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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash- Bomb Shell! Clinton cheated - Bieber in trouble! (2/5)

Feb 5, 2014|

Turns out that Bill Clinton had an affair with Liz Hurley! and Justin is still in trouble again.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Liz asked why. Bill Clinton what he was in the White House guests had Ed torrid affair with Elizabeth Hurley -- luckiest son. God remember how hot she -- Hottest woman on the planet it is I haven't seen -- -- She was with great -- he grants remember she's this Hugh Grant as Elizabeth Hurley you. I can't remember what -- she's been in that they said her and Bill Clinton he's to stand -- Friday Jack for her all the time and pick her up. And take it to the White House and Hillary would be in the next moment and they but -- -- when. I can't blame him you can't blame who. Bill why what are we -- -- and one about what and they look at Hillary -- But I. I think there should be a rule that if your wife turns in the Hillary it's okay. What does it mean by turns into a Hillary tell me tell you what that means -- -- the picture there sure. I like Eric there's gonna be and what that means like to know them. -- black pants suits every day I call him that look on her face like she just distant world. -- never has a smile on her face. I mean just just grumpy and and just just yet just over Barry I don't think that Hillary Clinton is totally sexy. Now I know the don't know like Liz -- The other thing is that -- -- dropping a bomb thing whatever is at Justin Bieber now -- if -- -- a load of trouble. Even so much -- now they're saying and he's going to be searched every time he flies and other audio coming out that that the pilots. And in the private jet or saying hey you -- smuggle -- in this in this airplane. And he was in the rest of the flight attendant. On his private jet. And that's why he would be -- police came onboard they came -- because the -- that pilot said he wouldn't stop smoking or not. -- The unit charged but they found nothing in the event that they that I personally don't let the engine they smoke and he smoked -- -- yup that's good way to get rid of and yes. Pocono I guess do all your drugs in scoring with McCain to make it's just he's -- You think you have to stuff made up. Not part of it just can't. There's no way that a person can be in the news every day. I saw a picture crime Jack and that the police right in front and implement opt for the bully boy though but it do you think it -- be that the the lady on board made it up you know that part of the stuff being made up against him because he is Justin Bieber. And there is a picture of him breastfeeding. Missile that would. Pose some nasty looking looters I ask you something. Wouldn't a man say to that woman he you've boobs look stupid you need to. To get rid of those things through there Wheeler faked it well only too tight and they're just. It's like she's got it's like a little linemen -- -- two planets. On her breasts. -- -- like here like to split right planets. We're not hearing us but I -- Pluto would be one. But they're in they're perfectly symmetrical and there's so. There's other perfectly yet perfectly around it just sold yucky yucky fake looking unbelievable it looks like any tax it would pop. -- doesn't but it does and in Asia is not attractive and that's Bieber stripper yeah Hollinger and. And she's in -- -- escape he wore. I don't know her she might be a very good Christian woman. She might be in a Sunday school teacher for all we know. If you don't normally you can't say that about her. I have seen is and there's first or second down. -- -- -- -- They go back to -- Wake up with Vijay and -- weekday mornings at 530 -- Dallas 10 I --