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BJ & Jamie - Clay Aiken running for office. (2/5)

Feb 5, 2014|

Yes its true.. From American Idol to Congress?


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Yeah. -- I'm really excited about about the SM except it didn't send well -- -- -- first -- It's just so you know it's I'm so happy for him until he's inside -- on his way I didn't know really what he was gonna do. But now he's found his way. So are you -- decisions well hammocks and excited and I did try it was just. Right all of a sudden you're like new. Agenda -- that you used on board with this will just take a listen to take a listen. Clay Aiken I'm not a politician. Everyone. But I do wanna help bring back at least in my corner of North Carolina the idea that someone can go to Washington to represent all the they know before you were not. And maybe we can play a small hard and you know I think that change across the rest of so it's why I'm running for. And in the weeks and months ahead I need your help yeah. We can all be my best friend who took my mother and me. Fringe and shelters doesn't have time Armenia and who helps open door to a new low in renewed country for all of our people. Thank you for watching and god bless you kindly sent into existing school lunch you have to move to North Carolina clay. A -- is running for congress you have to move -- glad I didn't vote for and I guess that he'll be part of congress he's gonna fit. He's a liar from the very beginning. I think it's amazing that Clay Aiken. In his get a run for congress. Do you think that's gonna go. Wanted to be trying to yes I mean. I'm not sure if -- didn't get -- like what is in that kids had good things that he's there and make it to congress. And Renault loneliness. You didn't mean even the -- celebrity's every he Miami local -- some some people back in the days she knew right said the same thing about Ronald Reagan man that's true. Anne Rice -- -- Renault. I like about the piece of audio is this evil why is it the very quick he. The egos I don't wanna be a politician -- I'm running for congress that's. Was a very giving person -- Clay Aiken I'm not a politician I don't ever want to yeah. -- -- -- Quickly -- -- Or have -- practice wasn't I -- I mean you know what this shows me in America anything's possible. It seems like a good hearted person oh he does when you listen to that can hear it again yesterday getting a felt I had never use -- and we play in all day. Clay Aiken and I'm not a politician. Ever -- -- -- whenever underwear but I do wanna help bring back at least in my car. North Carolina -- the idea that someone can go to Washington to realize yeah. They voted for you were not. And maybe we can bring -- -- the united gnashing didn't see showing you know what he'd be good -- unless you're spot -- And lol you can get images spokesperson listening to us now apple legally is this. Friends and shelters those maritime domain -- -- -- -- who helps opening tortilla afraid to shelters those of their hot -- cold now. Thank you for watching and god bless you know me. -- Sure it's hot tub repair fund and god -- shop felons. On the spark thought and -- -- and -- I is I don't know I am I am moved him and it really doing it tells me is I need to get out there and and do more of clay can do it. So annually. Ranks -- -- my mind if we can do with him playing. I mean I think you might as America is dramatic and it offers a we wanna do Vijay would this -- can do it. Can run for congress then you can join him. Clay Aiken I'm not a politician. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah yeah. Does that you think. Hindu and I think you if you weren't for congress US enjoy -- -- -- -- -- you -- 400 students at. Now where does joining a -- No. We're gonna live our lives the way we -- them. Aren't we hang out a year at 10 o'clock -- we get double talk go our way home the buds girl. -- -- -- -- The great ever one hamburger I play him I'm not a politician. -- ever won anyway. I do wanna help bring back at least in my car. Intel is due today Washington to represent all yeah. And. I think it is some laundry and changed the rest. And I'm a fix a Turkey sandwich when I just thought expression Turkey last night that's. All of Turkey it. Wake up with BJ and weekday mornings drive thirty Dejan Dallas 105.