -- yet he's. You'll give -- a multi -- it condiments and shameless act on management. And what nine nationalities kind of. -- America the beautiful and that in the Coke -- and they -- it in different languages. And people are upset because they say -- it's America the beautiful. The thing that's beautiful about Americans yes we we welcome our arms to every type of nationality but they all learn English. That's an air -- about as dead they all when they came over from Lithuania they've learned English. So give our madness infant and so the controversy is that they use different languages to sing a song they should always be sung in English class are -- here we go this is CN. The last day she's now include. Hey yeah. Yeah. EE -- Overall our own team. Okay. I love. OK so I am. Okay. Not the case. Yeah nice. You get the idea. The thing. I think that some. For example you know my grandchildren my great grandparents can learn to Ellis Island am from Lithuania and they learn English. And that's what they did they learn English and my son's. Side they all came from Turkey and they learn English so he kinda agree with the controversy I agree that the American the beautiful as is and it's him. It's an English song learn English 30320 to -- 3032225423. Do you have a comment do you think that America beautiful should be sad and -- The end English and not these other languages that were in the eco commercial I've -- that seems to be the only -- -- -- -- the only thing we got a sorry John -- Wear fur coat. I mean the Peta is on to him -- well -- double or another sideline that's when people are this is not me that I am. He -- and the Broncos threw the game on purpose. No it through the humor and. What they're saying it and why are they saying that because they're saying that that day you attendees also questionable plays. I -- that they didn't play well did you -- didn't broke the game they were. They didn't go come at -- two million dollar bet in Vegas so I'm in the ruling on. I'm so that it -- says he saw a guy like started tackling live like. Into. -- tournament yeah. Yeah yeah. It's live look like it and always running right out there and guys are just kind of slot Nat and they already in trial and there -- a million turn through easy not to -- Just let them act and you do you I know what they're saying they didn't ask that they admitted that maybe not. Some people are saying and then he said that there was some question wasn't -- something about the -- Plimpton had the word that was used. Yeah they they didn't put the put and they said gentlemen make your bags. Do you make -- they had to. Yet none of that's the right -- make -- news on the coin toss is saying in the referees managers can allege that there's some bad vehement line. Now being. Is okay. Sorry spectacle beautiful right see what would have been beautiful person. -- every race and type in whatever but seeing an English and -- -- men and. Yeah I honestly I didn't get it with when I saw the commercial I thought to. Okay. -- -- Okay so the dreaded disease drugs mercy -- the currency at the Yankees yeah. In America and America we isn't it's an English. Should be. It should be Sarah form. Some problems -- the only language and and there. -- I don't think the Contra the agency has. I'm likely to the allegation but it English and actual event and the national -- that America. -- is known nationally which America has so. -- yet America majority of people actually -- you know a huge majority to speak English. But that the necessary means you have to look at it again. Well I say -- and three I think about when he takes that oath or whatever you know then -- becoming a citizen. -- I think you have to know English -- -- yet when you take those classes. -- I'm -- the disagree with Sarah. I think English is that the national language yet and it's an English. I do -- negative. And and and well I think it's pretty much assumed now that English is the national language. Yeah just like we we don't do that metric crap you know get the metric yeah what would you say predominately as the national language for the US. -- -- Well like I said. A majority of Americans used English when -- -- at eight. I'd like from when my grandparents -- Alice island ER machine. And I learned English. -- -- -- -- -- Lately and did. You know why you why do you have to work. In because majority. Speak English but it would be that you have to let it is it. Back -- they have. Had to -- -- -- taught at every school system in America that you had to know English to become a citizen yet. Right at that point between the rabbit actually so having a -- it was never. -- -- -- -- I feel like they were sliced apples hearing apples and oranges and in the -- the problem is that that if you live in America. In your sheer. To be a citizen. Eventually you should learn the language of our country justice if I go to. Mexico or some of the country in Germany if I'm gonna become a citizen of that country I should learn their language. You know it's funny you as a -- real housewives of Beverly Hills episode. How does that I'll I'll tell you today the so David foster's wife penal from like hungrier whatever you had suspended the workers -- begins to -- is that. You learn English I can't remember Larry I learn it. Yeah you should learn -- warning Israeli I mean that's the right way to learn to handle what they weren't they it was to his. It was really compelling that what do you think this controversy. This morning I think. If you live in America. And share the freedom and the privilege -- That you need to learn English and that's our forefathers did it. So that they could promote them sound and they. Get along with all the other people. I'm not saying that it's a mandatory blogs I don't know for sure but it would it would be you'll learn the language of the country that you wanna -- us this amendment right. And -- -- -- the youngest for the most part so he would should learn English. Well it's of those that Indians would say we should've learned that. That you know like we -- on the Indian parents -- -- -- -- what is your name. My Indian name little -- little lonely and I don't have an Indian name I am not even American they're making fun of my Nationale. Senior -- -- -- makes little -- I'm native American with -- -- Well -- that was never I don't remember Michael Weiner my dad noticed she's big winner yes because Saddam blowing what you are darling -- were adopted that's when -- little -- and. So they can. Ash said I believe. That. Helped it throughout the world. And they do not shallow but we're all I'm. Let everybody. In America. You missed a I don't know numbers aren't missing the point it is saying this Coca-Cola song you know bowl how's it go -- -- -- goes on behind. Of views known -- -- Coca-Cola song I did didn't burn. Let's -- -- if they. But Coca-Cola saw on all the nationalities. Did I get what you're saying that they singing. America the beautiful that's different. Insurance. And made them. That's out there are all the light to teach the world to sing in perfect big problem. That's the Coke calls on my right. -- and -- that's -- -- -- all the nationalities and it makes it. Exactly. Right now the culture not America at its mountain. And all. And yeah. However no official language exists at the federal land level. And several proposals to make English the national language -- amendments to. Reform immigration reform but none of the bills -- -- within it. The situation is. Who. I completely agree with you guys we were shocked that commercial. And he'd like singing -- National Anthem on -- podium at the Olympics singing at -- China which. One that the United States with an apartment style that it happened to adequately. Yeah I mean even when I go to light. That's a great example you learned a hula in Hawaii did not. What is what what's the saying when in Rome do as the Romans do exactly. That -- yeah carport and deep today. I think I think that -- -- I think if I think the phrase. That aren't you the hula in the Hawaii. Pretty much sums up the controversy. Wake up with Vijay and.